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Meeting room booking systems for a streamlined experience

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Meetings are integral to modern business functions; they provide employees with a time and place to communicate their ideas, exchange information, provide and discuss updates and complete problem solving tasks. Despite the importance of meetings, they often fail to be as productive as they could be. Issues may range from errors regarding participant invitations to a lack of structure in the meeting itself. An inefficient meeting room booking system can be the source of many of these issues.

Consider the following example: a single employee has been tasked with scheduling and completing an online calendar for an entire department. This is more strenuous work than you may think and can easily lead to incidents of overlapping schedules for key employees and double-booked rooms, especially if editing access of the calendar is granted to other employees. So, now, meeting room booking has become a logistical nightmare. What is the solution?

We live in a globalised world, where technology contributes to, and sometimes entirely facilitates, the work we do. In tune with this, the right software can streamline the booking process within a business. Add-On’s Resource Central is an example of a modern room booking system. It allows employees to select rooms for booking, invite meeting participants, use Meeting Labels, and order various catering services. Secure software such as this can be used to the advantage of a business; the product is accessible, practical, and scalable. Add On is used globally by organizations ranging from commercial giants to legal services.

Resource Central makes booking meeting rooms a simple task that anyone can complete. A centralised booking system is also accessible from any location and device, providing often needed flexibility. The implementation of a user-friendly interface, which also hosts multiple languages and time zone support, means that the system is a rather universal option. In the end, determining the overall nature of the meeting and working to reach particular outcomes still remains a complex task for the employees, but initial difficulties can be avoided, and certain stressors can be reduced with the right booking system.

Employee motivation is a key factor that businesses need to consider in their day-to-day operations. Long-hours filled with meetings can be exhausting and productivity will inevitably see a dip if employees are not being properly and effectively compensated. It will be even more difficult, than usual, to motivate employees if they are showing up to a meeting room that turns out to be the wrong one, or the AV equipment has not been ordered or key participants have not received their invites.

When the basic parts of the whole work, and are organised well, other levels can be stably built: if the meeting room booking system eliminates certain, prevalent issues, the next steps can occur smoothly. A basic example would be that, if a meeting starts on time, it is more likely to end on time and consequently employees can proceed to their next tasks without hassle.