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Our Body is Self-Healing

Written by: Emanuela Visone, Executive Contributor

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“Our extraordinary body that nature so graciously and artfully designed has an amazing ability to self-heal. “-Emanuela Visone.

Our extraordinary body nature, so graciously and ingeniously designed for your benefit, has a fantastic ability to self-heal. Consider what happens when you cut your finger or nick your skin shaving. Your body automatically coordinates complex systems to clot the blood and stop the bleeding. Lymphocytes are carried to the right places to counter infection. A scab is formed over the wound as a protective barrier, allowing new skin to generate beneath its mantle as ruptured blood vessels heal. If you were to follow this under a microscope, you would be amazed at the “magic” taking place. Medicine has no simple answer for this complicated feat, nor does nature accomplish this using guesswork. It achieves the process with order and incredible precision. The body intrinsically knows how to heal the impaired function.

The complexity of this accomplishment is enormous. Most people just consider everything normal until their system malfunctions. They turn to doctors who put them on harsh reactive “anti’s”– antidepressants, antibiotics, antihistamines, antibacterial, anti-inflammatories, and antidiuretics. These drugs are all strangers to the body and have complicated side effects.

We have lost our faith in the body’s ability for self-diagnosis and spontaneous self-repair. Therefore, we have lost our natural balance. It is time for us to start trusting our bodies’ fantastic healing capabilities.

  • For our body to reverse and cure degenerative conditions, we must supply it with the natural tools which it needs for healing. We do not heal it, but we can support its inherent self-healing capabilities by providing appropriate ingredients (molecules) from nature.

  • Clean food, water, and air – and the 50+ essential factors they contain – are the natural sources of the healing ingredients.

  • Within six months, most cells in your body are replaced. The body you have today is built almost entirely of what you ate over the past six months. If the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you consumed were of high quality– chances are, your bones, teeth, muscles, blood, and nervous system are in tip-top shape.

It takes about two years for the body to rebuild itself completely. Appropriately done, this is also the time it takes to reverse malnutrition or internal pollution-induced degenerative condition entirely and to remove accumulated toxins from the body.

Now that I have had the experience to heal my thyroid reversed my adrenal fatigue as well as completely shrink the mass and nodules on it as well which took less than a year, I have the wisdom to understand that in my new healing journey to reverse the osteoarthritis and restore the torn cartilage in my hip from an injury so I know this would take time. I never realized how painful osteoarthritis felt. As if a fire was shooting from my hip, the radiating pain caused me to limp badly, and I was in excruciating pain. It was unbearable. I started this journey in July of last year after the doctor I saw told me my only solution was a total hip replacement. I was only 49 and knew if I went down this path in my 60’s I would probably need another hip replacement since they only last about 10 years. This again was not a “solution” for me but only a band-aid. I started with removing all inflammatory foods from my diet and adding in a few more plant-based supplements, including wheat sprouts like red clover, kale sprouts, and others like shark cartilage. I upped my turmeric intake and herbs to increase my stem cells. I’ve added to my healing toolkit meditation, reiki which I was already practicing, yoga, myofascial therapy, and electroacupuncture to stimulate blood flow because there is hardly any blood flow in the hips, and lastly, Bio-resonance therapy to restore my electromagnetic energy.

In February of this year, I went to see an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, and to his amazement, he said to me, “I am intrigued.” He continued by saying, “In looking at your x-rays and MRI, I would say yes, you are a candidate for a hip replacement since you are bone on bone, but when you walked in, I was observing you, and you are hardly limping. Someone in your condition should have a severe limp. In examining you, you have a lot of mobility and flexibility, so I would say that at this point, you do not need a hip replacement, but as I said, you have me intrigued, and I’d like to see you in 3 months to see your progress and ask you more about what you are doing.

That is exactly what I knew I would hear and gave me the inspiration to continue my journey. The pain is so much less and, I am hardly limping. I am going back in June, so that I will update you all with more exciting news. It has been 10 months and a lot of work but worth it to feel so much better and not put my body through major surgery.

There is no point in return.

  • Recovery by natural or any other means is no longer possible when healing mechanisms or organs have become damaged beyond repair. We do not know where that point is for any disease.

  • The point of “no return” is reached through inappropriate personal care, treatments, or in the end, from natural aging mechanisms taking their inevitable course.

Challenge what you read.

Think about these points, question them, and understand their meaning. Pick them apart and discuss them with others. You do not need a Ph.D. to understand the biological basis of health and healing. You will come to realize that health is inherent, that is, within limits determined by each person’s unique genetic makeup. You will then begin to understand that disease is a departure from health; at that point, the rest of the natural healing approach follows logically. It is then just a matter of gathering the details and putting a natural healing program into practice for yourself.

Detoxification and its importance to healing.

Degenerative disease can be caused by nutritional deficiencies and the accumulation of toxins in the human body. It follows that to heal from illness, whether in the form of thyroid disorders, arthritis, ulcers, obesity, or whatever, detoxification must first take place.

