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Pros Are Saying Goodbye To These 4 Interior Design Trends

Written by: Paige Earles, Executive Contributor

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Paige Earles, owner Pearle Designs, shares design trends professional interior designers are saying “Goodbye” to.

1. Gloomy All White and Light Interiors

All-white and light can be sleek and minimalistic (if that’s your vibe), but it can also make a space feel stark, uninviting and devoid of any personality. Unless you’re going for the museum or hospital look, adding color to your interiors is a must. I’m thrilled to see bold colors, layers, patterns and beautiful fabrics quickly gaining momentum.

2. Pared-Down Minimalist Interiors

Squeaky clean kitchens, sparsely furnished spaces and surfaces devoid of art, personal treasures or accessories. Blah, blah, blah! I’m not sure how or why minimalist interiors became trendy, but I am so happy they are quickly losing their trendy appeal. Your home should be a reflection of you and the things you love; a place which surrounds you with warmth, comfort and happiness.

3. Rustic Modern Barn Design

Wood, wood and more wood on top of wood. This is undoubtedly the trend I am most thrilled about saying goodbye to. There will always be a place for wood in Interior Design, but the Rustic Modern Barn Design takes the use of wood to ridiculous extremes. Wood walls, floors, cabinets, furniture, decor, fixtures, lighting. No, no, no!! It’s time to be a little more creative and hopefully save a few trees in the process.

4. Matchy Matchy Design

Coordinating colors and patterns is a must in Interior Design but the combination of different finishes and textures brings life and visual interest to a space.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up by incorporating various design styles and eclectic elements. Don’t choose the bedroom set with every piece from the same collection. Instead, mix it up with furniture pieces from a different collection or from a different vendor all together. Matchy matchy upholstery and wall coverings should be avoided at all costs.

Pearle Designs manages the entire design process from initial concept to design installation to finishing details and everything in between. Our Full-Service interior design includes the following services:

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  • Sourcing materials and vendor relations

  • Furniture, accessories and art selections

  • Custom window treatments and bedding

  • Custom fabrics and finish selections

  • Space planning & color consultation

  • Design visuals and digital presentations

  • Purchasing, procurement and installation

  • Implementation of design elements

For exceptional interior design services, contact Pearle Designs

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Paige Earles, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Paige Earles is a passionate Interior Designer and owner of Pearle Designs, which has been servicing the Atlanta market for 15 years. Pearle Designs is a full service interior design company focused on enhancing people's lives by transforming the spaces around them.



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