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Empower Your Spirit: Journey From Lawyer To Renowned Tarot Reader And Psychic Spiritual Coach – Interview With Talsi

Talsi is a world-renowned tarot reader and psychic spiritual coach. She was born with her intuitive gifts but spent her early career working as a lawyer in the corporate and entertainment spaces. Her spiritual awakening came later in life when she was guided “home” to her true passion and calling. She now uses her gifts to empower others to defy the status quo! Talsi guides her clients back to a place of self-love and compassion. She helps them face their fears, embody their truth, and reclaim their power in their personal, romantic and professional lives.

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Talsi, Tarot Reader and Psychic Spiritual Coach

What challenges did you face during your career transition, and how did you overcome them?


It was an incredibly challenging time for me! My career transition was prompted by a spiritual awakening, which turned my life upside down. At the onset, my reality and circumstances were crumbling. I had just split from a long-term partner and nearly went broke after a failed business venture we shared. Friends and family were pressuring me to go back to the corporate world, to "get a real job" as a lawyer, which aligned with my qualifications and professional history. They had little affinity for tarot or spirituality, and to them, switching from the corporate world to psychic coaching and tarot reading seemed totally “bonkers.” I lost touch with many people in my life where there was no resonance anymore.


At the same time, my psychic gifts, which I had suppressed since childhood due to growing up in a conventional home, re-emerged intensely. As my old life fell apart, my new path became very clear, but it wasn't easy! The journey of spiritual awakening is a beautiful one, filled with periods of elation, reconnecting with my own divinity, and feeling a sense of oneness with the universe. However, it's also a process that can feel like a roller-coaster on a spiritual level, with energetic shifts, physical symptoms, emotional highs and lows, spirit encounters, and other unexplainable experiences. This journey often strips away everything your ego and third-dimensional self knows, and that can be excruciating—many in the spiritual community refer to this as the ‘dark night of the soul.’


Navigating this, along with the financial strain of starting a new business and without the comfort of family and outside validation, was isolating and difficult. To rebuild myself, I moved to Mexico City, where my high school best friend lived. Starting from scratch on a financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual level was challenging. But my unwavering sense of purpose, the support from my higher self and spirit guides, my best friend, and my clients helped me persevere. By following my true desires, things shifted, and I found joy and success in doing what I knew was in alignment with my truth. I emerged stronger and happier than I had ever been!


What advice do you have for individuals seeking to defy the status quo and embrace their true selves?


Start by examining the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you're capable of. We are all expressions of divine consciousness, living human experiences with unique paths, gifts, and desires. What we pursue or don't pursue ultimately comes down to personal choice. The world and people around us mirror our thoughts and feelings.


The status quo is a reflection of our conditioning. Often, it's subconscious, shaping how we see ourselves in relation to the world and its expectations. If you believe you're limited by others or society, that will be your experience.


To defy the status quo and embrace your true self, make the unconscious conscious. Observe your thought patterns and how they reinforce your assumptions. Many people think their outer world shapes their inner world, but it’s actually the other way around. By shifting your inner beliefs, you transform your reality. Quantum mechanics suggests all possibilities exist until there is observation on one. Change your thoughts and create new dominant beliefs about who you want to be, and the world will reflect that.


The universal law of assumption, popularized by Neville Goddard, teaches us that assuming the feeling of our desired state as already true brings it into reality. We’re always manifesting—our dominant thoughts create our reality. Becoming aware of this helps us understand that our reality reflects our inner beliefs.


To manifest what you want, shift your focus. Recognize and challenge limiting beliefs. Choose new empowering thoughts, which will, with repetition, become new beliefs about who you are. Your inner world creates your outer world. Cultivate a mindset of possibility and abundance using techniques like visualization, affirmations, and journaling. Surround yourself with positive influences and seek experiences that align with your authentic self.


Many great inventors, leaders, and success stories started with an idea that seemed impossible. They succeeded by persevering with their thoughts, beliefs, and conscious focus. When you shift your inner world, your outer world follows. Realize you're the creator of your experiences, and focus on your desires instead of limitations.


We are often hypnotized by society and upbringing to perceive limitations, but we have the power to re-hypnotize ourselves to believe in our limitless power and ability to manifest our dreams. Adopt empowering beliefs, and they become your reality. No matter what others or current circumstances say, trust your passion and what calls to you. The status quo is just conditioning. Embrace your true self and defy the status quo by understanding and accepting that you are limitless.


If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?


One thing I’d love to change about my industry is the contention and division often seen in the spiritual community, especially online. Tarot readers and psychics tend to focus on predicting future outcomes, sometimes overlooking the individual's power to break unconscious patterns and choose new versions of themselves and their circumstances. Meanwhile, Law of Assumption/Mindset coaches often criticize divination practices, emphasizing the importance of shifting focus from present circumstances to new thoughts and states of consciousness to manifest desired outcomes.