The healing process takes place in stages.

  1. detoxification,

  2. breakdown and removal of diseased cells, and

  3. rebuilding of tissues.

These steps assume the daily intake of proper nutrients and stopping the absorption of toxins from all sources.

Detoxification Stage

Elimination: This is the discarding of toxins stored throughout the tissues of the body. Elimination occurs once a proper diet provides the minerals and organic nutrients to cells to generate enough energy to carry toxins out of the body via the elimination processes.

Toxins are eliminated through various channels; the usual channels with their signs of elimination are:

  • lungs (breathed out, may manifest as bad breath)

  • skin (sweated out, may manifest as body odor)

  • liver/bowel (dark, foul-smelling stools)

  • kidneys (dark, strong-smelling urine)

If the normal channels of elimination become overtaxed, the body will use other elimination, or alternative avenues of elimination are sinuses, the lymphatic system, uterus, or digestive tract.

Breakdown and removal of diseased cells: Cells diseased from “toxin abuse” are broken down by the body and removed. The breaking down of the infected cells is carried out mainly by the white blood cells. If any of the raw materials of the cells can be salvaged and re-used, they are put into circulation; the rest is eliminated from the body.

Rebuilding of tissues: When diseased cells are eliminated, the body will replace them with new healthy specimens. Though this phase begins with the above two phases, most of this activity takes place after the body is well on its way to being “detoxified” and “diseased tissue” free. Before this final, primary rebuilding phase, the body will replace diseased tissues one generation at a time. Each generation of cells will be a little healthier than its predecessors because a cell can only be as healthy as its environment is detoxified. Thus, there is no instant relief in natural healing.

Healing occurs on a priority basis.

Just as the body was formed and operated on a priority basis, so it heals on a priority basis. This means that the essential parts of the body get the healing attention before the less vital tissues. For this reason, it is of utmost importance not to try to dictate to the body what it needs to work on. For example, if you decided to take some herbs to detoxify your liver, you may interfere with the body’s priorities in the healing process. It could be the body’s priority to work on the heart first. But you redirect the healing energy with the use of the herbs to address the liver first. The energy was robbed from the heart to go to the liver because of the herbs you are using. Significant problems may develop in the heart because of trying to dictate to your body what to work on first. The very least that would take place with the use of potent medicinal/detoxifying herbs is that attention to the heart's health could be delayed and the health of the heart compromised.

The body will heal only to the degree that is it has nutrients and energies above and beyond basic living requirements. It is true that during the healing phase, a person may not feel as energetic as he/she usually does. This does not mean the body robbed energy from the vital (cellular) activity for healing. It means the body has taken any excess energy and is channeling it into healing activity. Excess energy is that which is not necessary for survival and to maintain balance (homeostasis). In my healing the first month, as I mentioned earlier, I was extremely fatigued the first month, then I started gaining more energy.

Reactivation or retracing

For the body to deal with or heal a part of the body, it must bring it into the priority or reactivate it. This means that the body is bringing to the surface a specific gland, organ, system, or tissue for cleansing/rebuilding. Activity that has been “on hold” from healing due to lack of nutrients, emotional stress, other priorities is reinstated. When a diseased or previously injured area of the body is brought back into focus or reactivated for healing, the symptoms that went with that specific stress will again manifest themselves to some degree. Remember that the symptoms the body manifested with the original disease or injury were an attempt at healing. This, of course, was somehow blocked with drugs or stress of some kind. Thus, the symptoms and healing were put ‘on hold.’ Now with reactivation, the same healing symptoms will once again manifest themselves.

Look at it this way. It took a while for the nutritional deficiencies and accumulation of toxins that affected you to cause a degenerative condition in your body. It may take a while to undo the effects of all the painful and stressful things that you (knowingly and unconsciously) did to your body. This process is somewhat like a reverse source of pain or discomfort, and this time it is for a good cause. Remember, pain/discomfort isn’t always bad. It can be a warning that something is wrong. It can also be a sign that something good is happening as the muscles, organs, and tissues of your body begin to activate again. Knowing what to expect about beneficial pain/discomfort will help you acknowledge and accept it. After all, it is for a good cause.

“Does this discomfort affect everyone the same way?”

Not at all. Studies show that four out of five people will pass through the reactivation cycles toward good health with almost no discomfort. But if you are the one who doesn’t, then you can expect reactions that vary from mild to intense. Your response depends to some extent on whether the source of your distress or illness, injury, toxicity, or negative emotions.

Probably it is some combination of all three. Your reaction also depends on the severity of your distress or sickness. The pains from the reactivation period are typically less frequent and intense than the original pains.

“But these are new aches and pain!”

