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Disrupting Disengagement, The Great Resignation, And Quiet Quitting

Written by: Dr. Allen Lycka, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Dr. Allen Lycka

In addressing the pervasive issues of the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting. and disengagement, it's imperative to acknowledge that traditional remedies like enhanced benefits and compensation are insufficient for reversing these trends. Our reliance on engagement surveys must evolve to capture a more holistic view of employee sentiment. The crux of the matter lies in enhancing the overall life experience of employees, extending beyond the confines of the traditional workday.

Businessman sending and showing resignation letter to employer boss

The pandemic catalyzed a fundamental shift in mindset, prompting individuals to introspect about their personal happiness and life direction. A significant portion of the workforce has realized that their current trajectory needs to align with their desired life path.

The prevailing belief that hard work and financial success automatically lead to happiness is flawed. Instead, happiness should be the foundation that enables individuals to work effectively and prosper. Unfortunately, many workers are mired in dissatisfaction, burnout, and the elusive pursuit of the American Dream, which often fails to deliver the anticipated fulfillment.

The concept of teaching happiness, despite skepticism, especially among executive leaders, is grounded in scientific principles. Institutions like Harvard, Yale, and The Danish Institute of Happiness have demonstrated that happiness can indeed be cultivated and taught.

Many organizations mistakenly equate mental wellness programs with fostering happiness. However, considering happiness on a scale, it becomes evident that these are distinct concepts. Happiness enhances personal well-being and proves to be highly profitable for businesses.

Companies with contented employees outperform their competitors by 30%. Happy sales personnel are known to close 37% more sales. Such employees are also more creative and productive, take fewer sick days, are more likely to stay in their jobs, and effectively become employer brand ambassadors.

An individual's personal or professional response to challenges is markedly different based on their happiness levels. Happy individuals tend to perceive problems in a way that diminishes their impact, thereby positively influencing their work and life perspectives. Thus, addressing the Great Resignation effectively involves nurturing happiness among the workforce.

Initiatives such as redesigning the work environment, practicing gratitude, regular exercise, meditation, forest bathing, engaging in kindness acts, pursuing educational opportunities, fostering connections, and curbing addictive behaviors can play pivotal roles in this endeavor. Encouraging participation in free courses from prestigious institutions like Yale and Harvard and discussing these learnings at work can further this goal. By prioritizing employee happiness, organizations can not only resolve the pressing issue of the Great Resignation but also position themselves as leaders in creating a fulfilling work culture.

Dr. Allen Lycka is an authority on happiness and positivity in life and business. If you would like to see where your business ranks, go here. There are 25 short questions there that show precisely where your business is at, an a manual to take your business to the next level.

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Dr. Allen Lycka Brainz Magazine

Dr. Allen Lycka, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Allen Lycka is acknowledged as one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the world. In 2003, Dr. Lycka was diagnosed with ALS and given six months to live. After fighting the diagnosis, he is here today as a result of his courage and tenacity. Having been given a “golden ticket” Dr. Lycka used his experience to co-author the books The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life with Harriet Tinka, Pillars of Success with 1 New York Times Best Selling Author Jack Canfield and bLU volume 1 with Corey Poirier. He is the host and executive director of How To Live a Fantastic Life show with 4 million listeners per episode. He is a sought-after speaker.



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