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8 Powerful Ways To Attract More Money And Become BFF With Money

Written by: Bianca Piculeata, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Bianca Piculeata

Living paycheck to paycheck & feeling that there is never enough money? Been there, done that. Having negative beliefs about money and being clueless about them? Been there, done that. Having a low frequency when it comes to money that kept me stuck in lack and scarcity? Been there, done that.

Image photo of Bianca Piculeata

Being clueless about how to shift my money beliefs and raise my moula frequency? Yup, that was me to a Tee! 

Can you relate? You're not alone! Money wasn't my friend either! 

I was the Queen of money scarcity counting the days to my next paycheck that would evaporate like hot & steamy water, as soon as it came in! 

I am sure that today, you are more ching-ching-educated than I used to be...

Nevertheless, I want to give you 8 of my best tips to go to that next level in your money frequency so that you don't have to struggle like I did and make BFFs with the Money Spirit! Humor aside, these following tips are powerful if you apply yourself to them! 

1. Journal the shizzle out of your money stories 

Take out any journal that is collecting dust instead of collecting coins...

Start writing your money stories! Your moula stories are literally gold! 

Do you realize that your money stories hold the frequency of your money limiting beliefs which keep you stuck in lack? Absolutely fudge yeah! 

They are the reason you are stuck in lack and scarcity and wonder if you can pay your next bills! 

This means that your money stories hold the answer to your money prayers! 

Write every money story from your childhood: how your mom talked about money, how your dad didn't give you money, how money was the origin of family discord, write it all down, and don't hold back! 

Then highlight all the limiting money beliefs you have identified from your money stories! These hold gold nuggets potential because they show you exactly what needs to be shifted in your money drama stories! 

2. Alchemize your money limitations

Let's alchemize these limiting beliefs you have just identified at Step 1. Make a table with two columns, write the negative money beliefs in the left column, and create new & empowering money beliefs and add them in the right column.

These limiting money beliefs were created from your money drama stories; it's time for you to take your power back and shift your money frequency! 

Example of a negative vs a positive belief: There is not enough money in the world vs There is an abundance of money in the world. 

Once you have completed your table, read the new beliefs at one of these times (which are optimized to reprogram your brain):

  • when you have just woken up;

  • when you are sleepy and ready to fall asleep;

  • when you are meditating; or

  • when you are in a deep relaxed state (taking a hot bath or chilling on your sofa with your favorite pillows and music)

Repeat this step for 30 days or until you feel you have integrated the new beliefs! 


3. Forgive, forgive and forget

Now that you've been writing your money stories, take the same gold dust-collecting journal and write a letter to everyone you need to forgive! 

Who did you wrong when it comes to money? Your ex? The tax-monster? Your mother-in-law? Your mama? Your daddy! Forgive them all for the sake of inner peace...

Whatever you are writing to them in your forgive-them-for-your-sake story, end with the following and say it until you feel you are 100% honest:

I forgive you and wish you the best in health, wealth and happiness!

I forgive you and wish you the best in health, wealth and happiness!

I forgive you and wish you the best in health, wealth and happiness!


4. Imprint money spells on your brain


Become a money witch and imprint your money spells on your brain! How? By stamping money abundance spells on your brain in various ways:  


Money affirmations labeled passwords ? ✅ 

Money affirmations labeled bank accounts? ✅ 

Money affirmations cell or laptop backgrounds? ✅ 


Example: naming your money bank account: "5Kpermonth" because this is a goal you want to reach! Passwords are especially powerful because you repeat them often, & the more repetition, the more new money beliefs being programmed on your brain! 


Put money spells (affirmations) everywhere so that anywhere your brain turns, it gets stamped with new positive money affirmations! 


The more your brain is hit from all angles with empowering money beliefs, the better!


5. Say thank you money and more, please

If I give a candy to a kid and she looks at me like it's beneath her, guess what I will do? I would give more candy to some kid that would appreciate my gesture! 

The same goes for the universe trying to bless you with more moula! 

Be grateful for the little candy money you have in your bank account NOW if you want more candy bags in the future! 

