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Business Coach Arna Van Goch – Why You Need Automations to Scale Your Business

Arna van Goch is a business automations coach. She helps 5 figure entrepreneurs hit 6 figures by streamlining their businesses and strategies to work less & earn more. Over her own entrepreneurial journey, she has worked with online businesses to land 6 figure contracts and supported businesses reaching 7 figures. Besides working online, she has an avid passion for travel, energy work and awesome Netflix series like Next in Fashion.

Arna Van Goch
Arna Van Goch

You are an inspiring entrepreneur and known as a business automations coach, which is an interesting title. Can you tell the readers more about that and the work that you do? 

Indeed! I sometimes think that these terms can be misleading. When people think automation, they immediately tend to think of emails or sales, and that's not always the case. When I say I'm a business automations coach, I mean to say that I am the person you go to when you want to make sure that your business is running as best as it can be. We do look at automations in sales and emails, but also we look at numbers, at efficiency and even at what you can outsource to make your life easier for you. My signature program says it best: Step Into Your CEO. By following this program, my clients are able to start to detach from the admin side of things and actually start to look at a brighter, more exciting future. 

What led you into business automation, and how come you have a passion for this? 

I'm very lucky that I was exposed to entrepreneurship from a young age. My parents owned their own business, and as I grew up and technology changed, I was able to apply it into their business to make it run smoother, so you could say that automations have always been in my blood. It took me a while to get to the point where I was able to embrace my gift- before I turned business automations coach I was in administration and social media management. I think it's important to add here- I'm glad it took a rollercoaster ride to get me to where I am today. I have learned so many skills, seen so much of the world, and experienced so much over my short lifetime that I am able to bring into my coaching, it's truly been an honor and pleasure to be alive today! 

Automations play a role if you want to scale your business, but one thing people might wonder is how to make automations more human-based and personal.  Do you have any specific tips on this? 

That's a great question. This of course is when we're talking about front-end automations. Personally, I believe that using custom fields etc is the best way to bring in a sense of personalized automation. Did you know that today, 50% of website users are upset when websites aren't personalized? Isn't that interesting? Consider this: when I go buy my specialized eco-shampoo, I want them to remember me, offer me a discount code, and remember which shampoo I like. I want them to email me to remind me to stock up because it's roughly about time that my shampoo has run out. 

The same goes for the latest chatbot building program I'm learning. I want them to remember where I last left off, to remind me when I haven't logged in to the course for a while, and to send me updates to the course. 

This kind of personalization is key to building an automated relationship with your customer, and this takes some strategic thinking on your part! This is why I love using tools like Active Campaign and others to ensure that we are able to build an ever-more personalized experience for our clients.

Arna Van Goch
Arna Van Goch

What kind of automation would you say are the most important ones to have? 

Knowing your numbers. In my Step Into Your CEO course, we talk about how we can automatically track our digits. And I don't just mean sales or spending. I mean, what is it that you are really spending time on? I live by the CANI concept, constant and never-ending improvement. So I love looking at numbers each month going, "what did I spend my time on? What did I spend my money on? Where could that time be better spent?" It's this attitude that has helped me determine my success, stay humble, and keep growing and learning more as time goes on. 

What are the biggest benefits your clients say they are getting from working with you? 

Clarity. It's the number one thing that most people struggle with, and by using me as their bouncing-off point, they are able to stay on a clearer path in order to achieve more of what they were really after. A lot of people feel like they're 'lost in the weeds of administration', but by working through my process, my clients are able to be much more focused on their goals and how to get there. 

Finally, what do you have in front of you and what’s your next big goal or project?

I really want to take my Step Into Your CEO project further, so I'll be developing an entire ecosystem out of that program which should be very exciting. It'll be fun to build out, program, and of course, deliver to more people. Other than that, I'm also working on a book that talks more to the human side of my world experience: BeingDutchanese! So watch this space! 

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