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7 Steps To Switch From The Mindset Of Doing, To BEING, To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Written by: Eva Maria Hunt, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


During the last decade, as an energy healer, coach and intuitive, I helped thousands to connect with their soul and grow into their Energy Blueprint, regardless of their background and lifestyle. Therefore, I am aware that the first reaction to this suggestion from my clients usually is, I can’t live my life or run a business just laying back and do nothing! You may think the same and I absolutely agree.

There is a huge difference though between doing nothing and mastering the state of being.

To explore this subject let’s look at your life from a very specific point of view. For now, just allow yourself to imagine, what if…

You are more than the sum of your physical body, thoughts & emotions. i.e. You are spirit with a human body. Therefore, you are living in the world of duality with Earthly & Heavenly qualities and opportunities. You are a gorgeous bundle of energy, and your dominant frequency creates your reality.

Now that established let’s look at the difference between these two mindsets, which are like Heaven & Earth.

The state of Doing

This is a mindset that locks you into thinking within your current circumstances. This is an earth-bound approach, based on ancestral patterns. You try to make the best of what you have available in terms of your knowledge, experiences, and your family and social heritage. What is wrong with that?

You are stuck in your head, connected to the part of your mind, which is likely to trigger anxiety, feeling of unworthiness, not deservingness, etc. which leads to thinking that everything needs to be a struggle. This is your hamster wheel. You tell yourself that you need to work 60-80 hours a week, or Moonlighting is your only option to achieve your goals. Ultimately this kind of thinking brings lack consciousness.

The state of Being

This mindset is connected to your soul-self. It is about seeking out and experiencing joy and excitement in your life. What you are passionate about is what you meant to do. It is based on your inner wisdom, and it acts, as a built-in GPS, leading you on the path you meant to walk, to the life you meant to live. This is the state of prosperity consciousness. When you plug into this energy source you are entering the world of limitless opportunities and a brand-new way of living, based on high frequency energy vibrations.

The Quantum mechanics behind the state of Being

The Law of attraction doesn’t work with words, it simply responds to your energy frequency. So, when you are writing your gratitude or positive affirmations, the words you are using are simply tools for you, to describing a scenario and step into the feeling of what you want to achieve.

When you experience something that triggers a strong feeling, you are likely to remember that situation. Therefore, the frequency of your feelings is the key here, not your words’ or thoughts’. The frequency of the feeling is what you project out to the Universe and the Law of Attraction delivers the equivalent of whatever that might be.

For example, if you are full of fears because you are unable to bring in enough money with your business to live on, you are doomed, unless you can shift out of this frequency quickly. Having this background feeling of anxiety, feeling petrified and scared all day, every day, of not being able to pay the bills, buying gifts for your loved ones, look after others, drowns out your positive efforts, as fear is a low frequency emotion. You panic, you try everything to hunt down clients and customers… but unfortunately, because of your vibration you are only creating more lack.

However, if you start consciously focusing on, and becoming aware of your emotions, you can correct and maintain your vibration on a positive, high level that brings you the flow of abundance: money, clients, customers.

The question is: how to switch from one source to another?

The data, information you are receiving is the same in both cases, your beliefs are the ones responsible to turn the switch between the two worlds, the Physical Universe and the Psychic one, Your Human Self and Your Soul Self.

It’s all about the level of your awareness or consciousness if you like.

The 7 mindset steps to Being. You must:

  1. Be Aware of there is an Energy world beyond the Physical world, which governs your life.

  2. Be willing to trust that the Universe always has your back, it always supports you! If it doesn’t feel like it, you need to adjust your energy settings, the way you look at yourself and your world and most of all letting go of trying to control everything.

  3. Believe in yourself and in your own intuition and abilities! You are an amazing being!

  4. Be passionate about your work/ business. Are you? If you are not, you are in the wrong place. You might need some soul searching on how you can shift to a different profession, business, lifestyle, etc.

  5. Become aware of when your fears first appear and whether you can easily shift out of them.

  6. Have an “emergency pick me up” handy, like positive affirmations of what you would like to achieve, to pull you out of this dip.

  7. Introduce a daily routine of visualising your dreams/goals, feeling them out, as if you already are living them and writing down your gratitude, i.e. what you appreciate in your life that you already have, including your personality traits, inner gifts, preferably in the morning that lifts you up, if needed, and keeps you in the safe frequency range.


When you have the “Do-er setting”, it is your circumstances dictating your life, you are in some sort of victim mentality. When you switch to the “Being setting” you are not only taking responsibility for your life, but also letting go of control and trusting that the Universe supports you and you have everything within you to create that abundance.

Do you think it sounds too simple, or as the opposite too difficult? However it looks to you right now, remember, you are shifting between worlds, not just from one mindset to another. It is like you are being a glider, no engine, just riding the winds currently available to your little airplane. There is not much control over your “vehicle” and certainly not enough power. Imagine being a spaceship, with enormous power, abilities, and speed, taking you where you want to be, in the entire Universe. That’s how different the Energy World/ the Psychic Universe is compared to the Physical one.

You really are the creator of your dreams. Take that leap of faith to enter this new way of Being and enjoy a lifestyle reflecting your inner gifts and talents, your unique, amazing soul light, your mission.

Would you like to learn more about soul alchemy? If you wish to find more tools and help to connect with your soul, please visit my website or contact me. I would love to be your guide in this gorgeous Universe.

Follow me on Instagram, or visit my website for more info!


Eva Maria Hunt, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Eva Maria Hunt is a multi-passionate creative, consciousness coach helping people to connect with their soul to love and thrive in life. After successfully beating depression, Eva's mission became to help mainly strong women to connect within, in order to move forward. For more than a decade she is combining her intuitive skills with Law of Attraction principles, energy healing and spirituality to guide those in need and empower them. She hasn't always been working in the holistic healing arena though. Her original profession is commercial economist, which is as far away from being an energy healer, as her native country, Hungary, from her adopted one, the UK. She offers one to one coaching sessions, along with courses and workshops, such as, Read Oracle Cards Knockout, Find your way to Meditation, The Art of channeling, to help her clients uncover their full potential. Her channeled paintings are emotionally moving and perfect for meditation. A few of them recently were published in Vibe, a coffee table book, to which she also contributed, as one of the "colour experts".

Her YouTube channel, "Moon Goddess Oracle, Journey to 5D" is aimed to provide guidance in love to those in need. Her V.I.P., 3 months coaching programme, Accelerate to Divine Living offers a 6 step process to switch from mind power only, to soul power. Eva believes that life is magic, she helps you to become the Magician you meant to be.



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