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Becoming The Person You Were Always Meant To Be – Not The One Others Want You To Be

Marsha Parcou is an entrepreneur, based in the Seychelles Islands, on a mission to empower corporate teams and employees to find confidence in themselves and maximize their wellness and productivity.

Executive Contributor Marsha Parcou

In the contemporary world, it's common for everyone to have opinions about how others should live their lives, yet few take the time to reflect on their own circumstances. I have yet to encounter someone who has all aspects of their life perfectly sorted. This is precisely why we should refrain from passing judgment on others; everyone is navigating their own unique journey, striving to create their masterpiece to the best of their abilities. 

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Growing up on the small island of Seychelles, one inevitably finds themselves confined within cultural boundaries from an early age, shaped by familial and societal expectations. Throughout my formative years, I found myself confined within various societal constructs crafted by family, peers, and societal pressures. Raised as a 'good' Catholic girl, I endured weight-related bullying in the Seychelles, perpetually seeking validation and approval from those around me. 

These societal constructs proved stifling, entrapping me for nearly four decades across different stages of life. Fueled by these limitations and my own self-imposed beliefs, I adopted a people-pleasing persona, concealing my true identity behind a facade to shield my authentic self. 

Undoubtedly, this journey elicited frustration and emotional turmoil. Can you relate? 

Over time, these relationships disintegrated as I refused to compromise my self-worth. Through personal growth and maturation, I now prioritize living in alignment with my values, embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth. I remind myself that I am a work in progress, embracing the journey of self-discovery and continual learning. 

Indeed, we inhabit a world rife with comparisons, where escalating demands and expectations exacerbate mental health stressors. Many succumb to lowering their standards, swayed by the opinions of loved ones in a quest for acceptance and belonging. 

However, tethering our identities to others' perceptions jeopardizes authenticity. While familial and social acceptance is important, we must not relinquish our self-esteem to their judgment. Self-acceptance enables connection with our intrinsic values and true selves, fostering fulfillment and positivity. 

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In essence, we must not permit external opinions to define our essence, as they are subjective and variable. Each individual must forge their own path to facilitate personal growth and self-discovery. While witnessing loved ones endure unnecessary hardships can be painful, these trials often catalyze profound personal evolution. 

As we traverse life's tumultuous terrain, characterized by peaks and valleys, it may feel as though our journey is spiraling out of control. Yet, amidst the chaos, we unearth our authentic selves, gleaned from the wreckage of failure and despair. 

My own journey has revealed transformative insights amid moments of despair, underscoring the notion that adversity fosters evolution. Though painful, these experiences propel us towards our true potential, shaping our trajectory towards self-realization. 

Embrace the challenges, for they hold the key to unlocking our latent potential. Remember, amidst hardship, "this too shall pass." Resist the temptation to succumb to suffering, for it is transient. Our darkest moments harbor the seeds of growth and resilience, guiding us towards our ultimate purpose.



Marsha Parcou, Integrative Health & Life Coach

Marsha Parcou is an entrepreneur, based in the Seychelles Islands, on a mission to empower corporate teams and employees to find confidence in themselves and maximize their wellness and productivity.

As the founder and figurehead of Fasinasyon, she runs a multi-faceted lifestyle brand that promotes a healthy and holistic approach to the body, mind, and soul through a range of services, from corporate and life coaching to beauty and skincare products. Accredited by the Health Coach Institute, USA, she coaches using International Coach Federation (ICF) tools and exercises whilst delivering her own unique framework for personal and team transformation.



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