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Standing In Your Own Way – How We Block The Abundance We Deserve

Written by: Carolina Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Carolina Gonzalez

One of the most powerfully healing principles of Manifestation Magic is that we are not helpless victims of unjust fate, but directors of the experience of our current incarnation. This power should grant us complete control of this experience, making it one of constant joy and abundance; but, more often than not, it is exactly the opposite.

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How do we avoid standing in our own way, and improve our alignment? First of all, identifying the situations where we are blocking the way of energy to flow. Here are the five most important ways we push manifestation away from us:

1: Having a superficial understanding of manifestation magic

This is a subject I have been studying for years, and I still find new and more powerful meaning, new and deeper ideas, and more connections, continuously. Manifestation Magic can be just as liberating as it is complex, and takes time to be internalized fully.

Tip: Don't give up, and constantly return to your studies. Go beyond social media influencers, and study the sources.

2: Learning all about manifestation magic, but not actually applying anything to your life

It is not enough with reading – it is not even enough with understanding it at the rational level. Without applying it to your direct experience of the world, all effort is wasted, because rational understanding does not impress the subconscious mind.

Tip: Let your work transform you. Allow yourself to change.

3: Focusing on specific results so much that they blind you to any other forms your desire may be manifesting already

It is completely normal to lose perspective, especially when we are focusing on details, and stressed by life events. But, we must be vigilant of our behaviour and thought patterns, and always remember to look at our life in a holistic way when it comes to check for results.

Tip: Focus on openness and work on relaxation exercises. A more relaxed mind is more receptive and creative.

4: Not believing the constant confirmations the Universe is using to reassure you and connect with your subconscious, and not using the confirmation-to gratitude route enough

It is a universal law that the work you put into yourself, is the work the Universe will put into you – so, as soon as you start working on yourself, you will receive confirmations in many forms. Constantly second guessing them is cutting yourself off from this connection of Divine Love.

Tip: stop the second guessing and start being deeply thankful. The more you train yourself to be thankful, the more things to be thankful for that will appear in your life.

5: Not understanding what faith truly is, not using it enough, and not working on strengthening it every day

Faith is not asking, faith is not expecting, faith is not believing in something or someone else giving you anything.

Faith is an unbreakable and inconditional connection to the Divine Source, that trusts without waivering in the fact that all abundance and joy are your divine birthright. Faith is stating this every time we are scared, confused, tired, or angry. Faith is doing our work, knowing that the Universe is doing its part, without question or anxiety.

Tip: read this article, and others, many many times. Then, open your heart completely to the Divine Source.

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Carolina Gonzalez Brainz Magazine

Carolina Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carolina Gonzalez is a Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Worker, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Counsellor, with over three decades of experience. For the past fifteen, she has offered her services online, mostly doing custom spiritual work, and guiding people to a deeper and more authentic relationship with their spiritual heritage and personal power. Through her social media and blogs, Carolina actively educates on all these topics, to a loyal and self-aware worldwide community of customers.


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