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4 Tips To Navigating Your Alignment Journey

Written by: Jasmine Brish'e, Executive Contributor

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Have you reached a place in your life where things are no longer working or have you experienced a realization that you are not living the life you desire?

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From birth, we are molded by our childhood experiences, environment, and societal rules and standards. As you become an adult, you begin to notice that you may not agree with what you have been taught and often find that the direction you have been going is not at all the direction you want to continue on. For some, they find they don't know themselves at all, often contributing to the experience of a midlife crisis. I personally went through this feeling and decided in 2019 to begin my journey to alignment after a significant health scare. I wanted to redefine who I was and gain clarity on who I wanted to become. I also wanted to help others like myself who found themselves feeling lost and lacking the confidence to live in their true power. Every journey is different. However, there are some key areas my clients as well as myself, struggled with.

1. Understanding the commitment of starting a journey

When I first decided to start my alignment journey I had no idea what to expect. I only knew I felt lost and was ready to find myself again. In all honesty, I thought once I identified and worked through an area of fear or trauma, that would be it and I could keep going and eventually reach an end and be this whole new person. That was very far from what truly happened. Yes, you will absolutely experience healing and growth as you move through personal issues, but you will also experience what feels like backsliding or a reopening of a wound you thought you had already processed. This is where the journey can become both frustrating and discouraging. This is also the point where a breakthrough is usually near and a sign to keep going. You will experience many highs and lows. You may also experience losses and disappointments. All of these things contribute as lessons for growth. Researching resources and support will help as you move through the different phases of your journey.

2. Your experience can never be compared to anyone else

The hardest part of my journey in the beginning was feeling like I did not know what to do and trying to figure out how to best move along in my journey. Everyone has different opinions and it's easy to watch others and feel like you are failing or thinking their journey looks effortless. There is so much information to find and so many ways to go it's hard to know what makes sense for you.

Finding mentors that I felt connected to was key to my success as well as connecting with those that were similarly situated.

Always remember it is first and foremost your journey. You will ultimately be the only person that can accurately say what feels right for you. This, as with most things, takes practice and will get easier as you move through your journey.

3. Be patient with yourself and the process of change

It is easy to get frustrated when you come across moments where you feel stuck or like things are not moving forward in the direction you hoped. You may even find yourself feel lonely or isolated. Reflecting on your reasons you started and seeking support tends to be most beneficial during these times.

Each area you address has layers and some will have more than others. It's important to have patience with yourself and release the expectation of time or completion. You will find as you continue there is always something to be learned.

You will also find you may come across the same problems just presented in different ways. Think of these as opportunities to apply what you have learned and to choose a different way of responding.

4. Surrender to the flow of the process

One thing I found most true for my journey was the more I fought the process the harder I would make it for myself. Starting a journey to a better version of yourself is not at all a small task and is to be commended.

You will face and learn not only the great things about yourself but you will also need to be accountable for the sides of you that cause blockages and can use some work.

You will find every aspect of your life including the individuals you interact with whether family, friends, or acquaintances is a reflection back to yourself. The famous saying “As Above, So Below“ has a very strong representation in the alignment journey. Your internal world is constantly mirroring your outer world and vice versa.

It is important to remember that coming into alignment with yourself is not about perfection. It is about creating personal balance, deprogramming from outside influences and childhood conditioning, and regaining a sense of who you truly are to define your life purpose.

Whenever you choose to begin your journey, know that it is in perfect timing for you and there are no time limits. To begin any journey to self is a beautiful process and there is truly no right or wrong way to do so.

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Jasmine Brish'e, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jasmine Brish'e is an Intuitive Soul Alignment Coach and International Speaker. Jasmine created Eminent Bloom Coaching in 2018, with a primary focus on helping women who struggled with finding healthy relationships as well as setting and achieving goals for a prosperous future. After starting her own self-healing journey in 2019 she shifted her focus to inner alignment in all areas of life and helping others to achieve this as well. Jasmine's mission is to guide others in aligning with their soul's purpose and take the steps to rebuild after traumatic or life-changing events.



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