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An Interview With Transformation Life Coach Martina Hrubes-Rios

Martina specializes in Transformative Life Coaching working with tools and practices that help shifting one’s mindset, empowering her clients to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

As a Life Story Coach, she helps her clients reach their higher potential by rewriting the persistent life stories that keep them stuck or playing out the same life script repeatedly.

Besides Individual Coaching, she offers a monthly online coaching Bootcamp called: “Rewrite your Life Movie.”

Author Martina Hrubes-Rios

Who is Martina?

I am Transformation Life Coach living in Byron Bay, Australia, with my husband, who is originally from Buenos Aires. We recently left the big city of Sydney, where I was living for 17 years, seeking a more life-balanced lifestyle. I was born in Switzerland, and my parents are Czechoslovakian, so I have a multicultural background. Originally, I came to Australia to backpack for 6 months and then ended up never leaving. Throughout the years, I worked within business development in the Design & Building Industry but changed course into the mental health industry to help others to empower themselves to live a more fulfilling life. I guide my clients to build a growth mindset and living more in alignment with their true selves. My husband, as a Keto Coach, is very passionate about health and nutrition and started his own wellness business. Through that, I have expanded my knowledge around how much our mental and physical health is connected. So together, we guide our clients through a holistic process of body-mind-spirit transformation. It is rewarding and interesting how this industry is growing, and luckily more and more people want to learn about themselves and how to live a healthier life.

What is it that you do for your clients?

As a mindset coach, I use principles diving into the power of the thoughts, Be-Do-Have strategies, cognitive behavior therapy, and NLP. However, I blend this knowledge with a holistic approach of body-mind-spirit to help them understand how we are the true creators of our own life. Transformation coaching really works by uncovering core beliefs that are shaped by the conditioning of our identity. So, it is about transforming your life and achieving your goals working from the inside out. Other than that, I am currently offering a structured Discover Your Life Purpose Program that takes the client through 10 steppingstones to learn to live more in alignment with themselves and discover their gifts and the true meaning of life.

The outcome of this program is for clients to get to rediscover themselves, free from programming, other people’s expectations, and conditioning, so they can start taking aligned actions and make healthier choices for themselves without the influence of their environment.

Overall, my work is all about empowering the client to know how to find the right answers within themselves, believing in themselves, and guiding them to successfully achieve their life goals.

Who should hire/work with you?

Anyone who needs this right now! Lol

Typically, my clients who are looking for a guiding hand are feeling either stuck, unsure about their direction, overwhelmed, stressed out, or even anxious about their current life situation. Some want to rediscover who they really are, as they have been getting lost in their life roles, and some are wanting to build new positive habits and learn how to tap into their inner power by shifting their mindset.

Coaching is great to help you through a turbulent time. However, high achievers already have known this for years, that mentors and coaches will expand your capabilities even if you know what you want and just need an accountability partner who can push you to get there.

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A lot could happen in 10 years! I am a Visioner, entrepreneur, adventurer, and teacher by nature, so I see myself expanding in those areas, sharing my innate gifts with the collective. I am currently enjoying running retreats and would like to expand this kind of work. I also love meeting and collaborating with other like-minded healers and coaches.

I download lots of creative ideas and ambitions and sometimes rather need to step back and sit on them before I take on another project and instead remember to enjoy the present moment. Now I learned that by living in alignment with myself, I need to trust and follow the synchronicities as I am focused on living in my purpose and what makes me feel good.

However, as an entrepreneur and co-founder of my husband’s business, MyKetoTreats, I would like to see our products and services combined make a bigger impact on helping others living better lives, creating wealth that we can re-invest into matters that we care for, such as conscious living and innovative sustainability projects.

I recently decided to further my knowledge within the psychological science path, so I am excited to see where that takes me next and how this sector will develop over the next decade. Maybe I write a book one day or become a keynote speaker? Lol.

Lastly, I would like to travel again once we are allowed and spend more time cooking, dancing, laughing, and meditating, lol.

What are your top 3 tips for transforming your life that you could share with our readers?

I love this question and could go on talking about this for hours, hmm let me think, okay, so how about these 3.

1. Awareness

Start practicing awareness in all areas of your life, such as what are your triggers, repeating thoughts you have, what emotions follow your thoughts, reactions, what makes you feel excited, what triggers fear, and why. Take yourself under the loop. Building Awareness is the first step in building a Growth Mindset. After that comes changing your perspective and taking aligned actions.

2. Past Stories

What stories are you telling yourself? What do you hear yourself telling yourself over and over? Is it an empowering story? If not, reframe it for a better one. Change the perspective of a past negative experience and practice seeing the blessings in the curses. Again, this is a longer topic, but most people are stuck in past stories, and therefore their mindset stays also there. Amongst others, I am certified as a Life Story Coach, so it is one of my favorite subjects as it can really change your life. But I will stop it right there for now.

3. Accept Change

Change is good. Change helps you to grow. Sometimes life forces you into change because you resist it until it is too late. It is outside the comfort zone where the magic happens. Our brain is wired to protect us from the unknown, so fear is just an “alarm system’ to keep us to what we know. Learn to ride the wave of change.

How does your work relate to what is currently going on in the world, and have you seen an increase in client demand?

Yes, absolutely, thank you for asking; with everything that has happened in the last couple of years and with the rise of uncovering dark secrets, people are experiencing a lot more anxiety, fear, uncertainty, loss of control, losing trust in what they knew and are either awakening or searching for meaning in their life. There is a long way to go to collectively empower the individual, and we need a lot more lightworkers, healers, and coaches to raise the planet's vibration to live in a happier place, one that we care for each other, innovate together, and give everyone the equal opportunities to be healthy and wealthy without being greedy and destructive to the environment.

It is a stretch for some to have this optimistic outlook but remember everything in history was a utopia until it wasn’t anymore. That is called evolution, and it is in every individual’s hand to make the right choices for themselves and the planet every day, which will eventually direct which way we are going collectively.

Join Martina's Facebook group and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. You can also visit her website for more info.



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