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Self-Empowerment And Astrology – What Each Sign Needs To Know

Written by: Carolina Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How can a good understanding of astrology help with personal success and self-empowerment practises? When it comes to embrace your true nature and natural strengths, a lot. This article offers a starting point on the subject, with specific advice for each sign.


You own your power when you stop acting like an overachiever, and learn to embrace ease. It's your natural grace and kindness, and your authenticity, and not your merits, what brings people to your side, and what makes them stay.


You own your power when you stop being everyone's right hand, and learn to embrace sovereignty over your life, space, and destiny. Stop feeding vampires, and stay only where you are given as much as you give. You are loved because of who you are, not because of your helpfulness.


You own your power when you let go of cynicism and bitterness, and learn to embrace joy, delight, pleasure, and wonder. You won't find any happiness where there is no openness, no gratefulness, and no kindness. Come out of the darkness, it's not cool.


You own your power when you stop delaying your own growth, and learn to embrace a kind, nurturing maturity without complaints and self-pity. Give without limits and without expectations, and allow life to shower you back with blessings.


You own your power when you put down the shield and allow your warmth and kindness to show. Stop feeding your ego through having enemies, and learn to make true friends instead. You can be truly loved for who you are, exactly as you are.


You own your power when you let things and people be what and who they are. Criticism is not a useful tool when you use it to keep people away; it's a weapon that hurts others. Throw it away, and let people come close and invade your heart.


You own your power when you make the right choices, instead of allowing life to carry you without a direction, and then complain about where you end up. You are filled with light and intellect; use it for your own good, and keep the promise of never, ever, looking the other way again.


You own your power when you stop enjoying winning over enjoying being loved. There is nothing interesting about being negative, about revenge, or about resentment; this attitude is just keeping you from happiness and joy. And you deserve tons of both.


You own your power when you learn to count to ten, breathe deep, and stay, instead of jumping off and running away from any sort of emotional depth or conflict. You were given that mind, and that heart, to heal yourself and the world.


You own your power when you refuse to grow old, and hold on to your ability to be young and wild inside, forever. Let go of grudges, let go of the past, let go of your own boring and predictable idea of yourself, and create a new you as you please. No one can stop you.


You own your power when you allow your intelligence and your morality to work together, instead of using the first to make a slave of the second. Do what is right, be proud of it, and use it for the good of all, which is truly your deepest desire. Become an inspiration.


You own your power when you stop being afraid of the future, and instead make the future fear you. You are not the helpless victim you often think you are; your strength and your toughness are just misused against yourself. Stand tall.

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Carolina Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carolina Gonzalez is a Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Worker, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Counsellor, with over three decades of experience. For the past fifteen, she has offered her services online, mostly doing custom spiritual work, and guiding people to a deeper and more authentic relationship with their spiritual heritage and personal power. Through her social media and blogs, Carolina actively educates on all these topics, to a loyal and self-aware worldwide community of customers.



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