Alignment is Key in All Our Successes - Full Interview With Laura Lee Harrisson & Zyrack Dean Osmon

Written by: Laura Lee Harrison, Executive Contributor

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Surrounding yourself with amazing, empowering, and inspirational people is so important in life. If you are a Business Owner or Entrepreneur, this is an aspect that is imperative to your growth. Recently I was able to reconnect with an amazing man Zyrack Dean Osmon! This man has so much light that he shines. He modeled for me 10 years ago while I was in Makeup school. That introduction has come full circle and we are back in each other’s orbits. He truly is a leader; he uplifts and inspires. He has a huge heart and is on a really incredible journey. I felt like it was important I share him with the world. Since I have a platform to share the journey, I hope you find inspiration with what he shares below. He is a man of many talents and has lived a life that wasn’t always easy.

Before we dive into it, I want you to know that you have the power to change your reality, to create whatever reality you would like to live today! It doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you are dedicated to yourself and to your future. Dean is a pillar of strength and has persevered, even afterlife has handed him trauma and loss over the years, he still loves big, shines bright and takes care of himself so he can help the people around him by uplifting them and encouraging them to do the same!

I asked Dean a few questions which you can see and read his replies! See his tips below that really apply to anyone and any area of life. They are important and a valuable reminder to us, on how we could choose to live every day!

Who are you? Where do you live, what do you do?

– I am a performer, performance trainer, manager, professional talent agent/booker and owner of Walkerville School of Drama. I currently live in my hometown of Windsor Ontario, Canada. Currently, I am the Lead Agent for Toronto & East Coast Representative for Ignite Artists Talent Agency. I represent artists in all artistic mediums such as, film, tv, commercial, print, voice-over, dance, vocals, and motion capture (MOCAP) for video games.

– I am a born mentor and love the process of growth with all artists and humans in general. After the passing of my biggest mentor, my mother - I began to feel lonely and was truly missing my family. After living in Vancouver, BC for 14 years and owning a talent agency called Maijah Lewk Talent of nearly 9 years, I decided to pack up and return to Ontario. I closed my agency as of Oct.01, 2019 and took 8 months off to properly heal and align my spirit back to being healthy and joyous due to grief and loss. Out of pure gratitude, I decided to bring back my industry knowledge of these past 30 years to uplift, inspire and educate my hometown of Windsor and it's creative arts community. I launched Walkerville School of Drama in July 2020. My mindset is to create effective change in the performance arena, Windsor and the community as a whole. In a sense, you could say that I have fully stepped into the shoes of my LEADERSHIP role but with a sheer desire to uplift smaller communities with aspirations to connect small-town artists to the greater markets across N. America.

For those who may not know what it is that you do, please go into more detail.

I am a Professional Talent Agent and Booker for creative arts artists. Actors, singers, dancers, and models. I am a Drama School owner, instructor, and private acting coach. I help develop, market, brand artist and their performance careers.

What is your vision and mission?

– My vision and mission is to create effective change through social justice, racial and gender equality. Through performance, I strive to create a voice and recognizability as a means to provide a vast platform for artists to champion a cause and run with it. When others recognize you, they tend to lend an ear and listen to a cause and purpose. The idea is to use star power for the betterment of all humans. Charity and "community efforts" are the primary ways to be a part of creating a bigger picture towards effective GLOBAL change.

Are you involved with any charities, or do anything to give back to the world?

– Yes, I am involved with community charities such as the food bank drives, student programming, mentoring, and teaching the less fortunate. With each student that trains at Walkerville School of Drama, we donate $5 per student to feeding the community and providing better OUTREACH programming for the youth in Windsor.

When did you start doing this, and how come this subject is so important to you?

I started doing this nearing 35 years ago. Through my own performance career, I was very fortunate to have trainers and mentors to help elevate and propel me into an IDEA that I am worthy and could be whomever I chose to be. I figured, if I could rise up out of a life of poverty and uncertainty, then I could do so for others. It was a community effort that saved me and kept me on the straight and narrow. I learned at a young age through our youth mentoring and charity church programming that giving is truly the greatest gift one could give. Also, knowledge is attained in hopes that those "in the know" would foster the idea that teaching back to small communities would create a greater global intent and purpose.

Please provide 3 to 5 tips based on your vision and mission.

  1. Focus on being around others that believe and support your purpose and intentions

  2. Always work hard with the idea that OTHERS will benefit along with you

  3. Believe in YOURSELF - others will be drawn to that conviction and want to be around your positive position.

  4. Always have gratitude for the smallest of your successes, as the universe is receptive to all energies.

  5. Love & Respect ALL others no matter how different they may be. What you put out there is what you will inevitably get back.

Do you have anything you want to add to this article or story that you think is important that we touch on?

– Patience. We all want immediacy with our wants, but alignment is key in all our successes. Never be at a STANDSTILL as it is the vortex that holds us all back from success.

Thank you, Dean, for all that you are doing, and everyone you impact. As you continue to spread your ripple, through the people you work with, the world will experience it as well. Keep growing spiritually and mentally, while helping others to do the same. The world will change as we grow to learn to love ourselves which ultimately will spread love and joy worldwide.

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Laura Lee Harrison, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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