8 Things I Didn’t Know As An Entrepreneur But Would Soon Learn The Hard Way

Written by: Tracy Chalmers, Executive Contributor

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A little straight talk today. No BS, just straight shootin' from an Entrepreneur who has walked in your business shoes. Now, if you can't take some tough love or can't handle to hear hard truths, do not read this article. Stop here and click away, please.

But if you can, I will start here....

Friend, you are more capable and powerful than you might think. I believe in you, even if you doubt yourself, your path or your business right now.

I say that because I get it.... I've made some massive (some would say crazy) choices these past few years that most would RUN from as I have further aligned with and leaned into my passion, my calling, which I'm meant to serve and my authentic self.

I've been a full-time entrepreneur for seven years now. My early years were painfully lean and all over the place as I discovered my unique value and honed in on who I was. I found myself often frustrated and I was filled with trepidation as I second-guessed my every move.

Subsequently, these last few years have been different. They have been more about the growing pains of business and I still do occasionally wonder if I'm making the most effective choices for growth and longevity.

I have made big, audacious, scary goals. I’ve made choices and business decisions that made the hair on my neck stand up. It was exciting

At moments, I wanted to run the other way from the decisions I had to make because they were... well, kind of scary and seemed, in that moment, too far fetched or unattainable... but I knew I had to follow through to take my business and growth to the next level.

I get it. Some days, it's just hard. In the quiet moments, there have been times I worried I made the wrong choices... Entrepreneurship and business is not for the faint of heart. I believe it is a calling, not unlike medicine and health care.

There were and still are days when doubt would creep in and the worry and anxiety of failure would take hold. It can be paralyzing.

All entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry, have those flip-flopping moments of doubt, frustration, elation, fear, fearlessness and paralysis (sometimes all in the same day). I'm giggling here, but with all that in mind, I'd like to share with you:

8 of the many lessons I learned as a business growth coach these last few years.

I always touch on these points with my clients inside my programs and methodology. I find these or similar issues bubble up for many of them at some point in their journey. I know some of my lessons learned and growth insights can help you too.

1. It may seem far easier to settle, stay comfortable, remain stagnant and make excuses than it is to get uncomfortable and scared and potentially create massive results... you will not create what you are meant to create in this world by staying inside your comfortable, cozy box with your blankie. Stepping into one’s greatness and what you’re meant for can be terrifying, uncertain, hard, and maybe confusing. Stepping up to create the transformations, the innovations and impact in this world only you can uniquely create is important work and people are waiting for you. Will it be hard? Probably. Might your fail? Maybe. Might you regret not trying? Most likely.

Pick your hard.

2. It's more painful to sit in mediocrity, below par complacency or misalignment, then it is to walk away and stand up for your integrity, alignment and authenticity and show the nay-sayers or non-believers what you are made of. (Believe me, there will be plenty of them, especially as your business grows) Their vocal lack of belief and negative comments on social platforms or gossip says more about them and their lack and insecurities than they do about you. It is in no way a reflection of you. Remember that.

Please do not take advice from people you would not trade places with and keep in mind, people who are more successful than you will never waste their time with petty, childish and jealous chatter.

3. There will be many times throughout your entrepreneurial journey you will be tested. And you may wonder if you'll be tough enough to weather the storms. If you want to create more mental toughness, it's simple: Be tougher. Be grittier. Stand for what you believe in and what you don't. Learn to say NO, when it doesn't feel right or fit your business plan. There is no right or wrong in your business and if something doesn't work as effectively as you'd like, use the data or metrics you collected to re-evaluate and pivot. Change it up. And when you are stuck or gapping out, ask for help from those who have walked successfully before you. They may very well have the connector lifeline you're looking for to connect those elusive dots of understanding.

4. Stop chasing likes, double taps, followers and endless, going nowhere chit chat's in messenger. Profit is way more fun. Business is not a popularity contest. Too many businesses fall prey to or never get off the ground because they put too much weight on likes, friends, followers and chatting inside DM's looking for an opening to drop their business into the convo. The social platforms can be fantastic for business when used strategically but do not get swept up in the platform's popularity part. Don't forget about income-producing behaviors that generate real leads and revenue. Likes and double taps do not pay your bills.

