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The Game Of Life Playing Itself – An Exposure To The Myth Of Free-Will

Written by: Alexis Knight, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Alexis Knight

You are playing a video game. The controller is in your hands, you’re watching the TV screen and engrossed in the colors, sounds, and story. All you have known is your sense of controlling the way the game unfolds by pressing the various buttons on the controller in a certain sequence. Sooner or later, you put the controller down, and it is revealed that the video game is still playing. Without any intervention, the events on the screen are still unfolding and it is playing out itself effortlessly. It’s revealed that you were never playing the game, you only thought you were.

Photo of arcade racer.

The human body has an unfathomable intelligence. The lungs breathe, the heart beats, the digestive system processes food, nails and hair grow, cells replenish, hormones and neurotransmitters are released regularly just to name a few of the millions of automatic functions. Thoughts also arise spontaneously which seem to create opinions, preferences, beliefs, and ideas. These are all conditioned by the experience of the human organism. This is all happening completely by itself. 

For most human bodies, there is an energetic contraction that seems to solidify a sense of ‘me’ in the body perceiving a world ‘out there’. When this contraction is seemingly housed within the body, it experiences itself as separate from everything it’s sensing and perceiving. This separation is a dissatisfying and tiring existence and what’s born out of this sense of separation is longing. Before this separation, there is only wholeness, and out of wholeness, separation seems to appear within the human physiology. The sense of separation breeds longing for wholeness, but it doesn’t know what wholeness is because itself is separate, and therefore all it knows are separate things.

Free-will & choice

This longing perpetuates agitation, loneliness, shame, and fear. Growing up in a society or culture full of other human bodies experiencing separation, its self is reaffirmed and reinforced and so is considered ‘the normal reality’. Simultaneously existing with separation is the belief that ‘I’ have free will and can choose how my life unfolds. To live as an individual means to be in control of one’s own life, so the individual continues to believe that it is driving the body and the mind through its own efforts. The agitated energy of separation creates a sense of tension in the body, which then influences the brain to produce thoughts such as ‘I am a separate individual who feels pain’ This energetic contraction of the body incidentally influences the brain, so beliefs of separation are present, and beliefs of how to end separation also come to fruition. Within the story of separation is a sense that ‘I am real, and I can choose how my life unfolds’.

What the individual doesn’t know is that it is an illusion. It is a contracted energy, which is completely out of anyone’s control. The brain and the body are organically functioning without a person being present. Much to the alarm of the individual, the body is already responsible for the millions, if not billions of its functions, and so a ‘me’ is simply not required. Furthermore, everything that the illusory ‘me’ conjures up in its own story is also illusory including choice, free will, and meaning. When that ‘me’ apparently falls away from the body, it is revealed that life is just simply happening by itself, as it always was, and the body goes on functioning.

There is no free will, only freedom

All there is, is boundless energy, unconditional freedom, completely limitless, infinite, beyond time and space, and because it is wild, free, and boundless it can do anything. It can appear to be bounded, conditioned, constricted, limited, and finite.

Ultimately, free will is an illusory appearance, conjured up from an illusory identity that is simply an expression of unconditional freedom, it is no one and no thing appearing as someone and some things. This message of radical Non Duality exposes that illusion and assists its dissolution, that is the absolute compassion and the incomprehensible nature of the message.

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Alexis Knight Brainz Magazine

Alexis Knight, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alexis communicates Non-Duality. After recognising that all practices to get somewhere with is only perpetuating the search and the searcher, Alexis recognised that this is everything, it is already whole and complete, and the I is no longer sustained in this fullness. This is the message of Non Duality that is shared from here. Public, private and online meetings are accessed on this subject, as are videos and writings.



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