The “I AM” Factor in Leadership - The 4 Key Factors That Play a Role in Conscious Leadership

Written by: Madelaine Gomes, Executive Contributor

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For years Leadership has been a hot topic of discussion, mostly due to disappointment in a Leader and not due to the Leaders inspiring Leadership Brand or Style. Collectively the World is in a transition period of massive change, which woke people up. Instead of being the complainer as in the past, they are now becoming the demanders of transformation as they are transforming and will no longer tolerate ill behavior or under-developed Leaders that makes them feel less than their worth.

This is an exciting time for Leadership, as we can only lead people to succeed if we already have the necessary qualities activated within us as Leaders. This is the opportunity to do introspection, let go of past negative beliefs and behavior and step into the “I AM” factor, leading people from the integration of the Heart and Brain to achieve a collective success.

Our deepest beliefs, fears and doubts are all visible on the outside, although we would like to think they are hidden under the mask of success, arrogance, bravado and invisible plasters. This leads to a Leader losing his/her personal Identity and starting to identify with the position, money, status and outward success, neglecting the “I AM” factor that is Inner Knowing, Strength and Wisdom waiting to be discovered.

When we are in the “I AM” factor, we lead and live from the heart and head integration and become an observer instead of the actor, which changes beliefs, behavior, and outcomes and allows for a deeper connection with people, which ignites their light and sets the foundation for a collective success.

Activating your “I AM” factor as a Leader will allow for a deeper understanding and connection of others, their needs, acknowledging their brilliance and will enable you as a Leader to change lives which have a ripple effect on communities, customers and Ultimately the Abundance factor in the Profit Section of the Business.

How do we step back into our “I AM” factor and integrate this authentically into everything we do so that we will have an inspiring, positive impact not only on the people we lead but in all the areas of our lives.


  • Asking yourself, “WHO AM I” ?

  • What are your core VALUES ~ such as integrity, respect, impact as these guides actions and behaviors.

  • What are your strongest SKILLS ~ as this has an impact on who to employ to compliment your Skills.

  • What are your PASSIONS ~ as these are your motivating and driving factors.

  • What is your renewed VISION for the future ~ as this forms your Roadmap to succeed.


  • Knowing yourself and integrating your “I AM” will demonstrate an alignment between your Values, Beliefs, Words and Actions!

  • Making Conscious decisions and choices will have a far-reaching impact on the Team or Staff, as it will set the tone for mutual respect and inspired performance levels.

  • Have compassion and recognize the human-ness in each one ~ will develop a deeper connection, which is the connection to awaken the “I AM” factor in everyone!

  • Integrating Values with Business strategies and competencies will elevate the level of Staff delivery and Customer experience.

  • Keeping your emotions intact ~ breeds success.


  • Learn the skill of Active Listening ~ which creates a space for meaningful dialogue and builds trust.

  • Trust a person until proven wrong ~ is a Motto that calls for transparency and ethical behavior.

  • Being consistent and fair at all times ~ creates instant trust and respect.

  • Allow individuality, which will lead to innovation and creativity ~ letting people feel they have a purpose.

  • Be transparent at all times with clear boundaries ~ eliminate grey areas and opportunity for conflict.


  • Conscious decision making will allow a Roadmap for effective action aligned with a specific outcome!

  • Creating a collective success in Company Culture will generate an elevated energy of happiness, joy, and success, which impact the Profit of the Business.

  • Treating everyone equally and employing for a specific contributing Skill and Culture fit, eliminates micromanagement and increases purpose and accountability.

  • Leading from your “I AM” factor will allow you to lead from your Inner Strength and Wisdom, which will empower and inspire others while developing the same qualities in them.


People do business with people, irrespective of the position of the person! Therefore, Self Actualization and the development of Self can no longer be ignored in business as in the past. Businesses who put stakeholders and Numbers first to treat employees as a tool to satisfy set budgets and keep stakeholders happy, will starve themselves from the “I AM” factor, resulting in the lack of abundance, growth and success.

The success factor is hidden in the human-ness of our interactions, deliveries and outcomes. The key to success is nurturing and influencing the “I AM” factor in all.

It is now more important than ever, for going forward in the new Business World that “WHO WE INVITE TO SIT AT THE TABLE” needs to be carefully examined and considered and should be aligned with the Leaders Values, Vision, Mission, Beliefs and desired Outcomes.

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Madelaine Gomes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Over the years, My Own Story, having grown up in a traumatic environment, left school early and experienced deaths and losses at the time too painful to bear, has transformed from pain into wisdom. What I perceived as my greatest emotional pain, became now my greatest skills, strengths and wisdom to help others to deal with their transformation in life. I bridge Science with Personal Growth, Mindset Conditioning for Success and Business Strategies as well as deepening the Spiritual Connection. I am the Founder of Activate your “I AM” POSSIBLE program that assists others in healing their past and step into their full hidden potential to Activate their Abundance Codes in all areas of their life.



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