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Interview With a CEO - Desiree Bolin

Desi Bolin is a highly recommended EVA and OBM, passionate about helping business owners and C-level executives create repeatable, scalable processes that have never failed to decrease stress and overwhelm. With no heavy lifting required, she will help you drive change and growth within your organization. She has helped companies of many different industries and structures attain exponential success. She will continue to provide high-level support and friendship to all who need her.

What is most important to your company - mission, vision, or values?

Hard question. Mission is the foundation, why we do what we do. The vision is where we see the company going and the values are what we stand on. They go hand in hand. If I HAD to choose, Mission would be my knee-jerk reaction. Without a solid foundation, you have nothing. You can’t build an empire out of sand without being willing to fortify.

How do you measure success?

Success, for me, is measured in the quantity and quality of those that I am able to help. It does not matter to me if it was of benefit to the company or not, but I make it a point to guide and motivate as many people as possible.

Being vulnerable, what is something you need to get better at?

I am always willing to admit that I need to work on delegating. While I tout my skills in being able to dramatically improve the workloads for others, I have a hard time releasing control and trusting others to perform at my level. It is an area that I work on constantly in order to grow the biz and add to the team.

What are your strengths?

My strengths are numerous and varied. It is impossible for me to narrow down a few that are at the top of the list. My favorite strengths:

  • Technical Competency - I pride myself on my ability and expediency to learn new skills and advance existing talents.

  • Problem Solving & Out-Of-The-Box Thinking - I enjoy working diligently to find solutions that innovate and drive growth.

  • Communication Skills, Honesty, & Loyalty - These three are pillars of the company. Open communication surrounding any projects or ideas contributes to my success and ROI rates. Honesty works itself into open comms. I am not afraid to tell you when something isn’t working or it’s a bad idea. For loyalty, I tell everyone you’re stuck with me. It doesn’t matter whether I work with you or not. I’m your friend for life. Come to me with anything. I’m here FOREVER.

What is something you want to become an expert at?

Keeping with the advanced level of support that I truly enjoy providing for others, I aim to become an expert in KPIs and OKRs. Success metrics and different calculations contribute to the guiding path and are essential to scaling and continuing growth. Understanding these areas will contribute exponentially to the company vision.

How do you align your actions with the needs of others?

I work with many different people from many different industries. Before onboarding, I get to know each and every new connection prior to diving further. I align my company vision with the needs of my network. At that point, I decide if I need to expand my skill set in order to serve them or refer out of my network.

What are you most afraid of regarding the future of your business?

Honestly? Not being able to keep up with the growth of the company as it scales. Already the expansion is 3x from where I started. Making sure I align as we grow will be critical to success.

What is your WHY?

It is my desire to create a legacy for my children to take over down the line. Fortunately, I have time as they are toddlers right now (3 & 5). They are everything to me.

What would your team say is your management style?

Laidback. She is the absolute best to work alongside. We feel that we are on an equal playing field vs lower on the totem pole. She goes out of her way to make sure we understand new teachings and are properly aligned with the project SOW. ~ VS Team

How do you handle external factors that are beyond your control?

Breath. You can’t control this. One second, one minute, one hour at a time. You will succeed and excel.

For more information, follow Desiree on Facebook, Instagram and visit her website!



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