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Discovering Your Authentic Self

Written by: Debra Rossi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Debra Rossi

As a personal life coach, I understand the importance of taking charge of what you think, how you feel, what actions you take, and what you choose to do next. Discover how to develop a new mindset to start getting unstuck and break free of bad habits and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from growing into your authentic self. 

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You can change your reality by rewriting the past in your mind

Your authentic self is your wise, higher, loving self that always has your best interest at heart. Twenty-five years ago, I didn’t know my authentic self. What I did know was I felt a sense of spiritual isolation. From all outward appearances life was good, my inner core appeared full, but in reality, I was walking through an arid desert. I was yearning for inner peace, harmony, and a desire to know my authentic self. I knew the only way to discover my authentic self was to get quiet, dig deep, and go within. That was the beginning of my journey of spiritual awakening. The great mystics, philosophers, and spiritual leaders have all searched for the path to inner peace and personal success. Why some people succeed, while others fail, is not an accident. The journey of self-discovery and personal growth is a conscious choice you make. It begins by getting in touch with yourself on a deeper level and creating new positive inner dialogue. You learn to let go of old beliefs, not judge but rather have love and compassion for yourself. 

Neuroscience reveals the neural pathways in your brain about who you are were created by the input of parents, family, friends, teachers, and society whether accurate or not. You can reprogram your brain, break free of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, and remove old thought patterns that weigh you down. The power lies within you to grow positive new neurons in your brain to do better, be better, and make your life better. Change your inner world and your outer world changes. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality, not the other way around. 

You will make changes when you have new insight

As contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle said, “Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.” You don’t have to continually repeat unsatisfying behavior patterns. My spiritual quest was to find purpose in life. I would think about what made me feel fulfilled, what brought me pleasure and joy, or what made me smile in the morning. My focus on life’s simple pleasures was a starting point to be fully present and rescript my life. This was my time to take action and replace the old script based on what others had thought was best for me. It was about opening my heart, being vulnerable, learning to love myself more, calming my emotions, and allowing even bigger and better things into my life. When you consciously choose your thoughts, choose your attitude for the day, or a powerful word of the day, your feelings change. This helps you overcome the negative triggers that spiral you downward.

Years ago, I chose to shift living from my conditioned self and desired to know my authentic, higher self. We have both sides within, but often stay stuck living in the mindset of the conditioned self. Think of your authentic self as your cheerleader who helps you make healthy, transformative changes and moves you forward in setting new intentions and meeting new goals. The conditioned self is the part of you that lives life on autopilot and is making decisions based on the past. It’s your programmed brain that’s been carrying around your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions for years. It’s great at telling you stories about who you are, how you should act, or comparing yourself to others… the list goes on and on. It often has a critical voice that has you going down the rabbit hole. 

Neuroscience has proven our brains are continually shaped by our thoughts and experiences. Some ways to start the process toward healthy reprogramming to know your authentic self include: 

  1. Self-awareness (awareness of your behavior, habits, and thoughts)

  2. Self-talk (positive self-talk helps rewire your brain)

  3. Journaling (reflect on what’s working and what’s holding you back)

  4. Meditation (brings in a sense of inner peace and emotional well-being)

  5. Let go (let go of what or whom no longer serves or supports you)

  6. Say no (pause, reflect, and make the best decision for you)

  7. Belief (If you think you can, you can)

  8. Affirmations (changes the patterns of a negative mindset)

Love and accept your authentic self

The commitment to your spiritual growth and the discovery of your authentic self is the greatest contribution you can make to yourself. I have discovered my authentic self and found my passion as a Personal Life Coach. The program, Mindset for Success, developed by Psychologist Dr. Jayne Gardner provided a bigger breakthrough for me to live an authentic life. It’s a blend of Spirituality and Neuroscience and helps you understand your past, process old feelings, thoughts, and relationships. I use this program with all of my clients. It helps you get “unstuck” of old self-talk and create new beliefs to reach your highest potential. The gifts received from living an authentic life far outweigh some growing pains you experience with inner growth. When you rewire your brain with the belief that you deserve the best, you will very likely get it. Discover your authentic self and you’ll awaken the incredible limitless spirit that is you. 

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Debra Rossi Brainz Magazine

Debra Rossi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Debra Rossi is a Personal Life Coach whose passion is helping others get unstuck and discover their Best Self. Twenty years ago, she had an underlying yearning for something more in her life. Unsure of what the “more” meant, she started an inner journey of personal and spiritual growth. An authentic version of herself began to emerge, which guided her on an exciting new path as a Personal Life Coach. Her Life Coaching business uses a program, Mindset for Success, designed to help people get unstuck and transform their mindset. The program designed by Dr. Jayne Gardner, PhD., is based on Spirituality, Neuroscience, and Psychology.



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