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New Data – What Consumers Want From Brands On TikTok

Written by: Kristen DeGroot, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Kristen DeGroot

I think the dancing teenagers who used to saturate TikTok grew up. And so did TikTok.

Person holding black smartphone

The platform now has a more robust audience using it and the average TikTok user is between 20-34 years old. So, if your brand targets this age group, you need TikTok in your marketing strategy.

There is a lot of data out there about TikTok ROI and metrics for advertising on the platform. But what I didn’t see when researching how brands can best leverage TikTok was data or insights from the consumer’s perspective and how they perceive brands on TikTok.

So I had to change that. At The Campfire Circle, I grow agencies, and one of my clients is a TikTok agency, so I talked them into letting me do an industry report on TikTok from the consumer’s perspective.

The report is not gated, so you don’t have to worry about filling out a form, you can simply read it here. I’m also going to go over the key takeaways. And if you want to improve upon your brand’s strategy on all things TikTok, I recommend booking a call with Ads By Untitled because they have some solid TikTok expertise.

Key takeaways from the TikTok Report

The following key takeaways are just a fraction of the insights you will gain from reading the report.

  • 73% of TikTok users discover brands on the For You Page

  • The majority of TikTok users would like brands to post more discounts and giveaways

  • 71% of TikTok users pay attention to TikTok ads

  • 66% of TikTok users say they purchase products they see on TikTok more than they do other social platforms

The three things you need to succeed on TikTok

While TikTok is a cultural phenomenon, we can boil it down to three things your brand needs to do to gain traction on TikTok.

A close pulse on TikTok

Understand what is happening and when. This means spending a lot of time perusing TikTok. Particularly brands like yours and your competitors for inspiration. You’ll also pick up on the trends before it’s too late.

A strong feel for the TikTok audience

TikTokers are unlike users on other platforms. Content that is funny or even self-deprecating does well. Authenticity is everything. The TikTok audience doesn’t like professional videos, they love the platform for it’s humanized vibe.

Ability to capitalize on trends and experiment

Trends pop up and go away on TikTok sometimes within 48 hours. So, partnering with an agency that can identify relevant trends and develop content for your TikTok channel is crucial.

Next steps: Start leveraging TikTok for your brand

If you have the time and skillset to leverage TikTok in-house, that’s great! Just be sure to memorize the report so that your TikTok efforts resonate with your target audience. And keep in mind that the brands that succeed with TikTok post at least five times per week.

With TikTok being a newer platform, many brands lack the expertise to run it in-house. That’s when I would recommend partnering with Ads By Untitled as they do great work for an affordable rate and their only service is TikTok so you can know they live and breathe the platform.

Another option is to learn TikTok and run it yourself. It has a lot of nuances that other social platforms don’t have, so I’d recommend a course like this one, and it’s only $17. Anyone can learn how to leverage TikTok, it just comes down to the time you have available.

Do you have any tips for brands that want to capitalize on TikTok? I’d love to read your insights in the comments below!

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Kristen DeGroot Brainz Magazine

Kristen DeGroot, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kristen DeGroot is the CEO of The Campfire Circle, an agency for agencies. She has been helping agencies grow for over a decade. Kristen has an English writing degree so a lot of her strategies that she implements for her clients are content driven. Basically, Kristen grows agencies so that agency owners can spend more time on what matters: Doing awesome client work.



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