Do You Feel It’s the Right Time to Outsource but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Written by: Tanja Malovrh, Executive Contributor

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The never-ending dilemma about when is the right time to outsource people that will cover one part of the work is always present. Sometimes we feel spending hours explaining how to do it is just not worthy of its time, and we might as well do it ourselves.

You can hear a lot of people convincing you about the importance of having practically one person for each segment of work. Yes, absolutely, if you have a stable business and you know exactly where you are going.

Sometimes it is hard to decide if getting help part-time or having full support is the right thing to do. Perfect fit practically does not exist, but we are looking for someone that will get the work done.

Different industries require different specific knowledge, and not every country is the same with regulations, for example. That means we must be extremely careful who to take on board to take responsibility for usually extremely important tasks.

The Process of Outsourcing and How to Start.

Before we jump into browsing through all sorts of platforms for subcontractors and taking lots of time to interview a lot of people, we need to set some boundaries. I always say to my clients, “YOU are the boss,” and start acting like one.

Imagine having a multinational firm. They know exactly what kind of profile they are looking for from the perspective of what assignment needs to be done and how they fit into the company culture.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Go through your process – There are several different aspects of your business. You can divide your work on technical maintenance of your systems, the actual day-to-day work with clients, planning marketing activities, or anything else that require your time to get it done.

  • See what is stopping your progress – There is usually something on your TO-DO list that could bring in the money, but you just cannot get it done. The reason behind it can be having a lack of time, not having knowledge of how to do it, or just have that anxious feeling every time you look at that assignment.

  • Decide on what to let go – The hardest thing is to let go of something you have been doing for a long time, even though it’s bugging you and not really your favorite thing. Write down a list of those things and prepare for the big search.

  • Ask for recommendations – Before going to platforms looking for so-called freelancers, ask around if someone knows a person that could do “xyz” assignments for you so you can focus more on your other work. Make sure you are specific like you are looking for a full-time employee.

  • Get them a test assignment – When doing an interview, you never know who you are talking to. Start with a small assignment so you can see how that person operates and if the work gets done under the conditions you agreed.

You are now through the onboarding stage and sometimes it just takes time to get used to having help. Remember, the beginnings are hardest because you must give information to that person about everything that needs to be done. Once you are through your first month, you will feel much lighter.

If you feel right now you do not have enough finance for paying someone, you can always look for people that work for referrals. Sometimes you come across professionals from the corporate world that are starting their independent journey and will do the work for free.

Reach out to us if you need support getting the right people on board. We can advise you on how to get through the entire process of business growth with ease. Book a short 20-minute Clarity Call for more information.

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Tanja Malovrh, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tanja Malovrh works with professionals within different industries that need support with their business growth and setting strategy the right way. As a Business Strategist, her job is to assess the current set of resources, find the most effective way to use them, and build working business models for her clients. She gained her knowledge being part of the corporate world, holding different positions, building up her own diagnostic clinic from ground zero, and now supporting others with her expert knowledge to scale their business. She is active within European funded projects and having her own research team covering different scientific fields of work.



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