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The Amazing Benefits Of Writing With Pen On Paper

Written by: Mariette Jansen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When life seems complicated, the simple act of writing on paper has a number of benefits that might surprise you.

woman at home smiling while writing on a piece of paper.

Especially when you are faced with a complicated project or a self-development challenge, overwhelm easily pops up and will block the progress you are aiming for.

And the simple tools I highly recommend are using pen and paper.

What happens when you put pen on paper?

1. Brain activity

Writing engages the brain in language, memory and muscle movement: directing the movement of the hand, recalling the shape of letters and finding the right words.

2. Emotional connection

Handwriting is unique for each individual and can express emotions. Imagine angry writing or reflective, with lots of corrections, representing a process.

3. Remembering better

Note-taking with a pen and paper enables you to better digest and remember the information as research shows. There is immediate rephrasing as it is impossible to write everything down and filtering out the crucial elements you have to immediately rephrase the information into your own words and filter out only the crucial parts.

4. Improves focus and introspection

Using a digital device easily distracts, where writing can take place in the cocoon of your own thoughts, helping introspection.

How to use pen on paper?

  1. Journaling – capturing what has happened each day. You can describe events, thoughts, feelings and anything else that seems relevant. It is helpful to record experiences, like a holiday, or change. When I discovered that my mother was a narcissist, journaling helped me to understand and deal with the situation.

  2. Downloading / Dust writing – subconscious writing aimed to literally get the dust out of your head, enabling you to enter deeper lawyers. Your download pages are not meant to be read again. They are simply part of a process.

  3. Recording events – especially helpful when you are the target of emotional abuse, manipulation and gaslighting. The emotional abuser, often a narcissist, will twist what really happened, causing you to doubt yourself. When you have documented the events, dialogues or situations, you can check for yourself what happened. In a work situation it will help to explain and support a situation.

  4. Planning – a things-to-do list, activities, or a simple shopping list.

  5. Capturing fleeting thoughts – Fleeting thoughts and ideas are invaluable, but also easily forgotten. I carry with me a beautiful little notebook, which I use to scribble down whatever pops up. Like this blog post. Its original version was jotted down when I waited for a train, a while ago.

  6. Doodling – scribbling aimlessly, creating a picture. Often you might do that when listening on the phone. It helps to concentrate, but can also be an act of mindfulness.

Tips to discover the power of pen and paper

  1. Get yourself a nice notebook. Not too big, so it can travel with you. Something that is nice to look at and lovely to touch.

  2. Maybe get a special pen as well.

  3. Start trying the different options. Choose one a day.

  4. Find out which techniques help you the most when you feel overwhelmed, confused, or emotional.

  5. Continue writing.

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Mariette Jansen, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr Mariette Jansen is a successful coach, therapist, and blogger for over 20 years. Also, author of best-selling self-help book 'From Victim to Victor' for victims of narcissistic abuse. She grew up with a narcissistic mother and had several romantic relationships with narcissists. Her mission is to empower and educate on life skills, narcissistic abuse, and thinking patterns. She offers a free coaching session via her website. Originally from the Netherlands, she now lives in the UK.



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