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Helping Other Mums See The Light At The End Of The Motherhood Tunnel – Interview With Ashley Loren

Ashley Loren is an Internationally Accredited Life coach who specialises in coaching Mothers through matrescence and motherhood. She has a vision to create an online support hub for Mothers nationally and is currently taking her clients through her signature programme, the ‘More than Mum method’. Ashley also works 1-2-1 with women and helps them take control of their lives and rediscover their best selves to raise the next generation with the best frame of mind.

Ashley Loren, Mum Life Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better

Hello! It's so lovely to be talking to you. I'm Ashley, a mum of two toddlers from Devon in the UK.

Being from Devon, the beach has always been my happy place and so that's played a big part in my life, and in my younger days I was an avid surfer and snowboarder, but since becoming a mum of two, our days are spent walking the beach and building sandcastles, but the outdoors and taking the kids on weekend adventures is a joy!

My passion nowadays is to help other mums see the light at the end of the motherhood tunnel so to speak, and rediscover themselves again.

I found after having my first child that I felt completely lost in myself, with no idea of who I was anymore but with a longing to find my passion and help support my family whilst being at home with them.

In my former career, I managed the Fine Jewellery shop and team onboard cruise ships, where I was responsible for training and developing the team to perform financially and also ensuring they felt competent and happy with their mindsets whilst working so far from home, so coaching was always within me.

During my years of dipping my toe in a few businesses to see what fit (freelance writing, design and network marketing) I would often be asked to hold coaching sessions for people and as I looked into it further, I thought that would be something I'd like to explore.

After losing my mum at the end of 2021, I decided life's too short to keep thinking about becoming a coach, so I leapt in, studied for my accreditation and started my business.

Ashley, you're now an Internationally Accredited Life Coach, Holistic Coach and studying NLP, whilst empowering mums to take control of their lives during motherhood and coaching them to find their passions in life.

As you're joining Brainz magazine as an executive contributor, what can we expect to see from you?

I'm so excited to be a part of this incredible magazine, so thank you for having me.

My area of expertise is delving deep to help find people's true purpose and passions whilst reframing their mindsets to create exponential growth within, and I find working with mums the most empowering, as Motherhood has such a huge effect on women's lives. I feel I can relate.

Topic-wise, my mission is to raise awareness of Matrescence, the physical, psychological and hormonal changes that motherhood brings.

It's not talked about enough and many of my clients have never heard of it until I've brought it up.

It's created many lightbulb moments within my community and to see a wave of relief reach so many mothers, has been such a revelationary moment for me, as it strengthened my purpose as a Mum Life Coach. Raising awareness and creating realistic expectations around Motherhood, rather than the overly joyous and wholesome representation we often see on screen, is what drives me forward in this business.

After working with mums to discover their passion and purpose in life, I was often asked to help start-up businesses and so I'm sure I'll be writing about some of those moments too, in the hope to empower mums reading this to start their own businesses from home, so they can be flexible around their families but also create something for themselves.

What is your business name and how do you help your clients?

My business itself is Ashley Loren Coaching but most people online will know me as The 'More than Mum' coach.

I wanted to create a title that actually told people what I do. Rather than just being a purpose, mindset, or business coach. 'More than Mum' says it all.

I'm the Coach for Mums and I thought why not coin a title that hasn't been seen before?!

I help my clients to get back on a path where they can re-discover their passions in life and develop their purpose.

I do this by delving deep into my clients' lives now and before they had children and encourage them to think about reoccurring incidences where they thrived.

I then get to the root of each situation to discover a pattern in their character which comes up time and time again.

This will determine the core strengths of that person which will then open up different paths which my client could take.

I believe that our 'purpose' isn't a destination but something that we continually develop throughout our lives and one step will often lead to the next to further our purpose and develop our skills in life.

That sounds so interesting, and I love the name! What are your long-term goals for 'More than Mum'?

My long-term goals are to spread the word about Matrescence. Get the word in the dictionary and even in schools as a part of sex education. Adolescence (where the word Matrescence comes from) is such a normal part of life that is taught in schools and expected by everyone, but Matrescence is still relatively unknown.

I believe we need to be teaching about it alongside the expectations of childbirth.

Teaching that having a baby is 'hard' isn't good enough and the expectations put on mothers in society, the media and our own relationships is way off, in my opinion.

Empowering mums is my passion and so to also see more mums succeed in creating empires from home, is also a huge goal.

We're capable of so much more than most realise and so helping mums with this is such a cup-filler for me.

Speaking of filling your cup, what would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

I want to be known as the go-to Coach for Mums, and eventually, create a nationwide hub that can be accessed by all mums and mums-to-be as an additional place to seek advice about their mental health as well as coaching to plan their future.

I want to be the coach that offers affordable coaching for everyone, no matter what their circumstances are so they can get back on top of life again after having kids.

It sounds amazing and something I'm sure is needed in this world. Who inspires you to be the best that you can be?

It has to be other mums and women in business.

Carrie Green, from the female entrepreneur Association, has been a huge inspiration. The platform she has created is what I envision for the More than Mum club in the future.

Evelyn Weiss, who created a huge business from low ticket coaching whilst being a mum and impacting thousands of women.

Also, a friend of mine, Carys Andersson, who I've watched grow her business from £0 - 5 figure months whilst raising her two daughters.

These women have all pushed the boundaries of what is expected of in modern society and that's very inspirational, but what they've achieved also normalises creating a life of freedom, where we can earn a living on our own terms and still be amazing mums.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

I think the greatest moment so far was simply helping my first client. Seeing that transformation in someone and having the realisation that if I hadn't created my business and worked hard to figure out my purpose, then she may not have become the person she is.

I struggled for years to figure it out and battled with doubt along the way, but to be able to help someone for the first time was such an overwhelming feeling. It reaffirmed that I was on the right path and I do have value to give.

A huge moment for any coach when they're first starting out.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

Losing my mum was the pivotal moment for me. I'd already lost my dad 10 years prior to losing mum, so I was familiar with grief and loss, but losing mum was so unexpected.

She protected me so much when she was unwell, keeping a lot from me for my own sake, and when she was gone it was like a huge realisation of just how short life is.

Her strength throughout her life and the last month especially was unbelievably selfless and after she passed, it created something inside of me, I never knew existed.

I was able to reframe my grief, not let it break me, but make me and I poured that energy into making my life and the lives of others as good as it can be.

That feeling stays with me every day and drives me to help others, whilst appreciating the air in my lungs, the ground beneath me and the life that flows through me.

Wow. That was truly a life-changing moment for you and your clients.

How can people work with you?

I offer 1-2-1 coaching to help mums discover their purpose or purely support them through motherhood as well as specific programmes for mums looking to start a business or even grow their social media.

Thank you Ashley, we can't wait to see more from you.

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