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Learning How To Think Is The Best Investment Of Your Time

Written by: Prue Sulicich, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


One thing I know for certain is that the art of thinking is underrated.

We live in a world where action is taught as the only thing that solves your problems.

In actual fact, not all problems can be solved with action alone.

I believe in two ways of solving problems. With action and with thinking.

You can’t out-think an action problem.

You can’t out-action a thinking problem.

Take this as an example;

You are overweight and feel unworthy.

To solve this problem, you decide to join weight watchers. You throw out all your “unhealthy” food and buy new healthy food. You buy new workout gear and join an exercise bootcamp.

You want to move the number on the scale from 80kg to 60kg to seek worthiness.

You lose weight but before long, you realise that staying there is hard. You don’t yet feel worthy because you ultimately think it is unachievable for you.

Even though you took action and lost weight, can it be maintained if you think you are not worthy... or even worse, only worthy if you weigh a certain amount?

This is a great example of not being able to out-action a thinking problem.

The problem stems from your thinking and therefore your thinking is what needs to be worked on.

In this example, the problem that needs to be addressed is the thinking that you are unworthy. To solve it, you need to believe you are worthy, no matter what weight you are. From that place, you will be able to drive the action to maintain it forever.

How else is this showing up in your life?

You write lists, you plan your days down to the minute and try to solve all problems by doing. Doing is unsustainable.

You are overweight. You change what you eat.

You are unhappy with your job. You change jobs.

You don’t like your relationship. You break-up.

For many, the action does not guarantee the sought result. And why is that?

I will say it again;

You can’t out-think an action problem.

You can’t out-action a thinking problem.

The first is easy. If the problem can be solved with action, then action is all that is required.

You have a report to write. It can be solved by writing it.

You need to clean your house. It can be solved by putting on your rubber gloves and going to work.

You need to have an uncomfortable conversation with your spouse. It can be solved by having a conversation.

On the other side of this, problems stemming from your thinking can never be solved with action first. I want to be clear, action is not to be dismissed. I 100% believe taking the right action, from clean thinking will always get you to your result.

But you can never out-action a thinking problem.

You over consume food and are overweight. You try to solve this by action. Yet, you still struggle. You have willpower for short bursts but fall off the wagon and gain the weight back, plus more.

Your day is reactive and unorganised. You think you don’t have enough time. You buy planners and new highlighter pens, block schedule your calendar, write your three-page to-do list. Yet you still don’t show up to your plan. It lasts a couple of weeks and then you go back to being reactive.

You feel lonely. You try to solve it by scheduling in more coffee dates, messaging friends and family and joining new activities to meet people. Your efforts are not reciprocated. You are in a room full of people, they are not acting or behaving the way you want and you still feel lonely.

You are trying to out-action a thinking problem

You are thinking;

Being overweight makes me less worthy.

I am unorganised.

No one wants to be my friend.

Taking all the action in the world is pointless unless you solve the underlying thinking problem. From that point, the action you then choose to take, from a place of clean thinking, will be the most beneficial.

Here are three things you can start implementing to create lasting change.

  1. When you find yourself in action. Pause and ask yourself; can this problem be solved with action or thinking first? And then answer it from your own brain.

  2. Be the master of your own mind. Learn the patterns of your thinking. It is a small cluster of thoughts which creates 80% of all the drama in life. Get super clear on what they are. Do this by writing down your thoughts daily and clean up any thinking that is limiting in your life.

  3. Be honest with yourself. Do not say you don’t know or write down things you “should” think. Clarity and honesty is the only way forward.

To sum up, instead of always trying to use action to solve problems, tap into the ability to use your brain and teach yourself the skill of intentional thinking. Doing this will help you understand the current results you have in your life.

If you feel like you are going in circles and not achieving your goals, it may be your thinking that needs to be cleaned up before the necessary action can be implemented. This is how to use thinking to solve problems.

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Prue Sulicich, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Prue Sulicich is passionate about offering women the opportunity to know themselves so well; nothing can stand in their way to reach their dreams. Prue identified as a dreamer but was held back by the belief that women are mothers and wives first. Prue was nervous, shy, they and someone who never liked to be in the spotlight. Over the last decade, Prue started successful businesses but never took them beyond being a "hobby" because of this belief, even though deep down, aspired for more. After coming out the other side of a major family crisis, Prue was able to hold strong and took her own self-development to the next level. Completing a Life Coaching certification honed her newly found passion for a skill. Prue then founded her business, Head Coach, and is now offering help to women similar to herself, achieve their dreams, be it weight loss, self-love, or anything in between. Prue has big goals in this space and is determined to use her own transformation as an example to other women struggling with self-belief or lost identity by taking small steps to make big changes.



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