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3 Secrets on How to Craft your Niche and Why It’s Worth the Effort

Written by: Andrea Cristancho, Executive Contributor

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Your Niche is that sweet spot between the people you serve, the situational problem you help them solve, and your signature system. Indeed, the exercise to narrow down your focus and concentrate on those who resonate most with your calling isn’t new. Identifying the sociodemographics of your target audience is a long process that only in time we get to refine, then again when in business for years or for a couple of months, it’s wise to have clarity on whom you’re speaking to.

That’s what we call identifying your Niche. Moreover, it doesn’t stop there. The next step is to single out your ideal persona. He or she becomes the single point of focus when creating, writing, speaking to, or directing your marketing efforts to your ideal customer, and this might help the new avenue to explore. Once we have reached the level of being comfortable to speak to one when referring to your ideal clients, we’ve reached that sweet spot of your Niche. Would you like to give it a try?

It is easier said than done, I must confess. Hence, I’ll share my top 3 secrets on working with a Niche and why it’s beneficial to any female entrepreneur in any industry.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or just started out, this principle applies to you. The difference lies in the feedback your current clients share with you and, what you originally started out doing versus what you’ve discovered your core audience really wants. The commonalities become the golden nuggets every entrepreneur is after. The most frequently asked questions, your top service/s, the highly-rated component of your service, and ultimately the common traits of your favorite clients.


Along the process of defining a Niche, you might face the fear of missing out (FOMO), leave someone behind, lose opportunities, insist everyone can use what you have to offer, and my ultimate favorite: myopia on the common traits of your best clients. Why? Why do we get stuck in narrowing doing something that should be quite straight forward? Simply said, because clarity doesn’t come by easily. However, the opportunities you’re going to gain by having a clear, lucrative Niche will astonish you.

So, here’s secret # 1:

When you go deep into your Niche, you open up a world of possibility that is creative, exciting, and full of opportunities. You’re not going to feel you’re leaving anyone behind or missing opportunities because you’ll be busy helping your ideal people and growing your business. You’ll become a magnet!


Have you ever consider how your service could be potentially beneficial to a category you usually don’t work with? For example, a new group of people that you may not have previously thought of and who have the money to pay for your offer. Keeping an open mind in order to identify specific “communities” of potential ideal clients within your category might serve as a starting point, don’t decide just yet. Instead, think about clients that have the most potential for being lucrative, fun, and plentiful to work with.

Bringing us to secret # 2, testing for your Niche.

As your brainstorming process is going, ask yourself, is your Niche big enough? Is your service offer in demand or you’re pioneering the market? How important will the people within your niche rank solving the problem you help them with? Do you love working with them?

When answering these questions, you’ll be able to identify your tribe. In the words of top renown marketer, Seth Godin, “what people really want is the ability to connect to each other… A tribe helps like-minded people find each other.” So, by identifying the individuals that you’d like to invite to form your tribe, identifying the commonalities of one individual, making him or her feel special, belonging, identified with your offer, you’ll then be able to describe your persona.

Now, why do we search for a single person? Just because when we as creators can speak to that “one” person directly in our mind and in person, the creation process becomes smooth, effortless, hence our deliverables resonate with our tribe as the natural solution they seek, and we never run out of ideas to help our audience grow.

Let me ask you, as a female entrepreneur, wouldn’t you like to be in constant conversations with your ideal people? If you ask me, I’ll give you a sounding YES because I believe this is the only way you free yourself from a job (even if it’s one created by you) and truly start living what you love doing and making life, not just a living, in your own terms.


Once you’ve come clear with your persona, the next natural step is to test him/her out by drafting your marketing message.

There are 6 components in your message, and that is secret # 3:

Whether it’s your elevator pitch or your tag line on your landing page, these six elements should be working simultaneously speaking to your Niche. First, it starts with a single call out to your ideal client, followed by the struggle they face, and their desires. Fourth, the mention of what you bring to the table and how they can achieve results. And last, any other component that is key to your magic (product or service).

In a couple of sentences, this message becomes your invitation to whom you are, to work with you, or test out your product, in a simple and straight forward call to action. As the end result, you’ll see it will resonate with some, not all, and that is good. You want to craft your ideal clients in time and foster a close line of communication with them.

At this point, the effort of crafting a Niche will only seem as natural and spontaneous. However, as you evolve in your business your Niche will evolve with you, so you want to always keep a close eye on that message, that invitation, you present to the world regularly and let people part ways easily if you no longer speak the same language.

So, let’s get into action, are you in for a challenge? Apply the 3 secrets I’ve shared with you just now, and once you’ve crafted your new marketing message, I challenge you to share it with 25 people this week. As responses come back, note the traits these people have in common and next think of 5 new places where you can connect with your new Niche. Get ready to be surprised, welcome new clients, and drop me a line if you’d be interested in getting 1:1 support in this journey to UpLevel your current offer. It’d be my pleasure to guide you through your discovery process, simply book a clarity audit session with me, no cost. To your success!

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Andrea Cristancho, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Andrea Cristancho, founder of www.andreacristancho.com is a Holistic Business Coach helping female entrepreneurs in the wellness space. Through her signature program The UpLevel Method, Andrea integrates the entrepreneurial mindset with practical business tools that re-engineer existing businesses to achieve their next level of growth. As an international business mentor with Latin roots and serial entrepreneur, she has run her own businesses in 3 continents in a number of different industries. In the process, she has discovered that having a signature program, a personal brand and the right mindset is the key to taking off your entrepreneurial success. Learn more about her work by claiming your Free Business Cleanse Checklist here.

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