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In The End We Only Regret The Chances We Didn’t Take

Akanksshaa helps individuals & organizations align purpose, rewire mind, raise vibration, enrich well-being to live a life of abundance and freedom.

Executive Contributor Akanksshaa (Akanksha Kulkarni)

Afraid of taking risks? Is self-doubt stopping you? Or is it something else? What we perceive as risks may come as masked opportunities. I have successfully changed my career multiple times in my life. Every time I did that people discouraged me. Especially when I quit my high paying job to start my venture, everyone doubted me.

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But I listened to my heart. And I'd urge you to do the same...

  • Take that leap!

  • Make that call you're hesitant to make!

  • Launch your bright and innovative ideas, no matter how ridiculous they seem!

  • Boldly move ahead on a project you believe in!

  • Embrace uncertainty!

  • Show up as yourself, authentically and unapologetically!

Have you ever had a great idea or a vision that excited you, but then you heard that little nagging voice in your head saying, "You're not good enough"?

You're not alone.

I’ve seen some of the brightest entrepreneur minds and most innovative leaders halt their progress due to self-doubt.

Self-doubt is a silent saboteur; more destructive than failure itself because it prevents you from even starting. It makes you scared to dream big.

Here's the thing we need to remember: Failure is not our enemy. It's a natural part of the journey to success.

Each setback is a lesson, an opportunity to refine your approach and grow stronger.

But self-doubt? It paralyzes. It traps you in a loop of "what ifs" and "maybe laters."

  • Believe in yourself and your vision.

  • Embrace your unique strengths.

  • Take inspired and decisive action.

The road to success is paved with bold attempts, insightful mistakes, and yes, failures.

The courage & resilience to move forward despite the self-doubt is the key.

Don’t let self-doubt steal your potential. Push past the fear, take that leap, and watch what you can achieve.

Ready to conquer self-doubt and lead with confidence? Let's connect and transform your dreams into reality.

Share in the comments what chances you took which you thought were risky and how you overcame self-doubt and went ahead with your ideas/ plans. 

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Do you want to enrich your mindset, health and holistic well-being? You can apply the techniques in Akanksshaa’s book: “The Untold Legend: Rise of A Mother”. The techniques are based on science, psychology, and spirituality. You can learn simple yet powerful techniques to break your limiting beliefs and generational patterns that don't serve you. You will also learn some tools and techniques to fall in love with yourself and be your radiant self. There are meditation and visualization scripts and reflection journal prompts. Women's health-focused yoga and prenatal and post-partum health is also covered in the book. Learn about Microchimerism and how it impacts women and future generations. Learn about epigenetics, what gene expression is and what part of your life is controlled by genes and what you can do to transform your life. You can understand the significance of education and the external environment on health & well-being. There are threads of scientific genetic research papers supporting these findings. Also, read about thought-provoking need of the hour of redefining education with the advent of AI and, what we can do, how you can contribute to humanity as a whole. 

A legend is usually a story. This book does have a story of Akanksshaa and her son in some form. But this book is also about letting go of all stories, mental constructs, old paradigms, generational patterns, that don’t serve us, the pain and trauma that keeps us stuck in the past and moving forward with connection with our higher self, to become the higher self.

After Akanksshaa's only 17-year-old son Arnav crossed over in 2020, her spiritual awakening helped her connect with him and seek guidance from him and other higher beings from higher realms and dimensions. Her son has become her spirit guide. She wrote and published a book, “The Untold Legend: Rise of A Mother,” in thirty days with guidance from him and higher beings that she connected with. Her book has become Amazon's no. 1 bestseller. This book is a tribute from Akanksshaa to her son Arnav.

The Untold Legend book of Akanksshaa

Do download, read and share your reviews on Amazon.

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Akanksshaa (Akanksha Kulkarni), Well-being, Executive & Business Coach, Chopra Health & Meditation Teacher

Akanksshaa helps individuals & organizations align purpose, rewire mind, raise vibration, enrich well-being to live a life of abundance and freedom.

Akanksshaa has extensive diverse experience, in coaching/training/ mentoring/ leading/ strategic planning/ program management & innovation (includes 20+ of corporate experience in IT & Finance areas). She has received several awards in the corporate world. She has done MBA from one of the top B schools in India. She is currently pursuing PhD in Education Psychology. She combines neuroscience, positive psychology and spirituality based eclectic techniques in her programs. She believes in an intuitive, meaningful, playful yet structured approach. She has been a corporate facilitator for senior leaders. She has coached senior / exec corporate leaders in her exclusive coaching programs. She has thousands of students across all ages in her several online programs.



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