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The Future & Business Is Female

Written by: Bernadette Bruckner, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How women can use their inner female wisdom and intuition for their business.

Cooking, washing, checking for kids, homework, nurturing the man, granny yelling for food, grandpa had a stroke and taking care of him is a daily routine ‒ that sounds work for a whole team and yet… it might be a daily task of an ordinary mum doing extraordinary things like superwoman!

Yes, women around the world are most of the time superwoman and yet most see it as "that's nothing" if you ask them how they handle all that things…

My question now: and WE women believe that we cannot handle business, finances or investments? Which the corporate world or the men’s world believe is more important than the work of women?


It’s time for women arising to their true potentials… or are we still fearing of

  • The glass ceiling for a higher career

  • Not getting a man to marry?

  • Being not good enough for…?

  • Not knowing enough for…?

  • Having the fear of getting burned like in middle age times for speaking up for ourselves?

Seems many women still have bad talks in their head or got raised up with "a woman has to be like this or that to…?" as well in some countries and cultures for women THIS is still normal…isn't that sad?

So ladies out there: It's time for changes!

Don’t sweat the small stuff ladies!

Big changes are calling you!

I got raised up with tons of prejudices about how a woman, girl has to be in order to get a husband, get a career, get …?

As a true Leo in horoscope AND a true dragon in the Chinese horoscope, I never listen to anybody but me! Therefore I choose my career, my lifestyle, my body, my way of living, my nutrition and whom I wanna call friends and family!

But stop!

What has that all to do with the future female business thinking?


For many years – and more than ever now – we face a tremendous gap between males and females:

  • In payments

  • In life expectations

  • In access of education and knowledge

  • In the freedom of being a woman

  • In the freedom of choosing who we marry (and if we want to marry or having a partnership!)

  • And and and…

We even face more than ever abuse, poverty and loneliness of women and children.

Are you taking your life into your hand without first having big challenges, failures, bad experiences?

It’s time to make big changes!

BUT which changes are necessary right now for true changes – local, national and globally?

My questions to you:

1. Have Women been still man-like to succeed?

2. Do we truly have THE invisible ceiling to the top in the corporate world?

But… women manage the family, household, career, their man,… why not managing also business, financial, properties… but… differently – lady-like with all our gifts and attributes? So what's the deal?

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle was a thriller in 1992 and yet the main message of the movie is simple:

the hand on the cradle is the hand that rules the world!

So I ask again: Who ARE the game changers in the world?

2022 – THE Year of Roaring as a Lion from Inside | Out

I love being a woman AND a business lady AND still having a work-life balance with family, friends and enjoying my hobbies fulfilling my dreams and visions! Does it sound exhausting? No, as it's pure pleasure for me to live fully my life I choose!

Ode to our female gifts

Women are so talented having different gifts and attributes then men. But do we nourish them? Do we love them AND master our gifts? Most of us…no!

Some might ask themselves now: what are the gifts and attributes of femininity? Check for yourself, what gifts do you connect with women and femininity?

For more than 20 years I nurture, accompany and support women, mumpreneurs and Girls becoming the best version – they decide AND beyond! And yet, the toughest for me is seeing that the beliefs they learnt from their surroundings holding them back from going further! My biggest wish IS that women support each other going their path and also acknowledge their inner wisdom and femininity completely. Remembering their true female essence using it also in business for a sustainable and enjoyable living.

"Bitch alert is out! Women's advancement the future!"

My credo: "Nurture a woman, you nurture a whole world/family for good!“ and I ask you "What can you do today to nurture yourself, your feminine essence for opening up for your dreams, intuition, inner wisdom AND visions!“

Our highest vision for 2021 is stepping in our true female essence and making the world a bright, loving, caring and nurturing place to be!

BE the role model you love to see out there AND use your voice for good!


the hand on the cradle is the hand that rules the world!

Who ARE the game changers in the world?

Sometimes saying "YES“ once – sometimes standing up being seen once – sometimes using your voice – even when imperfect – once, can nurture many standing up for themselves!

Dare you not say "YES"?

Or is the how“ your question?

If so, maybe my 4 female keys:

Female 1 ‒ stand by yourself and your body

Female 2 ‒ own your truth and say it ‒ trust your intuition!

Female 3 ‒ use your gifts for good without revenge or expecting something back!

Female 4 ‒ become aware of your unique gifts as a woman (as all genders!)

Today we have international woman’s day and I love giving you my credo for 2022, which is simple: DISRUPT EVERYTHING!

Are you in with me? 😊

Let’s embrace our differences and uniqueness on all directions and re-member YOU ARE THE GAME CHANGER THROUGH YOUR KINDNESS AND LOVING ‒ as woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend!

For more information, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and visit my website! You can buy my book here! Read more from Bernadette!


Bernadette Bruckner, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine The creative allrounder worked successfully in different working fields in Austria and abroad. By her interest in corporate communications, marketing, human resources, and many other business areas, she has appropriated an enormous amount of knowledge over more than 30 years. Numerous educations at international top-trainers like Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Roy Martina, and Clinton Swaine. Internationally active as a holistic trainer in health, nutrition, and mental health with exceptional holistic resilience methods. Founder of "iMM – intuitive mentoring method and 1-min-coaching-to-go“, further development of NLP, as well as, ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-)membering our own body intelligence. Successfully Master’s degree in health management with a focus on public health. International Ph.D. & research in health communication with a focus on psycholinguistics combined with neuroplasticity and health economics. International bestselling publisher and author of numerous books in different languages. Global Author Award 2018 / Nominatee NLP Award in Research 2019 in London. 2021 opening my own research center for intuitive science in Austria.



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