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Finding Purpose And Passion Helped Me Eliminate An Anxiety Disorder

Rebekah King quickly became known as 'The Brain Changer' after transforming her own life by retraining her brain. As co-founder of Moonbeam Monday, she uses her skills as Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist to help people take back control of their own mind and revolutionise the way they think so they can create a life they truly love.

Executive Contributor Rebekah King

Anxiety shows up in many forms and can differ from person to person. It can be specific to social situations, phobias, or panic. And not all anxiety is a disorder.

Woman at home sitting on bed feeling stress

Five years ago, this was what it looked like for me; I could barely get out of bed. I’d crawl into the foetal position, my stomach in knots, and the doona over my head. The inside of my body felt as though it were being pelted with rubber bands. Some days I wouldn’t even shower, let alone go to work. I took so much time off that I wasn’t making enough money to support myself. My lack of movement and excessive consumption of junk food and alcohol saw me gain over 20kgs.

And I didn’t know why.

To say I’d lost my spark was an understatement!

But when do we lose our spark? That spark we have as a child, where life was all about fun, adventure, and being happy?

When is that spark extinguished?

Why do you lose the spark?

There’s a study by the National Australia Bank that shows 2 out of 5 Australians admit they don’t spend enough time thinking about what they really want from life. 

That means approximately 71% of people are just moving through life without purpose or intention. 

Maybe that’s you…

When I was about seven years old, my days were filled with fun. I was happy! I spent time in the playground with friends, laughing, going on adventures, and riding my bike. Everything was awesome!

Because for most kids, life is happy.

When I imagined myself as an adult, I dreamed of being a paediatrician. I was going to be a ‘fun’ doctor for kids. I loved designing things, too, so I’d already designed the doctor’s rooms. The best part? A clear tube full of jellybeans would run through the whole premises, through all the rooms. All you had to do was turn the knob and jellybeans would come spilling out. Kids were going to LOVE coming to see me. 

We all have these dreams because kids live in their imagination – their unconscious mind.

The age we are when things begin to change 

But at around age seven, things change. 

Life begins to get a bit more real, and we begin to lose the attitude that ‘anything is possible’.

I certainly didn’t dream of working from 9-5 in a dingy office, taking orders from someone who I didn’t truly respect. I didn’t dream of crunching numbers at tax time or dealing with rude customers. 

Most kids don’t. We expect life will be just as fun and happy when we grow up as it is when we’re young.

But somewhere along the way, we lose that spark.

When the excitement dwindles, we end up living a life of expectation based on someone else’s view of the world, because we don’t know what we truly want. How could we? Rarely are any of us taught to think for ourselves when we’re young.

So, we end up feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

Life might be ‘good’, but something is missing. 

Back to five years ago, this was me. I’d cruised through most of my life relying on chance, rather than living my life with intention. 

I’d had some awesome experiences, travelled the world, and done some cool things, but I’d also been stuck in an endless cycle of debilitating depression and anxiety for more than 20 years. 

I’d looked for help... I’d tried everything I could think of, but nothing lasted. Nothing gave me hope, and I fell into the way of thinking that so many people do… I thought I was ‘more broken’ than other people, that my brain was wired differently. That I was more complicated. 

Worst of all, I’d completely lost that spark… that one I had as a child.

It wasn’t just that I was depressed and anxious, it was that when I thought of my future, I couldn’t see a way forward. 

I knew I could create an extraordinary life, but I had no idea what it looked like. No idea what would even make me happy, or where to start.

Luckily, at my lowest point, I was introduced to someone who taught me how to retrain my brain... to take control of my own mind, rather than relying on someone else to ‘fix me’.

And this changed everything. 

The moment everything changed

I made drastic changes which eliminated the depression and anxiety!

Best of all, I figured out who I was!

I’d never really known before then. It was almost as though I’d been acting a part in a play, and I was finally able to take the mask off.

What I loved is that I reignited the spark… that one I’d had when I wanted to be the doctor with the jellybeans!

I discovered what I really wanted from life, and how to get it. And by asking myself questions, I worked out the things that made me truly happy. 

And yes… jellybeans are still one of them 😊

How did I achieve this? By going back to basics. 

The ABCs you need to learn to change your life

Anyone who has done their 1st Aid course will know that the first thing you learn is your ABCs… Airway, Breathing, Circulation.

And that’s exactly what I did. I learned the most crucial ABCs…

A is for awareness

I became aware of my thoughts and how they were impacting me. I learned that our thoughts create our reality, not the other way around. I became increasingly aware of the fact that if I made some simple changes to the words I told myself, I could feel vastly different. 

B is for brain

I retrained my brain. I removed the conditioning I’d been receiving for years and started telling myself the story that I wanted to hear! I learned that I’d been creating patterns and habits my whole life, many of which weren’t serving me well, and that I could use the same strategy to create the habits and patterns I wanted!

C is for choice

I made the choice to change. This was possibly the hardest one of all. I’m sure we all know deep down that everything we think, say and do is a choice. But if we don’t know how our brain works, we’re not actually aware that it’s making an unconscious choice on our behalf. We MUST wake up and take charge in order to change.

With this new knowledge, I understood the intricacies of human thought patterns and how to leverage this to retrain my brain and effect positive change, and most of all, how to make it last.

I learned to look at things differently, realising that I could, in fact, control the things I think, say, and do. Best of all, I could choose how I feel! And that was my real lightbulb moment, the real moment of awareness. 

But my journey didn’t end with personal triumph. 

The moment of inspiration and purpose

It inspired me to share my newfound knowledge and help others reclaim their joy and fulfillment. 

I refinanced my home, quit my job, and co-founded by business, Moonbeam Monday Training + Coaching.

I began working with women who were in a similar situation to what I had been in, not necessarily experiencing depression to the extent I had, but certainly feeling stuck, anxious, and wondering what was stopping them from living the life they’d dreamed of as a child.

One client I worked with early on had been in her job for 30 years. Despite feeling stagnant and uninspired in her job, she didn’t have the courage or confidence to look for a new one. At nearly 60 years old, she thought she was too old to change and was petrified of at the thought of an interview! But after coaching, she developed the confidence to finally apply for a new job that better utilised her skills and paid more! And more recently, was even approached to apply for another job.

And it’s helping people make incredible shifts that earned me the moniker, ‘The Brain Changer’. 

Transforming my own life in my forties, and working with women like this, has taught me that it’s never too late to rewrite your story. We all have the power to create a life of purpose and fulfillment. It’s up to each of us to make the choice to change. 

How to begin making lasting change

Yes, change can be confronting. It’s often hard. But ask yourself these questions… 

“What will it cost me if I don’t change?” 

“When my life is coming to a close, how will I feel about what I have or haven’t done?”

If those questions stir something in you and you realise you’re ready to embrace the ABCs, reach out for a chat. I’ll share a few simple changes that will create an incredible impact and lead you to design the life you truly want. After all, when you change your mind, you change your life.

Find out more by visiting Moonbeam Monday and book your Connection Call.


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Rebekah King, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Known as ‘The Brain Changer’, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Rebekah King, transformed her life when she eliminated debilitating depression and anxiety after more than 20 years by learning how to retrain her brain. As the co-founder of Moonbeam Monday Training + Coaching, her mission is to reach as many women as possible to demonstrate that when you revolutionise the way they think, you can take back control of your mind and live a life of joy, meaning and happiness. Because when you change your mind, you change your life.



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