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6 Ways To Grow Your Business Mindset – Part 3

Written by: Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani

What is your business overall big goal? Where do you want to take it next? And do you have the right business mindset to do so? If you are contemplating to establish your venture’s financial robustness and stability or if you are on a journey to build a scalable business, read on. You’ll discover what it takes to develop the business mindset aligned with your big goal.

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In today's dynamic business world, the financial strength of a company is the key to its longevity and long-term success. Financial robustness is largely the result of a combination between clear financial objectives, lean cash flow management and acquiring essential resources from stakeholders and generating interest/revenue from customers.


Know your destination: Strategic alignment and financial objectives

As a pre-requisite, you need to create a clear roadmap that will take you to the destination you want to reach within the next X years. The crucial steps towards financial strength begins with clear strategic alignment and well-defined financial objectives. Such as assessing key target markets, competitive landscapes, establishing specific percentage increase in revenue, in profit, in number of clients, in product line, etc.


Be aware of risks and potential problems

Be aware of risks and don’t get discouraged or distracted in the face of adversity and negative feedback. If you are planning for a major product launch for instance, you will need to explore calculated risks, assessing potential challenges, and creating contingency plans to mitigate any negative impacts on the company's financial standing.


Develop a persister’s mindset to stay the course

You need to acquire the tools and resources necessary to remain in control under challenging, changing and increasingly complex conditions. This means reducing immediate financial pressures in two main ways:


  • Optimizing your financial operations: assess your current financial processes, identify inefficiencies and implement solutions to reduce risk of errors and unnecessary costs, streamline invoicing and enhance the overall profitability of your business.

  • Optimizing your cash and debt management: streamline your invoice collection process, create a liquidity reserve by setting aside a defined percentage of profits each quarter, negotiate with suppliers for extended payment terms, consolidate loans, reduce inventory and logistical costs.



Bold, adventurous entrepreneurs usually like their venture to be scalable. To reach that big goal, you’ll need to have a clear sense of your status and position with respect to your customers, competitors and partners. Scalable growth is predominantly the result of building generative relationships with partners and allies, expanding the business and creating value for stakeholders and investors.


Develop a sustainable infrastructure: The venture builder’s mindset

Creating a robust business infrastructure and a path to scalable growth is a journey that requires commitment and adaptability. It goes beyond operational efficiency. It is about building a foundation that withstands challenges and propels your venture toward a future of continued success. It's a dynamic framework that has 3 distinctive pillars :


  • Leadership development: cultivating a leadership culture aligned with the organization’s vision and ambition, that unleashes potentials, encouraging all actions of Sharing, Empowering, Coaching, Stretching.

  • Strategic vision and planning: crafting a compelling vision for the future, fostering ideas and developing roadmaps adaptable to market dynamics, establishing milestones and key performance indicators to track progress, encouraging a forward-thinking mindset to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  • Adaptive learning and development: building a culture of continuous learning and skill development, identifying and addressing skill gaps to enhance individual and collective capabilities, integrating feedback mechanisms, celebrating successes and learning from setbacks to ensure ongoing improvement.


Establish win-win-win partnerships

A win-win partnership involves mutual benefits, where two parties complement one another’s business strengths, through sharing, combining or exchanging. This fosters long-term relationships and shared commitment to common goals. Building win-win partnerships means dedicating time to finding partners and allies who align with your venture’s values and vision. Building win-win-win partnerships makes it compelling for the partners to contribute to their ecosystem (the third party) in a positive and generative way.


Develop an energizer’s mindset to deepen your energy and focus

Deepening your energy and focus enhances productivity and contributes to better decision-making, and overall well-being. Here are some strategies to help you cultivate a deeper reservoir of energy and focus:


  • Prioritize Self-Care: establish a routine that includes regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and healthy eating habits. Physical activity, in particular, has been shown to boost energy levels and improve focus.

  • Mindfulness and meditation: incorporating these practices into your daily routine help quiet the mind, reduce stress, and increase overall awareness. Even dedicating just a few minutes each day to mindfulness exercises can have a profound impact on your mental clarity and concentration.

  • Care for your space and your time: declutter your workspace, minimize distractions, personalize it to inspire creativity. Consider incorporating elements such as natural light and plants, which have been shown to positively influence mood and focus. Take regular short breaks, allowing your mind to rest and recharge. Delegate tasks appropriately, allowing you to focus on your core strengths and high-priority responsibilities

Overall, get inspired


"The best way to predict the future is to create it." Peter Drucker

"The question isn’t who’s going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me." Ayn Rand

"Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving." Warren Buffett

"The best investment any entrepreneur can make is in their own health. Without good health, it’s hard to be successful in business and enjoy life." Richard Branson


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Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani Brainz Magazine

Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Strasbourg and the MS SMIB at ESSEC, Sandrine has been a multi-expatriate and serial entrepreneur for 20 years. She built her 25-year international career in consulting, training, and coaching ventures in over 8 countries for clients that include big corporations, Start-Ups, and NGOs across a wide range of industries – IT, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Education, Security, and Media.

Providing Professional Coaching 3.0 groundbreaking resources and tools, she helps her clients get gRowing by giving them a framework for reflection, placing them in a positive dynamic that generates opportunities, actions, and success. With over a dozen international certifications, accreditations and awards in the field of professional coaching, she supports entrepreneurial leaders, managers and expatriates who wish to consciously take the lead in their own development.

Published Author, Public Speaker and Radio Columnist, she shares her expertise in : interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial mindset, international career & intercultural management.

Her special power : helping you navigate your complex reality thanks to her global expertise, leadership experience, cutting edge strategies and growth mindset!

Her passion : Creating, Connecting, Contributing.



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