Make Space for Your Creativity to Flow

Written by: Lisa Kindle, Executive Contributor

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Slowing down invites us to focus on the moment. Creativity flows when we take the time to reconnect with ourselves. Here’s a little meditation to make space for creativity in your day. Begin by allowing yourself to do this short exercise below.

Let’s begin:

  • Observe your surroundings.

  • Consider the space you are in.

  • Feel the weight of your body in your chair.

  • Feel the texture of the floor beneath your feet.

  • Is there a distinct aroma in your space?

  • If you were to appreciate the moment you are in right now without judgement, what would you appreciate the most about it?

Ask Yourself:

  • What did you appreciate most at this moment?

  • What is it you want to remember about this particular moment?

Creating affirmation cards is a perfect way to remember things we are grateful for. Write it on a piece of paper you have handy. Even a sticky-note will do. If you want to make it even more personalized, use an index card and grab your art supplies. Affirmation cards help maintain a positive mindset and can stimulate your creative juices.

“Enjoying “non-doing” when you can simply “be” feeds the creative soul.” - Liz Dean

Do you still need more tips to boost your creativity? Try one of these:

  • Download a binaural app, choose an audio file that matches how you would like to feel. It’s a fascinating way to get in the flow-zone!

  • Take a “nature-thought-walk” with your idea or problem like a movie playing in the background of your mind. Begin to observe what’s going on around you as you walk.

  • Doodle for five minutes.

  • Have your own dance party!

  • Go offline for a set period of time.

Being creative means challenging yourself every day, doing something out of the norm, creating without judgment.

One of the main ways to let your creativity flow is to slow down, turn things off – and the real “biggie” – to say no. What thing can you say “no” to that will make the most impact? Make a commitment to yourself over the next few weeks to try one of the activities above, getting in the flow, working on the practice “to simply be.”

Be still and listen to your inner voice. Be empowered by what it has to say to you. Be you. Be free. Be creatively alive!

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Lisa M. Kindle, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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