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Are Emotional Triggers Sabotaging Your Business Success And Income?

Written by: Tatiana Vilarea, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Are you an entrepreneur who often gets triggered by being criticized, challenged by a difficult client, or a sales conversation? Do you spend hours or even days ruminating about it afterward and even begin to question and doubt yourself? Does it switch your imposter syndrome on and make you want to stop marketing or showing up online altogether?

How can you stop this?

From the perspective of many mind-based approaches, the solution to these issues would be to:

  1. Handle it with the person we were triggered by when necessary (behavioral level)

  2. Change our thoughts about the situation and ourselves (cognitive level).

We would be told not to take things personally, remember our worth, change our internal dialogue and use other similar reasoning tools.

However, for most people I know, it's very difficult to "just" decide to think differently.

We continue going back to the experience mentally and emotionally, and even when we do move on ⁠— most of the time, something new in our lives retriggers the same mechanism all over.

This is when a lot of us entrepreneurs will go to hire a coach and start the mental process again. While others will go with more conventional methods, like therapy, etc.

There are also some approaches, such as hypnotherapy, that work on the subconscious mind. They will work with this type of issue by suggesting new beliefs or taking the person back to the event where this response originated.

If this negative event, emotional wound, or conditioning took place in our childhood, it might also include some type of inner child work. The therapist will then ask us to talk to the inner child to give some words of wisdom, love, support, and encouragement.

And here is where we experience a problem that is missed by most mind-based modalities.

We do not have logic, reasoning, or complex thoughts as children, especially in our pre-verbal stage.

As I often say:

“Our inner children do not understand logic.”

In this state, there are emotions, primarily.

Consequently, when we try to talk to our inner children and use these practices, they cannot fully release such negative imprints especially, if we are working with serious emotional wounding or trauma that has a much deeper impact on our lives.

Moreover, mind-based approaches, whether conscious or subconscious, are not designed to address the emotional and body memory that gets retriggered by such events. The habitual neurological pathways have run on “autopilot” since the negative experience took place. They do not reach the deeper levels of our brain, amygdala, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems that became dysregulated by that event.

This dysregulation is stored in our bodies. Not just in our minds. It is written in our neurocircuitry and neurochemistry (since emotions are chemicals).

This is what activates our emotional triggers again and again, until and unless addressed using tools that can be understood by both the body and the mind.

From my experience working with emotional triggers and fears in this way, we get to release the entire mechanism that holds the charge around our “perceived pain.” This approach can also be applied to working with fear of visibility, sales, marketing, etc., that we so frequently experience as entrepreneurs.

When our “system” loses the charge around what used to cause the reaction, real emotional and mental freedom comes.

Freedom to now take on any business actions, use the necessary strategies, go for our dreams fully and dream even bigger.

Creating the change from the inside out.

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Tatiana Vilarea, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

hypnotherapy specialist, intuitive and Inner Success coach.

Tatiana Vilarea is a hypnotherapy specialist, intuitive and Inner Success coach for heart-centered female entrepreneurs who struggle with emotional triggers, fears, and doubts and want to step into unwavering inner confidence to create the business, impact and income they deeply desire.

She is the author of a proprietary method that combines highly effective subconscious, emotional, energetic and Body Memory Release techniques to help business owners overcome inner limitations and unconscious blocks that hold them back and create fulfilling businesses they can enjoy, with more self-awareness, balance and ease.



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