5. Too many entrepreneurs are afraid to invest in themselves. They waste countless hours on the school of google trying to piece together some sort of strategy, looking for the latest tactic, picking up every free download available but never truly invest in real, tangible, move the needle coaching. It is sad to see them wasting so much time and energy piecing dribs and drabs together instead of investing in themselves to 3X or 5X or 10X the investment by hiring a coach that will actually teach or mentor them with what they need to know and significantly cut down the learning curve. Isn't your time worth it?

Honestly, how are you to know what you need to do when you have not done it before? You were taught how to walk, talk, brush your teeth, print your name and ride a bike. Why are you reluctant to be taught how to build a lucrative, impactful legacy business by someone who has already done it? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Get the help and support you need. You don’t know what you don’t know.

6. Money.... the root of all evil, some would say... and if you have any negative thoughts or feelings around money such as how you don't seem to ever have any, money eludes you, you can't justify paying for coaching, or you have doubts about your worth and value of services and it shows up in how many sales you close… oh I could go on. This list would be a kilometer long .... If any money stuff comes up for you, you seriously need to do some money mindset work around it. You have to. Or you can plan on continuing not to have enough money to shake a stick at.

It's not that you were not meant to have money... That is total BS... it's that you are choosing to remain stuck, blocked and friend, this may hurt a little; you must find it easier to complain about not having money than to actually get off your ass and do something about it.

Money can be a magical thing. Just think of all the good you could do in this world if you had the money to create tremendous impact in the lives and charities you care so deeply about. To make a huge difference.... how would that feel?

It is important to look at money differently if you plan to have any. I grew up in an environment where I was exposed to negative talk around money. My parents didn't have much, so to my young ears' money had to be bad and all those that had some were bad people... That is the simplified message I internalized as a little girl. I grew up instilled with a negative money mindset. I did a lot of work around that several years ago, and it has paid off tenfold. Seriously. Do the money mindset work.

7. To do EPIC Sh!t, you must be ready to make mistakes and fail epically.

I promise you that your travels on the road to success will not be easy.

Mine certainly has been bumpy! I have failed more times than I can count or care to admit. But with each was a learning opportunity. And that is what makes success all the sweeter.

There will be many twists, wrong turns, bumps, scrapes and bruises along the way as you walk the journey of an entrepreneur... I have been wounded MANY times... but do you know what? It doesn't kill you! You heal, you grow, you learn, get stronger and far capable!

8. And lastly, I also know that people ponder WAY. TOO. LONG.

People sit around, waiting for a sign, meditate, read tea leaves, scared to make a decision, reluctant to go after their dreams, afraid of looking bad or being vulnerable or hesitant to make a massive move for their business. They lie to themselves, stay inside their box with their blankie and then hope and wish on the outcome for months or even years, never having made a ‘draw a line in the sand’ decision. Then they find themselves back up at my first point.

Hope is not a strategy. Sadly, many live with regret. It is up to you.

The only way to get effective, profitable results is to push past all the other BS that life is throwing at you, roll your sleeves up, keep your head down, make mistakes, learn hard lessons, pivot, go with good enough, seek the right kind of coaching and tweak as you go. Become bulletproof, be the visionary or creative you know you are, stay authentic and in alignment.

I promise you; the end results can be freedom and lifestyle rewarding.... IF you bet on yourself.

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Tracy Chalmers, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tracy Chalmers is a slightly rebellious, outside of the box, call it like it is business growth and transformation strategist. She uses a magnetic combination of her clear-cut communication style that she developed as a professional educator and trainer, her business acumen and proven strategies while intuitively identifying blocks and gaps in entrepreneurs.

Tracy helps them get crystal clear business direction, while focusing on the behaviors and income-building strategies to make six-figure leaps in their business using timeless business principles, unique mindset models, empowerment, and cutting-edge marketing strategies to sell online.

Tracy is a multiple award-winning Entrepreneur, Business Transformation and Growth Strategist, Trainer and Author.

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