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Manifestation Myths Debunked – What Really Works? Step By Step Guide For You

Ania Osiecka is a professional, certified coach known for her creative and holistic approach. She is the author of a Program, "missing element" and the founder of the first online Book Club in Poland, where members choose and read books in the fields of personal development, psychology, and motivation.

Executive Contributor Ania Osiecka

Manifesting is not a new concept. This idea was introduced by William Walker Atkinson in his book "Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World" as early as 1906. The term also appeared in the writings of Napoleon Hill, who in his book "Think and Grow Rich" wrote: "You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct, and control your environment. You can make your life what you want it to be." It's worth remembering this when you see endless discussions online that it's a temporary "new age" fad or something a seasonal coach made up. It”s not!

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Manifestation: What it really is?

Our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are made up of energy. Emotions/feelings have different frequencies. When we change our thoughts, we change how we feel and what emotions we experience, which in turn, changes our energy/frequency. We attract the frequency we emit. If we change our thoughts, and thus our emotions, we can change our vibration and ultimately our reality. This is why some of the best tools for changing our vibration are gratitude journaling, meditation, mantras, visualizations, etc. But these are just tools, not magical ways to bring major life changes in 21 days.

Often, when talking about manifesting, we refer to the universe. For me, the universe is something greater than our consciousness. It is an energetic force that contains infinite abundance and creative power. If this energetic force has a different meaning for you, feel free to substitute the word "universe" with your own interpretation anywhere in this post.

How to manifest effectively: What really works

One of the most important questions in planning changes and visualizations is not what you desire but rather "Who do I need to become to fulfill my desires?" When you imagine your future, think about the person you want to be tomorrow, in a month, in a year. Ask yourself questions:

  • How does this person feel physically, emotionally, and energetically?

  • How does this new version of you behave daily?

  • What habits do they maintain?

  • How do they handle stressful situations?

  • What values and beliefs do they hold?

  • What types of relationships are present in their life, and how do they make them feel?

Manifestation is not just about attracting things into your life. It's about empowering yourself to attract the best with your energy. Remember, we attract what we feel, so how you feel is very important.

How to effectively realize dreams: 6 effective principles

1. Specify your desires

The first step is clarity in your vision. In other words, you can't get to where you want to go if you don't know where you're headed. Therefore, before you start anything else, you must be clear about what you expect from the universe and who you want to become. When we regularly practice visualizing the things we want, our brain reacts by changing our behavior patterns and interpretations of our surroundings according to our goals. Be as specific as possible. Lack of clarity is the number one reason why, despite your desires, you do not have what you want in your life.

2. Work through fears and blocks

To fully understand why this is so crucial, you must keep in mind the main rule of manifestation – We attract what we feel. You do not manifest solely from conscious thoughts, but more from feelings and based on what is happening in your body. This means you can only manifest what you truly believe and feel you deserve to attract into your life.

Your subconscious mind is where the things blocking manifestation, in the form of fear and doubts, often lie.

Fear and doubts take various forms: insecurities, limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness, lack of trust, or a sense of powerlessness.

To tangibly experience what you desire, you must first identify and then work on removing the blocks of fear and doubt. Some blocks are simpler to work through, but in many cases, you will simply need support. It's worth remembering this before you fall into frustration and feel like nothing is working for you.

3. Active posture: “Proper behavior”

An active posture means being the "energy" you want to attract. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking specific actions. This is the step that differentiates the law of attraction from effective manifestation.

Manifestation is not about being passive and solely visualizing, meditating, or affirming. You can't just be confident in your vision and wait for fulfillment. Making a vision board is very empowering and gives good energy. But if you want changes, you must take actions. Aligning our behavior shows the universe: "I am ready, I am not afraid, I am worthy”!

Starting to align your behavior with your desires and your future "self," it is important to remember that not everything will be easy and certainly not always comfortable, and many times doubts will come about whether you are doing it right, which is completely natural.

4. Creating supportive habits

If you want changes, the most important thing is what you do every day. It is how you behave and the way you treat yourself. Aligning your behavior requires you to be active, take actions, go beyond your limiting beliefs or fears, and step out of your comfort zone. For everyone, these habits might be different. If you need to understand what is key for you, sign up for a free consultation – you can send your request to my email.

5. Overcoming tests from the universe

In any deeper work on yourself sometimes we are subjected to so-called "tests from the universe." They appear in our lives to check what we really think inside about ourselves. Tests can take the form of obstacles, people, or challenges, or something that asks you to settle for much less than what you truly desire.

Every time you decide to accept something much below your desires, you block other options/opportunities. Start examining all areas of your life and consider: "Where do I choose less out of fear that what I truly desire will never come to me?"

6. Let go of expectations

When you have clarity about what you desire, eliminate fear and doubt, overcome tests from the universe, align your behavior, the last and sometimes the most difficult thing is trust. Trust that the universe will provide you with everything you need at the right time for you.

Often, we become impatient and start looking for magical solutions to make everything happen faster. I’m not talking about magical waiting without taking action. But about patience when you have already actively completed and are pursuing steps 1-5.

What helps at this stage is to let go of expectations of how something should manifest in our lives. Expectation, especially "desperation," lowers our energy and takes away our power. It's not about giving up the dream but about our imagined way and timing for its realization.


Do you know how long it typically takes my clients to implement tangible changes? 12-24 months. You might think that's a long time. But realistically, it is very fast, especially since we usually work on something that has been blocking them for 15-20 years!


Ready to finally recognize and work through what’s blocking your deepest desires? Email me, and we'll develop the best approach for you.

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Ania Osiecka, Certified Coach

Ania Osiecka is a professional, certified coach known for her creative and holistic approach. She is the author of a program, "missing element," which allows her clients to discover, understand, and ultimately overcome what stands in the way of their desired tangible results. The main areas of Ania's interests are self-sabotaging behaviors, emotional neglect and its impact, the shadow mechanisms in the subconscious, growth mindset, and healthy habits for mental and physical well-being.



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