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Journey Back To Me – What? Why? How? Exclusive Interview With Gina Gayle Gray

Learn how to remember who you are in 40 days! Gina Gayle Gray's Journey Back To Me is a guided exploration into you. We all know that we have answers to issues we’ve created in our life deep within our Soul. We’ve just forgotten how to find them. These are Soul-U-tions and Gina can guide you back to yours.

Photo of Gina Gayle Gray

Gina Gayle Gray, Freedom Coach, Counselor & Oracle

How did you create the Journey Back To Me? Can you share what led you to your own Journey Back To Me?

2019 was the beginning of a very dark time for my Soul when my Son, Spencer, transformed into Light. Being a SuperMom to my son was the most important accomplishment in my life, and when he left, I found myself stripped of my identity. It was during this time I began my own Journey Back To Me. This became an intense process of self-discovery. Every day upon waking, I would ask myself, “What am I here to do?” “Why am I still here?” “How do I continue living?” And for many years, I could not find a good answer because I had lost my purpose for living when my role as SuperMom to Spencer had ended. I now needed to find my Spirit Soul Purpose.

How did you re-discover your purpose?


During this time, I spent every day and night by myself—but I was never alone. My Spirits, Guides and Guards made sure I knew even in my darkest hours, that I was not alone. It was in that darkness that I learned to Tune IN—Really Tune IN—to an inner voice, an inner light, and an inner knowing that assured me I would realize my continued purpose for being here—my Spirit Soul Purpose. And I did... and that led to my creating the Journey Back To Me Program to offer guidance and support to others.


What is the 40-Day Journey Back To Me?

It is a 40-day commitment to improving your relationship with yourself. Profound changes take place when you agree to reconnect with your True Highest Self—your Spirit Soul. We begin the Journey spending 10 days focusing on your relationship with your Physical Being while you ask, “What am I here in this body to do?” Next we spend 10 days focusing on your energetic, unseen Emotional Being while you ask, “What am I here in this body to feel?” Then we move to 10 days looking at your thoughts generated by your Mental Being (or mental—little m) while asking “What am I here in this body with this mind to think?” The final 10 days are spent reconnecting with your Spirit Soul Being while you ask “What am I here in this body, with this mind and this heart to be?”

Why is it a Journey?


Life is a Journey—that’s my personal metaphor for life. I believe the moment our Soul agrees to take on the challenge of becoming a human being, the journey begins. At conception, the Soul decides what it wants to create for its earth home or body. The intelligence of our imaginal cells knows how to construct our entire physical being and does so with Divine Perfection. Our Spirit Soul starts its journey completely filled with love, joy, ecstasy, and hope. This remains so... as long as our Soul remembers who she or he really is. We forget who we truly are as we’re “domesticated” and The Journey Back To Me is a process to help you remember.

Reconnecting with your Inner Self offers the emotion of “Home” and we’re all looking for that emotion which needs to be felt.

How do you see our Soul?


I see the Soul as a beautiful Pearl and I feel that it resides within our “soul-are-plexus” very near our heart. We are a Soul—an intricate network of seen and unseen energies. As we live our adventure we call life, our Soul is touched by every experience we have and it either expands or contracts in response to those experiences—hundreds of times every day. These experiences either move us away from our Spirit Soul or True Self or Highest Self, or they bring us closer. We either polish and expand our Pearl, or we contract and conceal our Pearl. The time has come for us all who have been polishing our pearls to now expand our Light so others can find their way onto the path of self-healing all our emotional wounds.


What’s the significance of 40 days?


My original creation of the Journey Back To Me was an answer to the “2020 Lockdowns” imposed. I embraced the opportunity to guide people into their inner knowing when we were locked down and separated from each other by the establishments. I created a 40-Day Quarantine Challenge to encourage people to improve their relationship with 4 aspects of self—Physical, Emotional, Mental and Soul. I presented the program on Facebook and I was “censored” halfway through the program because all my messages were promoting natural health and well-being. Of course that fired me up!

What can be accomplished in 40 days?


A lot can be accomplished when we approach it one aspect at a time. I break the Journey down into four 10-day sections which helps make it more effective and doable. Spending the first 5 days in Retreat in Mexico is the best way to start the Journey Back To Me! Anywhere Mind Body Soul. Forty days is the perfect amount of time to ask some hard questions and find the honest answers within yourself. Most importantly, why don’t I take better care of myself—Mind, Body & Soul? Also, why don’t I take better care of everything I own? Why don’t I take better care of my environment and GAIA (the very Soul of planet Earth)?

How does the Journey Back To Me bring us back to ourselves?


The Journey Back To Me shines the light on the internal work that everyone can be doing during this time of great change in our outer world. As a Freedom Coach, Counselor & Oracle, I hold the LIGHT to guide you to your own inner resources. I use wholistic tools to help you activate and balance your physical, emotional and mental bodies during the first 3 ten-day periods. Then during the fourth ten-day period, I help you integrate these awakened balanced bodies, so you can extend yourself to reach others with empathetic action. This is where you discover the Soul-U-tions and you reunite with your True Highest Self!


Closing Message: The Journey Back To Me is a worthwhile investment in yourself. The cost is only $444. We all know that we have answers within us... we’ve just forgotten how to find them. They’re like buried treasure and these Soul-U-tions are unique to each individual expression of Source—which is what every human being is.

I’m here to help you remember where these answers are hidden and to remember who you are as your True Highest Self.

Your Journey can begin any day you are ready! Contact me at +1 940 231 0370 or Website, or click here.

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