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5 Secrets How to Captivate Your Audience

Written by: Natasha Bazilevych, Executive Contributor

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Are you creating videos for your audience or going live on Social Media? Did you know we've got only 3 seconds to grab the attention of our listeners? Especially if they're scrolling their social media feed and deciding whether to stop and listen to you or not.

When I remember my first live broadcasts on Facebook, I want to hide under the rock. Everything was embarrassing about those videos. And people responded to them accordingly.

It took me years of practice, lots of professional training, and a ton of courage to finally be able to deliver useful content to my listeners.

However, you don’t have to spend years. Just apply all the tips in your future speeches, and you’ll captivate your audience.

So, here’re my 5 secrets on how to grab their attention and hold it till the very end of your speech.

1. Be unexpected.

Think of creative, unique ways to start your message, your speech. Be different, be unusual, be unexpected. Surprise them, and you'll definitely attract their attention.

Don’t be afraid to be silly, look funny, or to embarrass yourself. Get out of that cushy, comfy place of yours. Sing, dance, act, use costumes, props. Have fun with it.

2. Use simple language.

Don't overcomplicate your message. Use simple words, short sentences and simple sentence structures. People won't keep listening if they can't follow your train of thought.

If you’re trying to show everybody how smart you are and lose them in the middle of a sentence, what do you achieve? I’m sure with your intelligence you can simplify and explain even the most sophisticated ideas.

3. Choose relevant topics.

When deciding on what to speak about, select the topics relevant to your audience. What problem are you solving for them? How will they benefit from your talk?

Don't just assume you know what they need. Ask them. Send a survey to your audience. Ask a question on your SM page. Write an email to your subscribers. Make sure you communicate with them regularly and know their thoughts, problems, and interests.

4. Increase the level of energy.

You don't have to be super energetic if you're usually a quiet person. Don't become someone else. Be yourself, but turn the energy one degree up. Show enthusiasm, show your passion, and the audience will stay with you till the end.

How can you do that? I sometimes just jump or dance a little bit right before the speech. Other people listen to energetic music. Find your own approach.

5. Share an emotional story.

We all know the power of a story. And if you share a personal emotional story, it'll make an even stronger impact.

You don't have to make your audience cry or laugh necessarily. (However, that would be the best.) You can just share an emotional moment to which they can relate. Trigger their emotion: happiness or sadness, embarrassment or surprise, disgust or excitement. Build a connection with them. It’ll help you win them over and hold their attention.

These are my five secrets. Would you like to learn more? Contact me at

I’ll help you build confidence, craft a clear message and deliver it with power. Request a 30-minute free call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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Natasha Bazilevych, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natasha Bazilevych is an international speaker and business trainer. She teaches business owners, top manager and entrepreneurs to give powerful presentations and reach audacious goals. Natasha has been teaching business skills for 13 years, has two bachelor degrees and an MBA. Her signature program “Speak With Power” is a unique experience after which each participant knows how to overcome fear, craft powerful messages and deliver them with confidence.




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