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How To Escalate Your Growth And Revenue In Your Business With These 5 Steps

Anders Hansen helps people overcome their limiting illusions, so they can live the life they WANT to be living. For more than 20 years he has worked with magic and illusions, so he knows as well as anyone how easily your eyes and ears can deceive you.

Executive Contributor Anders Hansen

If you have a business, these five steps will save you a lot of headaches and years in trying to create that quantum leap result you desire. All things are possible. We're just often not aware of how to actually do it.

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The only problem we have in this world, including in your business and mine, is a lack of awareness. After working with five wonderful mentors in personal development, mindset, business growth, and spirituality, some of the biggest names in the world, including Bob Proctor, a great friend of mine with whom I created a program in 2020; I’ve been able to go from being broke, sick, and unhappy, to over $10,000,000 in business in a few short years.

I've learned how to collapse timeframes and create quantum leaps in shorter periods of time, and I believe these five steps are the main contributing factors to that:


1. Your worthy goal

The first one is that you have to have a goal that is truly worthy of you. And there are three things you have to keep in mind when setting the proper kind of goal:

  • You set it not to get it but to grow into the person who achieves it. In goal.

  • It has to be something you really want; it cannot be a needs-based goal. Many businesses set goals based on need, not want.

  • You cannot know how to achieve it. If you knew how, you would already have done it.

One of the greatest sources of inspiration comes from Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy's book called "10x is Easier Than 2x" as it relates to creating quantum leap goals.


It is easier to create a 10x goal than a 2x goal. And the reasoning behind that is when you work with a truly wants-based goal, you're flipping your mind onto a different creative vibration, and you have to abandon 80% of the things, tools, strategies, sometimes people that helped take your company to the level you are at now, in favor of the 20% that will help you achieve the goal. This happened to me multiple times.

In a period of six months, our team reduced from 13 to 4 and we're working more effectively, creating better results than we ever have. They were all part of an old model that was obsolete compared to where we were going. It's not courage to let go of everything that doesn't serve you before you can get there.


2. The magic of self-image

The second point when it comes to business growth is that for you to have more, you need to be more from an identity perspective. In other words, you as the owner must shift your self-image, your emotional conception of yourself. This was the largest psychological breakthrough in the '60s when Maxwell Maltz came up with it.

It's the identity first, then the behavior, then the result, but create the identity first. One good tip that enables you to get going on this today is to start shifting your identity by using a technique called autosuggestion.

Repeat to yourself 100 times every day for a week: "I am abundance. I am prosperity. I am abundance. I am prosperity." It might seem silly at the beginning, but you are going to start changing your concept of who you are. You already have access to all the resources you need. They're within you, not outside of you. It's through your intuitive factor that you're going to download those breakthrough ideas that you then are going to execute on.

But your growth in business starts with your own consciousness. And since we can only see the contents of our own consciousness, that is where it begins; By expanding that, by changing your self-image, and matching your value system with the happy, healthy, wealthy multimillionaire that you are from an energetic perspective. Write out your self-image and repeat it to yourself often.


3. Cause and effect

The third step in creating the quantum leap in your business is understanding cause and effect. That's a natural law. It's one of the seven primary laws of the universe. Most people chase the effect and not the main cause. The main cause behind financial expansion is service.

Most people chase the money, the revenue. What you need to do is learn to love people and use money to expand your service. Some business owners have that in reverse. Unfortunately, they love money and they use people. So you have to set the financial goal and then you have to elevate your service until that service matches the effect that you desire in terms of revenue.


And one way you can connect to ideas that will take you there is through gratitude. Wallace Wattles summed it up beautifully when he said: “The entire process of mental adjustment and attunement can be summed up in one word and that's gratitude”. Gratitude hooks you up to your source of supply and when you practice gratitude daily, you can ask for guidance and from that frequency, you will receive the input and the ideas that you need. Personally, I'm on day 1875 of practicing this technique, and I keep going because that technique has been greatly responsible for me creating a business that went from zero to over $10 million in revenue in a very short amount of time. And I intend to keep going until I'm no longer here on the physical plane. So focus on the main cause. The effect called money and revenue will always take care of itself.


4. The magic of leverage

The fourth step in creating the quantum leap in your business is to understand that you have to do it by yourself, but you cannot do it alone. My great friend and mentor Bob Proctor summed it up really beautifully in three directives, do it, delegate it, or ditch it.


