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How Can Three ‘P’s Support A More Positive Mindset?

Written by: Nicole Woodcock, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a solution focused clinical hypnotherapist at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy and lecturer at Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training Peterborough/Nottingham UK, it still amazes me how many people still believe that Hypnotherapy is based on woo woo and ticking clocks.

When actually all the work is based on the brain’s chemistry and its ability to rewire itself, given the right support and education.

Teaching my clients about how their brain works are just the beginning. Acknowledging the importance of good sleep, and more importantly REM sleep, also supports the process. Including the ever-supportive ability of trance ‒ or for most clients ‘The best bit’.

I always find trance such an incredible state to be in.

Not just beneficial for therapy but to learn to utilise daily with everyday tasks. This can also be a state that can cause a reaction, excessive yawning, fidgets, sneezes, coughs and even crying. One client in session for the first time cried during trance. Once completed, he explained that he couldn’t remember the last time he allowed himself to let go and cry. Powerful.

The thing is that all of this happens during the session. But what happens in between?

What are the 3 ‘P’s?

Solution focused clinical hypnotherapy works on the basis of the 3 Ps.

These form:

Positive Action

Do something that makes you move. Walk, go out, exercise, anything that makes you do something for yourself.

Positive Interaction

Talk. Arrange connections daily with people. Even if it is just a ‘good morning’ to your local neighbour. Make a coffee date or talk to a friend or family member.

Positive Thought

Think about what’s going right. This for many can be the most difficult one, but we know the brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined so we can use a positive memory from the past and create new ideas for the future too.

Incorporating these three tasks on a daily basis doesn’t take long but its impact can be phenomenal.

Looking for the 3ps supports our brain to make serotonin and change its state from a primitive one to an intellectual one. This is the place where we begin to find solutions. The bit that supports us as individuals with everything in life.

Being consistent with this and applying this small but mighty approach in your day can really support positive mental health and get you thinking about how you can do things differently.

Just three things to achieve each and every day.

Then if you’re having a tough day, you can revisit past days and review the evidence of how far you have come.

From working with children, teens and families, I know that this can be a great source of conversation at the dinner table. To support each other to interact and find out about each other’s day. Consider it a mini therapy session.

The sheer simplicity of this brings about such change when working with clients within a therapy session. On average I only see clients between 6 -12 sessions, and they leave not only feeling well but the ingredients that support them continue to stay there.

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Nicole Woodcock, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Nicole Woodcock is a solution-focused clinical hypnotherapist working with neurodiverse children and adults. Also, Lecturing solution-focused clinical hypnotherapists to become practitioners.

After having a mental health breakdown and struggling with general anxiety disorder solution-focused hypnotherapy supported her to overcome many issues and also gain positive headspace.

She is a senior lead at CPHT Nottingham, business owner at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, and appointed Mental Health Support for the Lincolnshire Parent and Carer Forum.

Her purpose is to provide positive mental health support in a solution-focused way. Every problem has a solution.



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