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3 Tips on How to Prevent Burnout While Being a Mompreneur

Written by: Maria-Paz Hornisch, Executive Contributor

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I have had my experience with mompreneurship. When talking with other moms who have their own business we have agreed on something: it is tough. Building your own business is, to start, an odyssey, and mixing it with being a mom and having your family and people that need you, is a total challenge.

But I want to tell you this: IT IS DOABLE. I want to give three tips on how to beat the

overwhelm of being a mompreneur and try to make everything a little bit easier.

1. Have the right mindset:

This is crucial to have when you start anything, any project, either entrepreneurship or doing something for yourself or for your family. You need to beat the limiting beliefs that you may be hearing a lot in your head: “this is not going to work”, “I am not an expert in this field”, “who is going to buy from me?”, or “is this product going to succeed?”. You need to leave all these thoughts away because everything is doable, there is a market for everything, you just need to look for it and build the right strategy.

The whole journey of selling your product or service online starts with having the right mindset. This is, of course, a work in progress, as it is not going to be done in a matter of days or weeks and then will be installed forever. It is a constant process. For example, I do meditation every morning and before falling asleep, which I did not do before when I was working a corporate job.

This totally makes the difference. There are a lot of YouTube videos that I listen to of morning re-affirmations, how to start your day with confidence, and money mindset meditation. I also listen to podcasts of amazing entrepreneurs giving out their expertise or talking about topics that can help my business. I strongly recommend working daily on your mindset.

2. Organize your time:

As a mompreneur, it is really important to organize your time. For example, if your kids are not going to school/daycare, try to organize with your partner or a family member to take care of them at a certain time of the day, or give your kids some learning activities while you work. When your kids are going to school/daycare you can fully work those hours, and then in the afternoon enjoy them and do activities together.

Time blocking is a very good practice I got to know. You can dedicate a day for a certain group of similar tasks, so you are fully concentrated on them and not having to do something different in between (for example, I have my 1:1 coaching calls only on Mondays and Thursdays, so I do not get distracted with calls when on Fridays I work on content creation for my social media).

You can also block certain hours on your week for specific tasks (for example, every day from 4 to 5 PM to check social media and reply to comments and DMs, every day from 9 to 10 AM check and reply emails, and so on). You’ll have a clear schedule of what you have to do during your week and it will be easier to work on your tasks.

"Pat yourself in the back and realize the amazing woman you are"

3. Be kind to yourself:

This is so important. I realized the hard way that I am not as productive now as I used to be without kids and working in an office. It’s a different life that I have right now. I started with this entrepreneurial journey when my son was a one-year-old. I was building my website, I was developing my business idea, and I was very close to burnout: I was so stressed and so overwhelmed, there were so many things to do and I had so little time.

I found out I was not as productive as before, that I had my son who needed me (and was going through a very strong mom-phase!) and wanted to be in my arms the whole time. And this really hit on me, because I am my own boss, and that is like having your boss 24/7 with you, which can impact on your mental health. Take a look at how much you have achieved so far. Pat yourself in the back and realize the amazing woman you are. You are capable of doing things others would not think about. You are doing a great job!

If you are a mompreneur or want to become a mompreneur, be sure that you are not going to be as productive as before, you are not going to have all the time you had before, and just deal with this idea and work with that. Be kind to yourself, organize your day/week in advance to have better use of your working time, and work on the right and positive mindset every single day. If you need other tips or support, I am here for you.

You can do it!

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Maria-Paz Hornisch, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maria-Paz Hornisch is the Digital Marketing Strategist behind The Digital Madl, dedicated to helping ambitious mompreneurs with branding and digital marketing strategies to create a rock-solid presence online and skyrocket sales. Maria-Paz is a bachelor in Business Administration and holds an MBA in Luxury Business from ISC Paris École de Commerce. For twelve years, she developed her career in Chile, France, and Germany, working for a Spanish multinational commercial bank and two German luxury and fashion e-commerce companies. Originally from Santiago de Chile, she now lives in Munich, Germany.


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