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Healthy Habits Of A Profitress – Part 3

Tuesday P. Brooks, MBA is a business owner, educator, trusted tax & accounting advisor, and fierce champion of small business. Unwaveringly devoted to financial fluency Tuesday’s mission is to accelerate the profitability of financially-sound, women-led companies that employ across the U.S.

Executive Contributor Tuesday P. Brooks

If you’ve been following along – hopefully you have! – then you’re aware that parts one and two of this three-part series stressed the importance of creating habits that support your ability to run and grow a profitable business. They covered the key habits women bosses should cultivate when it comes to organization, professionalism, and their physical and mental well-being. This article, meanwhile, dives into social and communication habits, exploring how cultivating these can bring more happiness and success into your life. link to Part 2

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Habit 1: You get dolled up

That’s right! Even if you work from home, you should ditch your pajamas and take pride in your professional appearance. Beyond building your confidence and helping you feel good, getting dressed, brushing your hair, and putting effort into how you look will show others (those you see on Zoom) that you’re a true professional. It will boost your credibility with colleagues, clients, and partners, showing that you’re fully engaged and serious about your work.

While it might not seem like a big deal at first glance, this is one of those hidden intangibles that can definitely affect your business and bottom line. And, unfortunately, if you’re missing the mark in this area, no one will ever have the heart to tell you. So make every effort to maintain a professional image that truly represents you!

Habit 2: You reach out to others every week

Don’t let a week go by without contacting at least one friend and one family member. Why? Beyond providing necessary emotional support and work/life balance, they can also offer helpful guidance, different perspectives, and even networking opportunities (who knows who your sister is in touch with these days, right?)

Besides, socializing is a great way to avoid burnout. It gets you out of the office, gives you a break from the stress, and reminds you that life is fun. So don’t forget that it’s essential to stay in touch with your loved ones, despite being busy. Time moves quickly and you want to avoid having regrets!

Habit 3: You donate or gift something every month

There are a million reasons why you should make giving, both personally and professionally, an enduring habit. For one, studies have shown that helping others increases happiness, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Beyond that, giving to those in need can create positive change, foster community engagement, and leave a lasting impact on others.

Plus, there are generally tax benefits when a business or individual donates to philanthropic causes. Although you should always check with your tax professional, charitable donations can usually be deducted. Moreover, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives can improve your company’s reputation, build customer loyalty, and attract socially conscious employees.

Habit 4: You support your colleagues

If your business colleague or an associate just published a book, go buy a copy. Supporting and encouraging others demonstrates that you value their expertise and are invested in their success. Besides, reading their book will give you access to their insights, perspectives, and expertise. This can contribute to your own professional development, all while helping them out too. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Habit 5: You’re friends with the competition

As women, we’re often conditioned to view other successful females as threats, particularly those who are in the same industry. Challenge yourself to move beyond this limited way of thinking. Build others up instead of tearing them down and reap the rewards: learn from them, add meaningful connections to your network, cultivate a positive professional reputation, build your credibility, support collective problem-solving, and help spur growth, innovation, and market expansion in your field.

Remember, you’re all in this together – take advantage of the collective wisdom. Don’t buy into the idea that other women small business owners are your mortal enemies. In fact, they might end up being your strongest allies if you let them! 

Habit 6: You’re unapologetic

There’s a time and place for a genuine apology in business. But, in general, you should aim to forgo the apologies, striving instead to be assertive, confident, and decisive. Remember, constantly second-guessing yourself in front of others can be perceived as a sign of weakness. Instead of issuing apologies left and right, focus on finding solutions to challenges. Only say sorry if it’s truly warranted and necessary.

Habit 7: You find humor in daily life

If you walk around taking everything seriously, life will feel incredibly stressful, dark, and lonely. Counteract this with laughter and lightness. Make it a habit to find humor amid the daily grind. With this will come a more optimistic outlook, increased resiliency, happier moods, stronger bonds with others, stress relief, and a more positive and engaging work culture. 

So go ahead and laugh! Break out the jokes and encourage yourself to find enjoyment even while navigating all the hardships that often accompany entrepreneurship.

This list of habits could probably go on and on, as there are lots of different ways to become a more efficient, productive, profitable, and effective business owner. But the ones recommended throughout this three-part series honestly are the best of the best. If you follow them, you’re bound to experience positive change that will reverberate throughout all aspects of your life. So don’t wait – get started today so all your tomorrows will be filled with continued happiness, success and profitability! (link to Part 1 and Part 2).


Tuesday P. Brooks, MBA is a business owner, educator, trusted tax & accounting advisor, and fierce champion of small business. Unwaveringly devoted to financial fluency Tuesday’s mission is to accelerate the profitability of financially-sound, women-led companies that employ across the U.S. As such, she works tirelessly helping women founders gain the confidence to take a leap of faith towards growth so they can tap further into their joy of business ownership more easily.



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