That’s right. When the negative momentum stops, your body turns around and takes the road back to good health. One thing you can be sure of that road is the same as the one you took toward distress and sickness. Still, the symptoms you experience can be entirely new because going back over a bump can be a different experience than hitting it the first time from the opposite direction. Because of the rerouting of your body’s energy as you improve, the symptoms may be as severe as they were before. You can be sure they won’t last nearly as long and that you will be getting better as a result of this reactivation. In my healing journey, I experienced these bumps whereas it almost made me doubt the process, but I trusted my intuition and continued forward, thankfully.

“How do I know I am getting better?”

There are some definite signs that you are improving. When you begin to experience reactivation, you will generally experience some of the following five symptoms:

  1. You may feel dizzy as your body accepts a better balance, and your blood becomes equal.

  2. You may have a sudden, acute pain as muscles and organs begin to function more appropriately.

  3. You may experience nausea as toxic waste materials are dumped into your bloodstream for elimination.

  4. You could have symptoms of a cold or the flu with a loss of appetite (a significant indicator) or stiffness after exercise as the body does a general or specific house-cleaning. You will probably feel a combination of these at different times.

It is comforting to realize that these are signs. “Good Signs” that you are traveling the right road to good health.

Problems with using Herbal Formulas in Detoxification Process

Herbal formulas are used to stimulate or bring on a healing crisis of a particular gland, organ, or system. The problem of engaging in this practice are:

  1. The body is forced to rob energy and nutrients from itself to carry out this cleansing. Remember, the body only heals when it has adequate stamina and energy to carry on a healing crisis. An excellent example of this is milk thistle, which detoxifies the liver when the body may not have enough power to carry out this task.

  2. The body’s healing priority system is overridden.

What can you do to help your body during detoxification?

For it to gain the most considerable advantage of a healing crisis, the body must be given all available energy. Keep in mind that the body orchestrates the healing crisis as it has energies and nutrients available. Not before. Therefore, whatever the body dictates through the symptoms during a healing crisis should be heeded best to conserve energy for the body to get the full benefit of the healing cycle.

The key is that symptoms are not the enemy but the body’s attempt to overcome the enemy and return to health. To this end and to conserve energy:

  • avoid physical exertion.

  • consume little to no food – let appetite dictate specific foods, juices, and amounts if anything is desired.

  • drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Even more, it is helpful.

  • avoid any medication or other “remedies”;

  • mild exercise is beneficial as the body dictates walking.

  • and extra sleep, rest, and naps.

Times to stop the healing crisis.

There are a few occasions that a healing crisis is probably best halted once in progress. These times are:

  1. When the liver becomes overloaded with cleansing activity and approaches shutdown; the signs of this are: a. stools turn white. b. urine positive for bilirubin or urobilinogen. c. extreme dizziness, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness.

  2. A person who is emotionally unable to endure the healing crisis may experience: a. fear due to not understanding the healing crisis. b. lack of experience with the healing crisis. c. not ready for the responsibility of health. d. and pressure from uninformed family and friends.

How to stop a healing crisis?

When necessary, most detox symptoms can be stopped without drug intervention. This is achieved by eating only cooked vegetables, grains, and baked potatoes. If desperate, coffee or some red meat can be consumed and will usually accomplish the healing crisis's desired stoppage.

The assurance of symptoms being detoxification symptoms.

Often those who have changed their diet for the better want to know if the symptoms they are experiencing (headaches, diarrhea, etc.) are those of detoxification or whether they are a disease process. With few exceptions, you can know that if the diet is better, whatever symptoms come along are of the detoxification/healing variety.

In some rare cases, there may be “disease momentum” that was in place before the lifestyle change. Enough right has not caused a halt to its progression.

Nonetheless, the body is capable of healing itself, and the healthful diet is not to be blamed for bringing on the disease.

“How long until I achieve health?”

As always, the answer depends on several things. How sick you are, how long you have been suffering, and your attitude toward being well must be considered. Another consideration is the type of injury or illness you’ve experienced. For example, a person with a back injury that resulted from lifting a lawnmower is likely to get better much faster than someone who suffered a stroke. Bronchitis is likely to respond faster than emphysema. Physical trauma will usually react more quickly than an emotionally induced injury. Whatever the cause and whatever road you are taking toward improvement, your body will never make changes any faster than it can deal with these changes. You are not getting sick; you are getting well. Your body was built to survive. Think of how good you will feel when you have reached the end of the “feeling good” road!

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Emanuela Visone, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Emanuela is a leading expert in restoring health and a Master Transformational, Health, and life coach. After 20yrs recruiting in the finance industry, she discovered her true calling for naturopathy and helping people and their pets throughout the US. The value she provides her clients has put them in a position to gain better health and live a more fulfilling life. Having restored her own health, Emanuela is excited to share her victory and help others do the same, from thyroid conditions, shrinking nodules, blood pressure, hormones, and much more. This inspired her to write her first book, “Healing Through Nature’s Medicine,” A Story of Hope. Having restored her St. Barnard’s health, Emanuela coaches many pet owners on becoming their own best healer. She loves spending time with her family and friends, the outdoors, and her deepest passion is helping others transform their health.



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