You have to look for ways to outsource and delegate everything that is not in harmony with your unique ability. You have unique abilities that are responsible for the results you have created. But you most likely, if you're like most entrepreneurs, find yourself bogged down with a full plate of things that are not in harmony with what you're passionate about and what you're good at. So you have to delegate that out.

And it's when you don't think you can afford it you need it the most, because you're focused on the wrong things.

In order to prevent that state where you are flipping between different types of tasks often which most entrepreneurs do—they go from a creative task in one hour to an administrative task in the next hour, and they're burning the candle in both ends. You need to divide your workweek up differently so that you spend a whole day with the same kind of task. That means you're more focused, you get more done in a shorter period of time, and you conserve your energy. So I recommend you divide your workweek into three types of days, “free days”, “focus days” and “buffer days”. Free days are where you're totally off.

That's when you're recharging. And if the word "free" has a negative connotation to you as an entrepreneur when you don't like to have free days. You can call it recuperation days or recharge days. But you need to prioritize those first and the bigger your business gets, the more important those days become. Then you have focus days when you are in your unique ability when you're leading with what makes you unique. That's when you're selling, that's when you're executing, that's when you're in front of people that need what you have to offer. And the third type of day are buffer days. Those are for follow-ups, for administration, for meetings with a team, etc.

When you divide your week into those three types of days, you are making great strides towards more profit and more productivity. And you will also conserve your energy which is very important.


5. The 4 pillars for exponential growth

The fifth step to a quantum leap in business is that you have to understand the secret to growth is not to go wider in offerings but to go deeper. What do I is reverse that; we need to be an inch wide and a mile deep. Go deeper in your offerings, offer a few solutions and then go deeper with your customers and clients. People these days pay in increasing degrees for help with implementation. There are four steps I've discovered that will take you there.


  1. The first step is lead generation; you need to step up your game when it comes to lead generation, become more visible to people who already have the need for what you have to offer.

  2. Then you have to have a core offer where you have yourself multiplied in. You're not selling your time here. You're selling results.

  3. Then you have a premium value offer that is where you help with implementation where you take on some of that with your client and they will pay you accordingly and there's a premium value market that will happily part ways with their money to save them time. And to have you help with implementation.

  4. The fourth step to this is a subscription service where you offer a membership or subscription to your products and services. You can also be your customers' and clients' bank by dividing their payments up into payment plans. That gives you predictable recurring revenue. And when that predictable recurring revenue matches your fixed expenses, you have arrived at a very nice place now you're living like a multimillionaire on the way to becoming one.

These are five steps that I have implemented, continue to implement, and continue to get better results with. In other words, this information comes from awareness, not chat GPT like in most other cases, I'm just a regular guy who lost everything, rebuilt everything and created some more and I'm passionate about you receiving the same kind of results in your life.


To help you to uncover your mind's illusions, we have a quiz on our website that will help reveal to you, your mind’s number one success blocker. In other words, what mental illusion is keeping you stuck and trapped from achieving what you want. I would recommend that you take part in that it's absolutely free and it gives you great insight into what's holding you back right this moment.


It's not who you are that holds you back from what you want in life. It's all those illusions of who you think you're not!

Visit here.


Having been an illusionist for over 25 years, I've observed how adept we are at diverting ourselves from the life and dreams we genuinely aspire to. Our minds are filled with illusions that obscure the truth. After assisting more than 12,000 participants in leading happier, healthier, and wealthier lives, my aim today is to guide you closer to understanding how you manifest your heart's desires by unveiling these three foundational secrets of manifestation so that you will be able to achieve anything you desire!


Anders Hansen, Illusionist, Speaker, & Mentor

Anders Hansen helps people overcome their limiting illusions, so they can live the life they WANT to be living. For more than 20 years he has worked with magic and illusions, so he knows as well as anyone how easily your eyes and ears can deceive you. Through his study and collaboration with Bob Proctor and many others in personal development, he has come to understand why so few people win in life. Today Anders owns a global multi-million-dollar business leading tens of thousands of people to live better, richer, and more fulfilling lives. When you understand your mind, you can create real magic in your life. "It's not who you are that’s holding you back; it's all The illusions of who you think you are not"



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