Creativity Can Super-Charge Your Life

Written by: Lisa Kindle, Executive Contributor

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Each of us has a creator within us. Still, many of us shut this part of ourselves away as we “grow up” and become more practical about how we spend our time, even down to our career choices. It’s a common misconception that some people are simply born creative, and others are not. I am here to challenge this sort of thinking. Think about what you most enjoyed doing as a child. What was the “one thing” you could do for hours and lose complete track of time? That’s a clue to what fills your creative fuel tank!

Ways to Fuel Your Creative Soul:

  • Keep a journal of ideas that inspire creativity and write them down when you have them.

  • Morning Pages, a daily writing practice from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

  • Make a special place in your home where you can work on projects.

  • Schedule your creative time into your calendar and treat it as a priority.

  • Embrace creativity as part of your identity and truest self.

  • Get out in nature, explore, meditate, take photos

Actively pursuing creative outlets in your daily life will reap great benefits to your personal, mental, and physical health – not to mention, work-life success and satisfaction. It’s as important as regular body movement and eating right to your overall well-being.

A way I work this into my life is by taking daily walks. I love walking around the lake and discovering new areas around the town where I live. Part of the walking experience that brings me the most joy is taking photos I share with others. Here are a few recent ones from around Minnesota where I live:

Benefits of Creative Practises

  • Feel more engaged in your work or career.

  • Find more inspiration in daily life experiences.

  • Bring more enthusiasm to your relationships.

  • Reduce anxiety levels.

  • Develop the mindset of a deep thinker.

  • Overall physical health and well-being.

As a Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Creative Lifestyle Guru, I highly recommend taking time out of your day to reconnect with that place within yourself where creativity lives. By recognizing and implementing daily creative practices into your life, a great journey will unfold that is limited only by your imagination and the courage to embrace it. I invite people of all ages and walks of life to join me in experiencing the transformative power of the creative process through art-making, mindful walking and other adventures around the globe to meet up with friends and see many wondrous sites.

Want to super-charge your life? Take the first step today to reconnect with your inner-creator. Remember that thing you haven’t done since you were a kid? I double-dog dare you to go out and do it again this week. Or better yet – how about today.

I’d love to hear what your “one thing” is and what you did in response to this article. Share it using one of my links below:

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Lisa M. Kindle, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lisa Kindle, a therapeutic art life coach and leader in building a creative community that inspires people worldwide, is dedicated to a creative lifestyle with a personable approach and an artsy twist! She now coaches one-on-one and in group settings, including retreats and workshops. With over 25 years of professional experience as a corporate designer, photographer, graphic designer, small business owner, and all-around visionary, Lisa's creative spirit shines through connecting people and ideas.



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