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Mental Toughness ‒ Do You Have Grit?

Written by: Susanne Venaas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Mental toughness is defined as the natural or developed psychological edge that enables a person to cope better than others; to have resiliency or “stick-with-it-ness.”. This term came into play this past week as my 10-year-old daughter is about to enter training camp for her spring hockey. This program has these girls working with coaches on and off the ice, fitness specialists and nutrition consultants as well as sports psychologists.

In preparation for her first sports psychology class as an athlete, my daughter had a series of videos to watch presented by a top sports psychologist who works with elite athletes at the Olympic, college and pro levels.

The main takeaway he kept talking about in great and successful athletes was their ability to take hardships, struggles, and distractions, note their existence and then come back to focus on the present moment. Aha! I immediately thought of the mindfulness I work with clients with daily, and their ability to have GRIT perseverance for long term goals that combine resilience, ambition, and self-control.

We live in a fast-paced world where everything and everyone is both easily available at our fingertips. Many people have been given every advantage possible, and haven’t had to endure hardships, so when they are presented with them in the work world they freeze, not knowing how to navigate through challenges. Almost an entire generation lack GRIT. So how do we change this? Encourage habits that enhance Mental Toughness.

1. Act as if success is within your control.

When we act as if success is at our fingertips we are more likely to take action steps into making things happen instead of worrying whether things will work out or not.

2. Be selective of where you put your energy.

Put things aside that you have no ability to impact. Not everything is worth your energy. Do what you can do with the energy you have and decide where you want to put it.

3. See past experiences as learning and training.

The past “mistakes” that we make are in fact valuable learning points. Look at these times of “failure” as an opportunity to learn and grow.

4. Don’t waste time complaining.

Complaining is a complete energy drain. You see, the words we think and speak are powerful and they all hold certain vibrations. Choose to live your vibration up by refraining from complaining unnecessarily, or being around others who do.

5. Stay in gratitude.

Those who have a consistent gratitude practice are able to see what is positive in their lives, even when there is a struggle. Quit comparing yourself to others and be grateful for what you DO have.

6. Celebrate the success of others.

Someone else’s success does NOT take away from your own. Let them shine and celebrate that shine. A person’s inability to celebrate others is a direct correlation to their lack of self-worth.

7. Be yourself.

No one cares about what you have or don’t have. People are drawn or repelled to you for who you are. Be YOU! No one else can, and this allows for genuine relationships with others, but most importantly a genuine relationship with you.

Life will always have its struggles for us to navigate through, but you do have the grit within to get back up, learn, and see the beauty in it all.

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Susanne Venaas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Susanne Venaas is an International Spiritual Coach based out of St. Albert, Alberta Canada. Susanne works both in-person and virtually connecting with her clients in their transformation and growth. She also supports learning via her online school, and her Rebel Soul Podcast to help them connect to their most authentic selves. Wellness to her is an integrative approach to body mind and spirit. Susanne has been featured in Yahoo News + Finance as one of the top 10 Spiritual Coaches to watch in 2021, as well as featured in CEO Medium as an expert in her field, and her Rebel Soul Podcast made Top 10 Spiritual Podcasts in Canada after it's first 6 weeks of going live in May 2021. Her passion is working with others to cultivate a deeply meaningful and connected life.



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