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From Prison To Purpose – A Story Of Becoming – Exclusive Interview With Elle Taylor

Elle Taylor is a Sovereignty Embodiment Coach, guiding her clients to awaken the energetics of their innate supreme power and authority. Her mission is to help millions activate their dormant potential enabling them to live lives in alignment with their true, authentic selves.

Unrecognisably transforming her life multiple times, her fascination with the mechanics of self-evolution began 14 years ago. At 23, she was released from an overseas prison after serving half of a 6-year sentence for a drug-related offence. Fast forward to today, instead you’ll find Elle, serving her purpose, helping clients tap into their power within, whilst living her dream close-to-nature life on a tropical Island with her partner and 1-year-old twins.

The embodiment of Elle’s coined philosophy, E.W.O.P (Everything’s Working Out Perfectly) has the proven power to swiftly enable a shift in perception that leads to self-evolution.

Her story shows how her method of actively choosing to assume that all adversity encountered is for your greater good, and viewing reality through the lens of infinite opportunity, releases a tidal wave of aligned life-force energy. This energy is poised and ready to assist in the realisation of a self-empowered, purpose-driven human experience.

Already making a profound impact by touching the lives of thousands. her clients include public figures, 6-figure corporates, business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and everyday people who are eager and willing to embrace change to experience the true magic of life.

Elle Taylor, photo by Evelina Korneevets

Elle introduce yourself and tell us more about your fascinating life story.

Yes, absolutely! I’m Elle Taylor, a Londoner now living with my young family in Zanzibar running my online business Be The Change Coaching. This year I have been in the process of co-creating something extraordinary: The Journey; an immersive 12-week deep-rewiring, self-mastery and manifestation live group-coaching program, and it’s coming soon. Discover more details and secure your spot on the waitlist for the next round HERE.

Growing up, my diplomat parents had us moving every few years, teaching me to adapt and roll with change early on. My first few years were spent in Sudan during the late 1980’s military coup. We then spent 5 years in Bangladesh and loved my life there. After that, we moved to Pakistan.

After a couple of days of being in Islamabad, we were directly impacted by a bombing. I’m talking windows exploding, run for your life scenario. I was only 10. A year later my parents divorced, and we moved back to England.

The schooling system there was a huge culture shock for me. For the peace of fitting in and to protect myself it was easier to take on a dumbed-down identity, being the smart-aleck class clown.

I thought everything would be better when I became an adult. This impatience to cut corners in life got me in trouble along the way, until eventually, I ended up where I’d never have expected, in prison.

While I was in prison, both my remaining grandparents passed. That was the most difficult thing I had to go through, knowing that was the last they knew of me. It took a lot of deep digging to get myself out of that pain, shame, and guilt.

I’ve had a generous helping of other painful experiences too, including friends taken far too soon, by murder, accident, or illness. I’ve also witnessed my parents going through life-altering injuries and cancer and like most, having people treat me extremely badly in various contexts.

Just when I thought I had my life on track 2020 came along and turned it upside down, actually the best thing that ever happened to me. I was the creator of my handbag brand that was just about to take off, after 4 years of really hard work, the lockdowns prevented me from earning a living from my day job so financially it collapsed. That space and time away from my life very similar to my prison experience caused an awakening within me. I realised my life was a materialistic reflection of my ego and what I thought I should be doing based on social conditioning and what I thought success was.

I dedicated 2020 to my mind and body transformation. In January 2021 I decided to get a clear vision of what I truly wanted. Not knowing how on earth this was going to happen I remained focused. To build experience I gave over 250 hours of free group and 1:1 coaching during that time that many found so difficult.

After 8 months of practising and implementing self-mastery, my vision began to move into form, and the best thing is didn't have to go anywhere or force anything, the right opportunities, people and circumstances came to me and led me here. Today, I’m living my vision and I’ve been ticking off my dreams, including this opportunity with BRAINZ magazine! Gaining publicity to share my story has been a huge leap for me, there are just a few pieces of that vision board remaining, all of which have moved within sight.

So how do I do it? I believe?… No, I KNOW I am the generator of my experience, I am energy, so my priority is to keep my energetics aligned and take the corresponding action for the experiences I want to move into form. I live every day conscious of what I choose to embody, through both my thoughts and feelings—knowing my state is generating my future.