The universe will read your new grateful attitude and send you more to be grateful for! Become a grateful candy kid and send out that gratitude out into the candy-generating universe! Candy pouring rain anyone?


6. Money & fulfillment: yes to both

Who lied to you that you have to sacrifice to make money?

That making money is hard? 

I bet it's people who sacrifice and work hard for their money, and they want you to sacrifice and suffer too! 

Do you know that God has put in you money codes linked to your heart fulfillment?

That you have special gifts and attributes to bring you cash and fulfillment at the same time?

Yes, because you get to have both! Fulfillment and money simultaneously! 

Is there work to find exactly what? I will be real, for some of us, it's harder than for the baby in the cradle who knows he will be a lawyer when he starts baby walking...

Not me! It took me a long while to know exactly what would bring me the most fulfillment in my heart: helping the spiritual Cinderella go from lack to abundance at all levels because she's damn worth it! 

Since I was a child, I wanted my mommy to be happy and I worked hard at it but never succeeded...little that I know that today I would want all spiritual and unhappy women to be happy! This means I had my life mission clear from a young age...but got lost along the way...

What is yours? What comes easy to you that you downplay? What are people coming to you for, that you push under the rug and ignore? This is your God-given gift! 

My mom would come to me to dump all her stress and garbage since I was 5 years old...little did I know I had a gift to have women tell me their problems and trust me with their drama...what is your gift?


7. Spiritual and money abundant: be both at the same time


There is a big lie circulating in the spiritual community: that you can't be spiritual and be money-abundant! 


But first let's define what is money and what is spirituality so that you see that there is absolute no direct link between these two. 


Money serves as an exchange of energy. 


Spirituality is believing in something bigger than us that is at the origin of the creation of all that exists. Spirituality also means that we are all linked to others because we are all one and that our actions impact others. 


But there is a third party that interferes between money and spirituality: people! This is the real impostor that manipulates us into thinking money is not spiritual! 


People do what they want to money depending on whom they are their core: good or bad. 


Money is not bad or good, money is neutral.


People are either good or bad at their core. 


Money doesn't make people bad, it only helps reveal whom they are. 


In conclusion: let's not put the fault on money, let's put the fault on people whom are bad at their core!


Everyone can choose to be spiritual, to have money and be good. 

Everyone can choose to be spiritual, to have money and be bad.


in conclusion: you can be good, spiritual and be money-abundant because I know that you, spiritual good-hearted woman, you are good at your core and you'll use money for your own good & the good of others!


8. Make money your BFF

If you were in a relationship with money, how would you describe your relationship?

Not very good, I bet!

What if you worked on your relationship so that money could become your BFF?

Would you ignore your BFF? So why do you ignore money?

Would you call your BFF evil? So why do you badmouth money?

Would you reject and be fearful of your BFF? Or would you love your BFF and welcome her with open arms? Then start treating money like your BFF and see your relationship flourish! 

Start treating money the exact same way you would treat your BFF! 

Give money your time, your love, your attention, your focus, and your positivity, and stop punishing, rejecting, criticizing, ignoring, and being fearful of money! Let money become your BFF by being the best friend possible to money! 

Have fun implementing these tips and transforming your relationship with money, you'll be very glad you did! 

For the spiritual woman that is ready for a powerful, fast and an all-around transformation, you can book a soul match free 30-minutes discovery call with me to see if we are a match made in heaven! Start your lack-to-abundance journey by clicking on this link. 

Because every deeply wounded woman deserves abundance at all levels! 

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Bianca Piculeata Brainz Magazine

Bianca Piculeata, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Bianca aka Mystical Queen Goddess is a leader in healing and transformation. Having struggled with feeling blocked with low self-esteem, generalized anxiety, trauma, emotional wounds, sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs, Bianca created her own transformational method called Transformation 360 because she felt other methods were not powerful, simple or fast enough for her. She has since dedicated her life to helping wounded spiritual women to heal, transform and reach a higher frequency that will bring them abundance at all levels. Her mission: to bring justice to every spiritual woman so that she too, can experience happiness and abundance at all levels!



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