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Are You Sitting on Gold - or do You Need to Dig For it?

Written by: Michele Levandusky, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

I often see businesses have super cool postings on their social media pages to get comments from followers, and they do, but what is missing is they aren’t collecting any data with it! Don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t miss the opportunity to follow-up market these folks!

Asking fun questions to get interaction is great, but last I checked, you can’t take those comments to the bank! Instead, take it to the next level and attach a BOT to your page so that when followers comment on specific posts, the BOT will automatically fire and give them the opportunity to give their contact information such as email and phone numbers. This information is gold because you can use it to follow-up with a robust nurturing system.

Take a restaurant for example. Posting a photo of a yummy pizza and asking “What are your favorite toppings!?!” then once they answer, you can collect their contact information to send them an offer - ‘Thanks for your comments, here is a coupon for a free small pizza!”. Wow, think of how much traffic that pizza shop is now going to get!?!

No one or hardly anyone is going to get a Free Small Pizza and leave. They are going to spend $$$ in that restaurant and get an appetizer, drinks, and dessert, and bring friends! Plus systems like this allow business owners to track their Return On Investment (ROI). I’ve had clients see 5 - 23x their return on investment by using a strategic plan with their social media.

This strategy can work for just about any type of business. Building a database is the first step, but then using it to make those sales is the pepperoni on the pizza! And if you already have email and phone numbers but aren’t using them, dig those babies out and dust them off. You’re sitting on gold, my friends!

So the next time you make a post, think to yourself, “what is my goal” then figure out how you can make that happen.

Chat Soon, Michele