I believe both approaches have tremendous value and can beautifully complement each other. Tarot and divination are powerful tools for tapping into the subconscious mind. They offer insights that can help individuals recognize where their mindset needs adjustment. When used effectively, these tools provide clarity and guidance, revealing unconscious patterns that might be holding someone back and helping them realign their dominant thoughts and state of consciousness with what they desire to manifest and experience in their physical reality.


By integrating the predictive power of tarot with the proactive techniques of the Law of Assumption, we can empower individuals to not only foresee potential outcomes but also actively shape their destinies. This holistic approach can bring about powerful results, enabling people to harness both their intuitive insights and conscious intent to manifest their desired realities.


If we could foster more collaboration and mutual respect among the different sectors of the spiritual community, we could offer a more comprehensive and empowering experience for our clients. Embracing the strengths of both divination and manifestation techniques would allow us to support individuals in a deeper and more transformative way.


How do you integrate your intuitive gifts into your coaching to empower clients in their personal, romantic, and professional lives?


Sure, to expand on what I was saying earlier about the universal law of assumption and the idea that our reality mirrors our beliefs, I use tarot and psychic channeling to uncover clients' core beliefs and assumptions, which shape their experiences and personal reality.


In my sessions, I use tarot and psychic channeling to provide accurate insights into a client’s circumstances, both past and present, and to see how their dominant beliefs and assumptions have contributed to those circumstances. For example, a client might experience recurring cycles in romantic relationships, such as repeated betrayal, or struggle to manifest career or relationship success. Through readings, I can identify these subconscious patterns and help clients choose new thoughts to bring about changes in their outer reality.


I blend strategic coaching with spiritual insights, channeling guidance from higher dimensions to provide clarity on a client’s soul purpose and the steps needed to fulfill it. We set powerful intentions and use the law of assumption to believe in their success as an already accomplished fact.

In personal development, my intuition helps clients recognize their inner strengths and latent talents. Through tarot readings and psychic channeling, we uncover the soul's desires and the lessons it seeks to learn. This clarity empowers clients to make choices that enhance their overall sense of fulfillment and well-being.


In the professional realm, I combine my psychic insights with principles of quantum mechanics and the law of assumption. By shifting their mindset and energy, clients can manifest their career aspirations more easily. We work on visualizing and embodying their desired outcomes, breaking free from the constraints of doubt and fear.


Unlike fortune tellers, I use tarot and psychic insights as a ‘check-in’. Every potential reality already exists. I coach clients to understand that their current circumstances are not fixed. By changing their beliefs, selecting new thoughts, and shifting their state of consciousness, they can manifest the life they truly want. My coaching empowers clients to recognize their innate power and use it consciously, transforming their lives from the inside out.


Ultimately, I emphasize that clients are the ultimate creators of their reality. I help them identify limiting beliefs and guide them to manifest better outcomes in their personal, romantic, and professional lives.


Could you share some success stories where your guidance significantly impacted a client's life?


I’m incredibly passionate about working with clients on love and relationships. I’m known online for my focus on this, providing regular tarot love readings on TikTok and YouTube, along with supportive content on universal law and manifesting. Many people from my online community also seek private sessions with me where we dive deeper into the energetic dynamics between partners, love interests, and soul connections.


I coach clients to manifest their desired romantic connections by improving their self-concept and creating new dominant assumptions about themselves and their person of interest. I also help them release past traumas and limiting beliefs that may sabotage their love life, leading to deeper, more authentic connections.


Many people don’t realize how their assumptions, thoughts, reactions, and energy impact their experiences, often perpetuating negative patterns in their outer world. I emphasize the reality of thought transmission and telepathy. I’ve helped many clients shift their beliefs about themselves and create new thoughts and assumptions about their love interests or significant people in their lives.


Just through thought, affirmations, and changing their dominant assumptions, I’ve seen clients successfully manifest the return of a lover, break periods of silence, experience 180-degree changes in their personal connections, and achieve desired outcomes where circumstances seemed impossible. By aligning their inner world with their desired reality, my clients have experienced remarkable changes, proving that our thoughts and how we project them onto others truly shape our external experiences.


It really shows that the outer world and the people in our lives are mirrors, and at any given time, we can manifest change purely through conscious choice.


Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.


I've had the pleasure of working with so many truly impressive individuals who are highly regarded in their professions, especially in the creative and entertainment world. Before my career transition, I have worked both as a creative and as a lawyer for creative companies. Now, as a tarot reader and spiritual coach, I work with several high-profile industry people I personally admire. I feel flattered and blessed to be entrusted as their confidante and spiritual guide. It's a personal achievement for me to see that I've contributed to their finding even greater levels of professional success and gaining more personal and public recognition. It’s amazing to know I’ve helped them manifest their desires more effortlessly in their private and professional lives.


As for my own public profile as an online tarot reader and spiritual coach, I’ve been blown away by the growth and success I’ve seen on my TikTok and YouTube platforms. The growth has been incredible, and I’m really proud to have built such a loyal and ever-growing community. It’s been a career highlight to express my gifts in such a fun and organic way and see my online presence grow to where it is now. I feel blessed to have such support from my followers. It’s truly rewarding to see that my content and guidance can benefit so many people worldwide and on such a large scale!

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