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Feng Shui For Gardening And External Chi Adjustment

Written by: Diane Hiller, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The vibrant health of any environment can be assessed by the health of the plants and trees, either internally or externally. Indoor or outdoor thriving plants indicate lively or good “chi.”

seating buddha on outdoor garden

Feng Shui adjustments can be made to the home’s interior or exterior. Here the focus is on the exterior of the house. As you may know, the architecturally designed main front door is one of the most important parts of Feng Shui. There is often a debate about the right color.

It is essential that the path be clear and transparent and that nothing blocks the pathway.

The numerical value of any home also has meaning. If there are multiple numbers, you can add them together to reduce them to a single digit. For example, 450 would = 9.

In traditional Feng Shui, the number 4 is not considered a good number, as well as 5 or 7. Not all subscribe to this; any house number can be energetically changed. For example, if you have a #6 address, you can place a hidden #3 behind it, energetically changing it to a number 9. This is auspicious for money and success. A recessed or hidden front door needs to be corrected energetically.

You can look at color in several ways. In the three-door bagua method, your front door can only open into Knowledge (blue, green, or black), Career (black or dark midnight blue), or Benefactors (grey, white or black). So, you can choose one of those colors based on where the door enters. Or you can use a bright, vibrant color such as red or yellow to “bring the chi.”

The garden or yard options are endless, but some are benches, Buddha statues, Koi ponds, bird feeders, garden globes, solar lights, and various plants and shrubs by color. Tree shapes can also indicate an element in the cycle of the five elements.

Each element also has a shape:

Fire – triangle

Wood – rectangle

Earth – Square

Metal – circle

Water – wavy or curvy

For example, tall, pointed trees indicate the fire element. A consultant will consider all these factors when looking at a home's exterior. A home exterior with three of the five colors in the production cycle of the elements will create rapid progress for those in the house.

When considering using any garden Buddha statue, you should be careful about placement. Since Buddha chose to be alone, placing this in your partnership or Kun area is not a great idea unless you want to stay single forever. Moving water or Koi ponds are powerful; I would put mine in Career (water), not Reputation (fire) because fire overcomes water. Always remember the cycle of the elements.

When looking at a business, this cycle of elements also comes into play. Please see the previous article for the production and overcoming cycle of the elements. Taken into account would be what the business does. A nursery, for example, is primarily earth or wood chi. Since the earth produces fire, using too much red would detract from the earth’s elements. Fire overcomes metal, so any business associated with metal would not benefit from too much exterior red.

If trees are dying and need to be removed, we will do what is called a red rice blessing. A tree dying in a certain qua can harm the energy of that area and a family member associated with that area. (Beyond the scope of this article)

To do a red rice blessing, you will need the following:

  1. Several pounds of white rice

  2. Cinnabar (a Chinese powder) or some people use Paprika

  3. Grave’s Wood alcohol which is 190 proof, or any alcohol over 90 Proof, such as Bacardi Rum

You will add the rice, cinnabar, and nine capfuls of alcohol and then empower it with prayer. I use mala beads and do 108 rounds of mantra. You can use any prayer you want. I use the traditional Buddhist prayer and place my left hand over my right, thumbs touching, at my heart chakra, and "Borrow the Buddha's Chi.”

I do this nine times, then say Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hung 108 times while mixing the rice. You can borrow any chi or use any prayer but do it nine times and then 108 into the mixture. You will then sprinkle the rice around the root of the tree that has been cut. If the tree is totally dead, you do not need to do this. When done, the intention is to release the tree spirit to a high vibrational realm and to correct for energetic damage to the gua.

We also adjust the exterior chi by going to the four corners of the property and throwing rice outward in the four cardinal directions, downward in the four directions, and upwards three times to raise the vibrational frequency of the property.

It’s too much information, I know. I have family members, and others have me do the mixture for them. The first time I needed the alcohol, I was with a friend and went to the local store and said, “What do you have that is over 90 proof?” My friend looked at me like, “What?” wondering what I needed it for. The guy at the liquor store asked the same questions. LOL. I told him I was doing Feng Shui. He replied, “Ok, lady, sure, no one ever says they are going to drink it; they say they need it to do surgery on their cat or some other crazy thing.” LMAO

After doing the above, you can empower plain table salt and do an unbroken ring around the entire house as an additional layer of energetic protection. However, when I did this as a novice, I did an unbroken circle around my whole house on the lawn and ended up with dead grass all summer.

Do it around the exterior foundation.

Oh, my curious neighbors… I was out there one day doing Tai Chi, and one of them stopped and asked.

“Are you trying to make it rain or something?”

Here it is nearly Spring. I can’t wait to get out and do some gardening. And some more Feng Shui.

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” May Sarton

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Diane Hiller, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Diane is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Psychic Medium, Certified Feng Shui Master, and Medical Intuitive. She has been tested for accuracy. After working in the nursing field as an LPN. She returned to college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She then went on to earn her Master's (MSW) with a Major in Clinical and a Minor in Research, both from the University of Connecticut. She is licensed by State examination as an LCSW. In 2005 she founded Elemental Empowerments, LLC. She is noted in the book “The Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America.”In February, she was honored and humbled to be named TOP PSYCHIC MEDIUM OF THE YEAR for 2023 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) "for her outstanding leadership, dedication, commitment, and enlightenment to her field." She will be presented with an award in December at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Diane is considered one of the most well-researched psychics In North America.


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