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A Global Conference Judge And Pioneer In Women's Health Physical Therapy – Exclusive Interview With Dr. Khushali Trivedi

Meet Dr. Khushali Trivedi, a visionary in the realm of women's health physical therapy, whose journey embodies resilience and groundbreaking contributions. Originating from a small town in India, Dr. Trivedi emerged as a pioneering force, navigating limited opportunities to become a distinguished Physical Therapist, researcher, and a thought leader in the field. What sets her apart is not only her extensive clinical expertise but her rare distinction as one of the few physical therapists pursuing a Ph.D. specializing in women's health. As a prolific writer, Dr. Trivedi actively shapes conversations on women's health, sharing her insights through esteemed platforms like Brainz Magazine and the American Physical Therapy Association Pelvic Academy. Her commitment to education, coupled with her groundbreaking research and clinical practice, positions Dr. Trivedi as a trailblazer, addressing critical issues such as period poverty and advocating for women's health on a global stage. This year, Dr, Trivedi has achieved two international awards. The first is the Brainz CREA award, recognizing her innovation and exceptional career in physical therapy. She stands out as one of only two selected physical therapists from the prestigious list of awardees. Additionally, she received the Catalyst in Women's Health, Hall of Fame 2023 award from the Passion Vista Editorial Awards.

Photo of Dr. Khushali Trivedi.

Dr. Khushali Trivedi, Research Scientist, Philanthropist

Dr. Trivedi, your journey from a small town in India to becoming a pioneering force in women's health advocacy is truly extraordinary. Can you provide our readers with a more detailed overview of your inspiring path and the key milestones that have led you to the forefront of your field?

Absolutely. My journey began in a small Indian town where opportunities were scarce. Education was the cornerstone of my upbringing, with my parents instilling the belief that knowledge is the key to positive change. Their relentless dedication and hard work laid the foundation for my academic pursuits. After completing my physical therapy bachelor's degree, I ventured to the USA for my master's in exercise physiology. It was here that I noticed cultural nuances around menstrual health and saw an opportunity to address the disparities. This realization fueled my passion for women's health, leading me through a transformative journey, then I pursued a doctorate in physical therapy from The College of St. Scholastica and now I am doing a Ph.D. in women's health from Texas Woman’s University. My parents, through their unwavering support and sacrifices, provided me the wings to soar. Their hard work, dedication, and belief in the power of education inspired me to strive for excellence. The challenges of growing up in a small town fueled my determination to break barriers and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Your role as a judge and reviewer in global conferences showcases your thought leadership. What challenges did you face in these roles, and how did your exceptional abilities contribute to overcoming them?

Serving as a judge and reviewer in international conferences has been a pinnacle achievement, showcasing my thought leadership in the field of women's health. While these roles presented unique challenges, they served as opportunities for growth and refinement. My exceptional academic background and extensive research in pelvic pain and postpartum issues played a crucial role in distinguishing me. Actively participating in renowned conferences allowed me to demonstrate my commitment to advancing women's health and build valuable connections. The recognition as a judge and reviewer in the World Physiotherapy Conference, Dubai 2023, and the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections meeting stands as a testament to my commitment to making a lasting global impact in women's health. The challenges in these roles demanded a high level of precision and analytical prowess, aligning with my ability in meticulous thinking and profound knowledge of women's health, academic writing and research areas. Overcoming these challenges involved refining my analytical skills and contributing significantly to the field's advancement. 

You've achieved remarkable success in your academic and professional journey. What propelled you to become a thought leader in women's health, a field with limited representation, especially in New Jersey?

My decision to specialize in women's health emerged from the realization that women were not receiving the care they deserved, even in a developed country like the United States. As very few physical therapists in New Jersey focusing on women's health, I stand at the forefront of a crucial movement. My skills, extensive knowledge and unique ability lies in the daily commitment to addressing the unique healthcare needs of women, breaking barriers, and pioneering advancements in the field. That is the reason I am also part of the clinical practice guidelines committee from American Physical Therapy Association Pelvic Academy, dedicated to making advancement in women’s health physical therapy area. 

Being recognized as a content contributor for Brainz Magazine and the American Physical Therapy Association Pelvic Academy underscores your authority in the field. Could you share more about how you became a thought leader in women's health and an influential contributor to these prominent platforms?

My commitment to bridging information gaps in women's health propelled me to receive the 'Write to Change the World' Scholarship from the OpEd Project in collaboration with Texas Woman’s University. Armed with the skills acquired from the OpEd Project and my expertise in women’s health, I initiated a journey into writing. These platforms became a powerful megaphone, allowing me to address critical issues and advocate for positive change. Being at the forefront of discussions on women's health on such influential platforms positions me as a thought leader, leveraging my knowledge and ability to bring nuanced topics to the forefront.

Photo of Dr. Khushali Trivedi.

Your non profit venture VediKh Care's selection for incubation by IIM Visakhapatnam is a testament to the impact you're making. What was the journey like, and what does this recognition mean for the future of VediKh Care?

The selection of VediKh Care for incubation by IIM Visakhapatnam is a pivotal moment. It signifies the acknowledgment of our commitment to improving menstrual management globally. This recognition elevates our credibility, paving the way for impactful collaborations and expanding our reach. It highlights VediKh Care as a groundbreaking initiative, a testament to our ability to drive positive change.

Treating women daily for various health issues, especially in a state like New Jersey with limited practitioners, is indeed an exceptional feat. How did you decide to focus on this rare specialty, and what impact do you hope to make in the lives of the women you treat?

The decision to focus on treating women daily stems from recognizing the significant gap in specialized practitioners, especially in states like New Jersey. My skill and talent lies in identifying critical healthcare disparities and actively working to address them. I am committed to being a catalyst for positive change, providing specialized care and advocating for women's health equality. Through daily interactions, I aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of the women I treat, positioning myself as a leading force in this crucial healthcare niche.

Photo of Dr. Khushali Trivedi.

Looking ahead Dr. Trivedi, where do you see yourself in the future, both professionally and for VediKh Care?

Professionally, I envision myself as a pioneering force in women's health, not just in New Jersey but on a national and global scale. My aim is to drive positive change and contribute to the reshaping of women's healthcare paradigms. For VediKh Care, the future holds expansion and a broader impact. I see us reaching more underserved communities, ensuring menstrual health equity globally. The goal is to establish VediKh Care as a benchmark for transformative initiatives in women's health.

Your story of resilience, dedication, and the sacrifices of your parents is truly inspiring. What advice do you have for aspiring advocates and practitioners, emphasizing how your exceptional abilities have contributed to your success?

To aspiring advocates and practitioners, I urge you to recognize your unique abilities and leverage them to drive positive change. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and let your passion be the guiding force. My success is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, hard work, and the belief in one's abilities. Each effort in women's health contributes to a more equitable and healthier world, and your unique abilities can make an impactful difference. 

If you had to credit one person for your success, who would that be?

I don't believe success can be attributed to just one person. My journey has been shaped by the unwavering support of many significant individuals. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my parents, my brother, my cousins, and friends who were part of my formative years. Their encouragement and belief in my potential were instrumental. Additionally, my husband and his family have been pillars of support, contributing to my dreams as if they were their own. I consider myself truly blessed to have such a strong network of people who have played a vital role in my success.

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