Put Your Soul On Fire And Welcome Six-Figure Business

Written by: Maggie Biernacka, Executive Contributor

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The decision about dropping the lucrative corporate career and setting my own business to become the captain of this ship was one of the best calls of my life and in the life of many women out there. The vision and dream to have a thriving coaching practice generating annually at least six figures give us, women entrepreneurs, the extra drive and a solid portion of the fiery energy to begin this journey in the first place.

It’s well documented that the average coaching practice generates about 50-80K USD annually. Although the numbers may differ from the region and type of coaching, most coaches globally cannot break the glass ceiling of a six-figure revenue per year. Only one in ten reach this stage, and less than one in a hundred cross the line of seven figures.

One may ask whether reaching the earnings comparable to corporate 9-5 is achievable in this industry? However, the coaching business is trending up, and multiple six or seven-figure careers are more than possible. This Holy Grail of the industry becomes interesting for high achievers and performance-driven women who are never afraid of any challenge. They are natural, born leaders who love to overdeliver. They thrive on multi-tasking, keeping many balls in the air while solving multi-layer problems with extra complex people and circumstances. They laugh, pushing against the wind and taking the upstream path. But, unfortunately, they don’t know that the upstream journey may be a recipe for disaster.

Excessive, action-driven behavior results from distorted masculine energy to emerge into inevitable energy loss, sometimes burnout, frequent difficulty in keeping the focus, lower mood, sleeping disorders, impatience in relationships, and various stress-activated diseases. When the business is not easy and fun anymore, you are not on your true calling, purpose, and soul mission. There is an unmistakable misalignment between who you truly are, what you do, and how you do it.

Female entrepreneurs and businesswomen who want to fall in love with their biz again, welcoming six-figure revenues and the new incredible life that comes along, would need to consider shifting their behavior framework in few essential areas. To turn their success GPS, they need to adapt their inner system to the change they want to create following the saying:

“If you want to see changes in your life, you need to start changing your life.”

However, it is a process that requires navigation through your psyche and the layers of beliefs adopted for many years. Mainly it’s about changing your paradigm in the area you see yourself in the interaction with other people, business, and money. For the quick and lasting transformation that will help you put your soul on fire again and run a purpose-driven company, you would need an experienced coach or mentor at your side.

Strategic matters will always call for laser-sharp attention. But at the same time, they would create far fewer challenges than your state of being on the way towards your success. The doubts created by your psyche and unexpected mindset twists will call for professional guidance, even when you are a coach yourself. You would need to detach yourself from your existing emotional blueprint and adopt some new beliefs about yourself and your ability to create financial success and the soul-aligned lifestyle that goes along. Your checkpoint will always be the set of internal feelings and emotions that will become your compass on your path of inner excitement.

Careful observation of your emotions will also help to steer towards the energy of YES around you. The only thing that stands between you and your goal is you and your reflection in the mirror. Here are three shifts that will help you to fall in love with your business again and hyper boost the inner energy of YES: