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Everything is Energy – Have You Heard This?

Written by: Theresa Tirk, Executive Contributor

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I have, about a million times! And it probably took me that long to really, truly understand the meaning.

If everything is energy and if energy goes where attention flows, then to me, it makes sense to say you should protect your own energy.

An empath is someone who deeply feels what other people around them feel and experience. However, you don’t necessarily have to identify as an empath to “feel the energy” of those around you or what is happening around you.

Let’s get into an example, have you ever been at an event or in a room where someone says, “Can you feel the energy in here?” My best example of this would be a sporting event where your team is winning, and the crowd is energized. The “energy” in the room is electric, and I’d guess just about anyone would tell you that without truly understanding what it means. To most people, the “energy” of a room is more so just a saying. But if you really dig into it, there is so much more to it than that.

According to the Universal Laws, of which there are 12, the Law of Vibration states that in the Universe, everything moves, vibrates, and travels and requires energy to do so.

When you get a vibe, have a vibe, have low energy, have high energy, feel the energy in a room, etc., then what you are experiencing is part of a Universal Law that states everything is energy. Once again, if everything is energy and it’s constantly in motion, it would make sense that you should always work to protect your energy.

Let's say you are at a gathering, dinner, work meeting, whatever, and you are surrounded by people who are not in the same energy space or vibration that you are. They are feeling negative or unhappy.

If you start to focus your own energy on them, maybe try to make them feel better or help them shift, or even you start to go along with their thinking and their energy, then that is what is going to flow back to you.

Another example, you wake up late for work, school, whatever. You are starting your day off in a energy of being rushed, out of sorts, and before you know it, your entire day follows the same path. What can go wrong, does in fact, go wrong. It’s what we would call a shit storm of a day. Ever had one of those? Of course you have. We all have. It’s because you woke up in a state of panic and distress, and that is where your focus spent the day.

Energy goes where attention flows...

What you want to do is always make sure that your own space, your own energy is protected. You will be unable to make a difference in anyone else’s life if you are in a low vibration or low energy field. It is important to know how to manage yourself before helping shift or heal someone else’s energy.

It’s natural to want to help someone when they feel down, depressed, defeated, or just outright having a bad day. The key to remember is if you don’t have a ritual of starting your day off with a protection prayer or your own specific ritual, you can take on that which is around you. If you get sucked into the vortex of someone else's negativity, make sure you take steps to restore yourself.

Let’s get into some steps you can take to protect your energy, shall we?

1. Cleanse with sage, smudge spray, music, Palo Santo, whatever method you prefer.

2. Crystals. I like Selenite for my energy practice, but you use what works for you. I charge my crystals with the moonlight, so when I'm feeling depleted, I like to hold them while I cleanse myself and my space or meditate.

3. Just breathe. When things get tense or stressful, we tend to hold our breath, scrunch our shoulders up, tighten up our neck or stomach muscles. This just restricts our energy flow and causes more problems. Relax your body and breathe. Be mindful and take deep, full belly breathes. If you can exhale from your mouth and sigh, do it. (If you are in an area where that makes you uncomfortable, just exhale normally) But really, who cares what the hell other people think? This is for YOU, baby!

4. Visualize. When my energy is feeling depleted or starting to go down the rabbit hole of darkness, visualizing always helps. It can be as simple as visualizing my favorite place in the world, the beach. Or it may be me visualizing my goals, my dreams. Sometimes I visualize myself being encased in a giant orb of sparkly white light with rainbow glitter all around like a snow globe. It's very helpful.

Someone that is very prone to taking on the energies of those around them may wish to have a cleansing prayer to say at the end of the day. Try something like this: “I release all energies that are not rooted in love. I wish to free my mind and body of that which no longer serves me. I return to Mother Earth any energies that are not mine. I anchor into myself and the present moment.”

Next time you feel lost, drained, negative, sucked into a vortex of negativity, or have a shitty fucking day at work, try these steps out and see if you don't feel much better.

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Theresa Tirk, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Through her work as a Spiritual Life Coach and Certified Aromatherapist, Theresa Tirk empowers women everywhere to step out of overwhelm and into joy by awakening to their own validation and strength. Theresa creates massive impacts in her clients’ lives with dynamic daily rituals and simple yet powerful mindset shifts. Theresa was called to coaching through her own spiritual journey of self-discovery following a battle with depression and anxiety. Theresa is the host of The Ritual Queen Podcast and CEO of The Ritual Queen LLC.



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