Powerful Habits of Highly Productive Professionals

Written by: Arthur Gluzman, Executive Contributor

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Success in life primarily hinges on the habits that you engage continually, which will eventually shape your life. These habits form our lifestyle - the way we live, and invariably determines what we become in life or the height we mount up to in our career. Do you want to discover the most powerful habits that molded the life and career of successful people? Can these habits, when adopted, successfully influence or facilitate your career progress? Absolutely, Yes! They can. These habits are tested and proven to be the systems of attaining higher altitudes as a professional or career person.

Habits will either make or mar you as it directly influences the outcome of your life, especially your career, on whether you do excel or be below par. Some habits are healthier than others, and your everyday manners define your future and attitude toward progressing both in your career and life.

The following habits discussed below are powerful habits that successful people have practiced over time and have improved their lives and careers. It is guaranteed that if you too can adopt or be addicted to these habits, they will certainly, without any doubt, improve your career and define your direction in life for greatness.

1. Continuous Learning.

The most influential and also the wealthiest people in the world right now are avid learners. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked in an interview if they could possess one superpower in the world, what would it be? They both asserted that being the world's fastest reader would be incredible.

Reading enables you to partially skip the system of error and trial by forming the future in your mind, based on the knowledge you have acquired from other peoples' mistakes. Why make your own mistake when you can learn so much from others?

Reading enables you to "stand on the shoulders of giants" by obtaining crucial information that assists you in avoiding failures or mistakes.

Learning is vital for personal growth; when you stop learning, then you start dying.

2. Setting Goals.

This approach can be made by practically writing down your goals on paper. This method has often been proven to make a massive impact on the life of successful professionals. A research study was carried out at Harvard University in the book "What They Don't Teach You in the Harvard Business School," in which the author is Mark McCormack. He discovered a strange truth about performance and goal setting.

Writing down your goals has been proven over a long time to make a massive impact on people's all-round life! At Harvard University, research on goal setting was done, and the outcome was formatted in the book titled "What They Don't Teach You in the Harvard Business School" by Mark McCormack. There were specific facts about goal-setting and performance using a particular class of students as a case study.

The study outcome shows that about 3% of the students who graduated had written plans and goals; about 13% had set goals but didn't write them down, and a large amount of 84% had no particular goals that they set. After Ten (10) years, the very class members were interviewed again, and the results were quite stunning. 13% of those who had set goals were earning twice as much as the 84% who had no set goals. And overwhelmingly, the 3% who had their goals written were making, on average, ten times more of the other 97% altogether."

The truth is this; being without goals means you don't have any direction or guidance in life and nothing substantial to work towards as a set target. Set your goals by writing them down, and you will experience a massive positive turn around in your career.

3. Have a Clear and a concise Vision

Vision is the road map of your life that directs you to your desired goal and concentrates your efforts with relentless zeal. Having a clear and concise vision helps you eliminate factors that can hinder you from accomplishing what matters most.