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5 Steps To Get Your Confidence And Goals Back On Track

Written by: Ilaria Storch, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Suddenly, your dream project is all set to go, the systems are aligned, you feel that you are being seen and people are asking about your work, you are thinking of hiring a new team member, all your energy and focus is on preparing your launch in the near horizon, and then you, out of the blue, say yes to another person´s invitation to represent their dream and project. Not to mention sell their vision.

“What just happened you ask yourself, what did you do, what were you thinking?”

I will tell you what happened, you blinked and for that nanosecond you unconsciously allowed self-doubt to trickle in, very surreptitiously, like water slowly melting out of an overfull bathtub, that you left running while you were focused on doing another thing, like maybe cooking, cleaning up or working on your laptop.

Can you imagine the huge amount of effort to get all that water on the floor dry, turn off the taps, probably getting your shirt sleeves wet, having to change clothes and just give up the whole relaxing bath idea, just because your confidence drowned?

When you doze off on your projects and start allotting time to other tasks and goals that are not meant to get you where you plan to be and that will bring to life something that can be amazing to you, and serve clients in the best way, the feeling inside yourself that can corrode your next steps is of disbelief, lack of energy and self-disappointment.

Yet, hold on, not everything is lost!

Below are five insights that will show you how to think straight and reverse these feelings of having undermined your project and creativity:

  1. First of all, congratulations on becoming aware that you fell slightly off track! Roll up your sleeves, turn off that tap, get yourself new dry clothes and a new mindset. You are back!

  2. Accept that you may be angry at the time and energy that has been misdirected; you now start remembering all the other chores (that you did not want to do in the first place), plus your dream project (that you truly love working on and did not get done). Take a deep breath, go for a walk. Beware of step three.

  3. Avoid getting into perfectionist mode, embracing all things at once. Get back to your dream project, put chores on the back burner for a while, or handle them lightly and in a good enough energy.

  4. You can be sure you learned something from the other project, there is always a little understanding, a new technology angle that you may have not thought of before. Write down the positive takeaways you got from onboarding someone else’s vision – it may have been one week or a couple of years, it doesn´t matter. Once it is all on paper, where you can also thank the experience - you are free to onboard your specific, wonderful life and professional journey again.

  5. If you are too stuck to start again and are lacking energy or tools to renew your goals, create consistency on your products, or service, ask for help. The harder it feels to start your action again, the more it is advisable to talk to professionals who can help you turn on your unique light and get you to believe in yourself again towards creating your joyful and inspired new roadmaps.

The path to your dreams and professional goals, is also the road to knowing yourself better, learning what works for you and if it is time to do things differently. The inner vision and direction are yours. I always say that it takes a village to become who you want to be and do what you aspire to do – getting help in the form of a mentor or coach, and a psychologist to unblock some issues that are maybe holding you back, talking to people in your field, and friends, are great ways to reconnect to your center and get started and focused again. Remember that change is part of the game, and thoughts and actions will get you where you desire to be.

I help you connect, thrive, and find more energy wherever you are!

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Ilaria Storch, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ilaria Storch, a Life Coach Nomad, is the creator of Life Coach Nomads, where she shares her passion for travel and for inspiring people everywhere to access their true center and find more connection and energy on the way to more joy, fun, and fulfillment. She practices that following your emotions, wrapped up in a personal structure that can connect your goals, desires, and love, is the path to all real and true growth. Wherever you are, change is nomadic by essence, and it takes time, support and starts inside you when you absolutely desire to develop yourself and move on. She has a Bachelor´s Degree in Advertising, speaks many languages, won a Fashion Illustration Award during College, and loves coaching her clients towards their expressive life journey.



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