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Interview: Meet Vicky Perez - Global Tourism and Hospitality Consultant

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

It might be tough times for the tourism industry right now, but for one global hospitality consultant, it’s only provided more opportunities to shine. Vicky Perez, founder and CEO of boutique firm Vicky Perez Consulting, has been using the pandemic to put more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality industry to work in new ways. We recently sat down with Vicky to get her insights on the current state of global tourism and how she is maintaining productivity and hope during these times of uncertainty.

What does the role of an international hospitality consultant look like during a global pandemic when most people aren’t traveling?

– It might sound counterintuitive, but our current situation where tourism is at a standstill is the ideal time for companies to bring in a hospitality consultant. We see this pandemic transform into a period of reinvention. Now more than ever, brands need to stay connected with their guests and prospects because competition is so tight. Taking time to invest in this reinvention is what will help brands drive themselves forward.

It’s no secret that tourism as a whole is suffering right now. What is going to separate the strong, resilient brands and companies from the ones that don’t survive the pandemic?

– Many people have come to believe that the concept of hospitality is nothing more than a commodity. But when you look at some of the best world-class brands, you’ll notice that’s just not true. Service can still be a differentiating factor, but it needs to go beyond basic vanilla and focus on the details. It’s time to get creative in connecting the messaging with the actions.

What do you think is the single most important thing for brands to prioritize right now?

– For many companies, especially smaller boutique brands, this is going to feel much like starting from zero. I recommend going back to the basics, re-examine the core mission and brand values, and ensuring that everything you’re doing now supports the brand. From there, companies should look for new opportunities to serve their guests in a way that’s impactful and valuable.

What can other hospitality brands and tourism-dependent companies do to follow your lead in remaining hopeful and productive?

– We need to remember that the desire to travel isn’t going anywhere. If anything,

wanderlust has only been building. From the tourist’s perspective, millions of people are sitting at home right now, planning their next adventures, and we as an industry, need to be prepared for a rapid bounce back.

– I know times are difficult right now for so many brands and companies, but we are in a unique position right now to examine everything we’ve been doing up to this point, identify our weaknesses, and discover ways that we can make ourselves more resilient moving forward.

You can follow Vicky Perez for additional insights on shaping the guest experience, building brand excellence, and stepping up as a leader in the Tourism & Hospitality industry, on Facebook and Instagram, connect with her on LinkedIn, or visit her website.




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