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Managing Change And Growth As An Entrepreneur

Written by: Samantha Hearne, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


One thing that is for certain in entrepreneurship is that change is one of the only constants, but it is one of the things we try our hardest to prevent from happening! So I want to create a place for you to really dig into how to manage change and growth in your business and how to NOT allow change and growth to be something to avoid, be afraid of, run from, or feel makes you out of control in your own business.

If your business is NOT growing and your business is not capable of change that is something to look at. I see this in potential clients consistently and I felt called to share a way to change this for you moving forward.

So many women use the lack of results as the reason their business isn’t growing, which leads to fear and a fixed-based mindset, and a lack of visionary thinking to take their business to where they want it to be. The missing link in this cycle and equation is the ability to identify when change and growth are actually needed and when to stop accepting what you have always done and realize that change is what your business needs.

Take the time to see beyond what isn’t working at this very moment and start to think about where you want your business to be in the next 3-6 months and the HOW behind it. The HOW to make it happen. The HOW that will allow change and growth to happen.

The fear is not the HOW. The fear is the feeling and the block.

The HOW is the aligned action, the intentional change, the purposeful decision making, the powerful choices. The HOW must start to take the focus.

With that being said, here are 5 ways you can start setting your business & self up for growth and change.

1. How are you treating your business?

Question 1. Is your business being supported by you or hindered by you?

Question 2. Are you making decisions for the best interest of your business or based on what you are feeling in this current period of time?

Why these 2 questions?

I see so many women living in fear of where they are VS where they want to be and questioning ‘is that even possible?’ Can the gap be changed or shifted? Ultimately – am I ready? This fear then drives that woman in her decisions and a lot of the time fuels the decisions that follow – which will actually PREVENT growth, as opposed to CREATE growth because you are fearing fear and therefore not making decisions based on potential. This then impacts your business hugely and if you fast forward 3, 6, or even 9 months, how have these decisions impacted the journey your business has taken?

A lot of the time we focus on fear, we also feel stuck and unsure of where we are going and if we even can. We fear our own change and growth and if we can handle it.

So, take a step back to really reflect on these 2 questions and how you are showing up for your business and how you are making decisions for the future of where your business goes.

2. Allow yourself to project forward

Your business cannot visualize YOU have to do that. You are the visionary for the tour business and if you don’t see or visualize what is possible, how can your business possibly become anything else?

With that in mind, being a visionary for your business and being forward-thinking for your business is vital, and here is a task for you;

Where do you SEE your business in the next 3 months and how is that going to happen?

What will need to CHANGE? Where do you need to GROW? What isn’t working that you need to let go of?

Change and growth are NOT the energy they are the future of your business expansion.

3. See your business as a separate entity that you are in a relationship with and ask yourself how you are as a partner

Are you trusting in your business? Are you allowing your business to try new things, take risks, and be adventurous? Are you clingy and anxious about your business?

What is the connection and relationship you have with your business right now?

THIS in itself will also be creating a direct response to what and how your business performs. Take some time to really think about that.

Is your business actually CAPABLE of growth and change right now? Or is it stuck inside your fear?

4. Journaling and taking time to take your thoughts out of your head is a really powerful way to process and understand/make sense of your thoughts.

Here is a journaling question to really sink your teeth into.

If fear and doubt didn’t exist how would I be showing up for my business right now?

Remove fear from your business potential and start thinking about what could change. How can you bridge the gap to creating a business filled with potential and expansion?

Use this journaling prompt to really dig into why change and growth might not be able to take place for you and your business right now.

5. Get support and fill those gaps!

You don’t know what you don’t know and if you are running your business with knowledge gaps, strategy gaps, and experience gaps take time to commit to filling those.

Filling and working on those gaps is ultimately going to be the way your business fully transforms, your business cannot reach its next level if you don’t make the CHANGES needed, based on how you have got to where you have so far.

For example, a business that goes from start-up to consistent £5k months will need to embrace change and growth to be able to then run as a business generating consistent £10k months. Managing profits, changing price points, the new caliber of the client, your marketing, time management, and everything in-between, will need you to fill gaps and gain new knowledge to allow your business & self to grow!

Change and growth are, key, it is time to embrace it, become it and acknowledge it. Your business deserves that.

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Samantha Hearne, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Samantha is a best selling self-published author, qualified coach and mentor who works with female entrepreneurs to build a business of sustainability, wealth & ease. Samantha runs 2 mastermind programmes, 1:1 mentoring programmes and a self-study business success school. Samantha supports her clients with; organic marketing, building a brand and engaged community, creating consistent sales (usually without launching), increasing profit within their business over time, creating balance, ease & fun, as well as a huge focus on mindset and performance habits for success.

As an ex-teacher, Samantha prides herself on differentiation, simple teaching strategies, and encouraging her clients to reach their fullest potential.



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