Many people are familiar with this concept, but I’ve found a pretty big discrepancy between this familiarity and actually knowing how to integrate it as a way of life—that’s where I come in!

Elle Taylor, Sovereignty Embodiment Coach

In prison was there a defining moment when you realised you could turn your pain into power?

Oh yes! This one night I had a revelation. I felt so painfully overwhelmed by the unknown; I was on the other side of the world not knowing how long I’d be there, the gut-churning embarrassment and shame, and the hurt I had caused my family—it was unbearable.

I had never felt anything like it.

Within the cell door was a viewing window for the officers to do their checks, and over it, a small privacy curtain attached with a plastic-coated coiled wire, so I stretched it out, put my head through it and let it hold some of my weight.

I needed to see if it was an option in case I needed a way out. After a couple of seconds, I snapped out of that darkness, I burst into uncontrollable tears, freed myself, fell to the floor and sobbed, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please, please don’t let this ruin my life.’

I cried myself to sleep and in the morning woke up to the sun bursting through my barred windows which overlooked a woodland. Past the five high-security electric barbed wire fences, the view was beautiful, and I took it all in. In that moment, my life transformed.

I realised this doesn't get to ruin my life because I won't let it. This immense wave of what felt like electricity erupted inside of me and the light bulb was forever turned on. Yes, there’s no denying my reality, but it’s done now—I can’t change what already is.

I am here. I am in control. I get to choose how I respond and navigate this situation to my advantage and nothing can take that away.

Prison lit this spark in me.

I perceive it as working to my advantage and I share my story freely and shamelessly as I have come to know the only way to move out of pain is to accept, take responsibility and shift perspective.

I am so proud of myself for the way I handled this, I made good use of my time and have turned my life around. I am a real-life example that you change your life from the moment you decide.

It doesn't matter what you’ve been through—it's all up to you. You hold the power.

So let us get your outlook on life through your E.W.O.P (Everything’s Working Out Perfectly) lens.

Firstly a foundation of the growth mindset is a must!

I have come to believe everything we go through, we grow through. Things happen for us and not to us, they are needed for self-evolution. The key to our power is how we respond.

My outlook? This journey we call life is like a mountain to climb. We are here to willingly gain the ability to conquer thy self. Challenges are placed on our route for the purpose of overcoming them;

The more you overcome the better connection and relationship you have with yourself, the more knowledge, wisdom and insights you’ll have to navigate your journey. This also forms a valuable gift to share with others to make their journey that little bit easier and perhaps this is your purpose.

The more times you level up, the higher up the mountain you’ll find yourself. Your perspective broadens and the more deliberate and precise you can be in your actions. Through this process, you continuously evolve into elevated versions of yourself, which strengthens your inner connection and nurtures increased self-trust, self-worth and self-love.

Put simply, the higher you ascend, your view of yourself becomes increasingly rewarding and beautiful, not only for you but for those around you too.

Love that! So who can work with you and how can they get in touch?

Also, did I hear you are giving our readers exclusive access to your Pain to Power framework?

Yes, I am so take advantage! – As a BRAINZ reader, I am giving you exclusive access!

Get your sneak peek of The Journey Program by indulging in our 6 Keys – Turing Pain into Power framework. Password: 057508

I approach my work in a loving yet straightforward manner, I will be your anchor and completely support and guide you through your transformation journey. I have a track record of helping clients emerge from challenging situations in just a few sessions.

I am open to working with anyone who is:

  • Truly willing to change and elevate their life

  • Deeply committed to personal growth and transformation

  • Driven by a strong desire to harness their inner power

  • Open to hear the unvarnished truth and act upon it

Maybe you’re already successful in most aspects of your life but feel stuck and want to level up in one or more of these areas:

  • Business

  • Effective communication

  • Financial abundance

  • Relationships

  • Living in your purpose

  • Dissolving fear or the saboteur

  • Moving from pain to power

  • Lifestyle change

  • Self-image

Or maybe… it’s that thing you don’t dare to dream of? Well, take it from me it’s time to dream, and together, we will turn it into reality.

For more information visit my website Be the Change Coaching or request an opportunity to work with me 1:1 HERE.

Follow me on Instagram for more inspirational content!

For all the details and to join the waitlist for The Journey Program CLICK HERE

Photographer: Evelina Korneevets

Follow me on Instagram, and visit my website for more info!



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